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  1. Izanagii

    MC2 interchangeable exhaust

    This is what I have found so far: I believe the exhaust manifold is the same on all B18 Civics and Integras DC2 and EG hatch are with shorter 2570mm wheelbase. EG sedan, EJ1 coupe, EK sedan, EM coupe, MB6 and MC2 are 2620 wheelbase. This means the cat converter + pipes to rear LCA is 50mm different and I believe the cat converter is the difference. People mention short jap converter and long UK converter. Also DC2 is 4380mm long, EM1 is 4450mm, MB6 is 4325mm or 4330mm, MC2 is 4425mm. DC2 exhaust with the longer EM1 cat converter or EM1 full exhaust may fit MC2, but I have no way to test that.
  2. Izanagii

    MC2 interchangeable exhaust

    Do you know if MB6 and MC2 rear LCA to bumper length is the same ? Have anyone tried to put MB6 exhaust on MC2 or the reverse ? Have anyone tried to put Civic 92-00 2 dr or 4 dr exhaust on MA/MB or the reverse ? MA, MB, EG 4 dr, EJ 2 dr, EK 3,4 dr, EM 2 dr and DC2 exhaust manifold to rear LCA part should be exactly the same. The difference should be the space between the rear LCA and bumper. The EK 3dr is the shortest, than DC2 and the EK 4dr and EM 2 dr should be the longest. This is what I have figured out so far
  3. Izanagii

    MC2 interchangeable exhaust

    Hello, I searched but didn't find answer so. I'm looking for SS exhaust for MC2. I can buy Spoon, Skunk2 and other brands, but they do not make one for MC2 or MB6. I have used OEM MB6 exhaust on my EK3 with little cutting and welding at the back box and custom cat delete pipe, so I have reason to believe that DC2 or EM1 type exhaust can fit. Do you know if the MB6 and MC2 exhaust are the same. I know the part from the cat to LCA is the same, but how does the back box fit the rear bumper ? Also DC2 or EM1 exhaust fit MC2 or MB6 ? Thank you.