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  1. Has anyone experienced this? Bought Races camber arms and it doesnt fit
  2. Yep, standart style shocks have welded lower position unfortunately
  3. Washers made from aluminium 12mm height (2mm inner slot for C cotter pin on shock, because safety ) , front is now with same height as rear and without problems
  4. Solved with custom made 1cm washers on shocks , thanks for inputs guys
  5. Fully turned , first picture is place where it catch inner side of tires
  6. Yep just as dr. said , sorry for confusion noodels :D and I cant lift it anymore , its on highest setting possible with Koni shocks unfortunatelly
  7. Yep thats it, inner side of tire is catching and is worn out, will try 1cm spacer for start , should be enough .
  8. Ok so i checked clearence between tire and fender and its 1.5 cm (0.59 inch idk lol) , so 1cm spacers should solve my problem yes ? Wheels are from Advan Racing but I dont remember exact model sorry
  9. Thats a pretty good idea , I didnt think of it . Dont have anything better than this atm but will make some detailed photos of wheels in 2 hours .
  10. They were given to me with car when I bought it and just today installed , got Koni springs too and thought Eibach will put body a little higher but unfortunatelly its basically the same height as with Koni springs , just wanted to know how can I eliminate that slow destruction of my tires :D
  11. As title says i installed koni + eibach suspension and have 15" wheels with 195/50 pneu, the inner side of pneu is grinding with body when rotating wheels when stationary , anyone can help with this ? Thanks
  12. Hi all , I cant find inner tie rods for my MB3 because it has M14 on both sides. Everywhere I look is M14 and M12. HELP
  13. So basically if iabs was removed or used some aftermarket manifold it would work ?
  14. Hello I was wondering about this and wanted to ask if anyone tried it ?
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