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  1. Thanks for replies, wanted this for a "customer" to burn on sst chip on socketed p30 ecu. Did my research and its not possible to do due to eco part of map (basically need to somehow switch between normal map/eco map/high lift map. Made one but with no eco mode (works great, tested if anyone needs) .
  2. Hi guys! Anyone can point me where I can find base map for D15Z8 ecu? .bin file ideally
  3. I would check ECM module thats inside distributor. I had same issue on b18c4 civic that came
  4. Oh and make sure to measure diameter in knuckle after removing ball joint. In my country they sell like 3 types (38mm,40mm...etc. ) .
  5. You can just pry it out with a flat screwdriver, its just bearing cover and yes you will need press
  6. Rainy

    P30 ecu

    And B18C4 engine doesnt have vtec oil pressure sensor, so it stays bridged then
  7. Rainy

    Brakes bleeding

    Seems ABS was in need of bleeding, did it like suggested and brakes are like new, thank you all
  8. Rainy

    P30 ecu

    Hi, my ordered obd1 P30 ecu arrived, which is socketed and tune ready but I couldnt find meaning of this bridged connection (purple wire) can anyone explain ?
  9. Rainy

    Brakes bleeding

    Will try that on saturday , thanks for response, I put new brakes like 2 weeks ago and discs are within specs so it should be ok
  10. Rainy

    Brakes bleeding

    Tried again today, no luck, Iam sentenced to have low effective brakes no leaks, master cylinder was rebuilt like half year ago
  11. Rainy

    Brakes bleeding

    Yeo I had help, friend was pushing pedal and I did the bleeding, as I said before we tried everything we could find on google about civic bleeding and brake pedal is still soft and braking effect is only at the very low end. Which bleeding sequence did you used Kink? Same as picture above or different ?
  12. Rainy

    Brakes bleeding

    Which one you mean ? Because I tried "gravity bleed" and even pulling fluid out with oil puller
  13. Rainy

    Brakes bleeding

    I guess Ruby was your ex car but wth, i tried like every possible way of bleeding but to no avail , last option will be to "suck" air with compressor gun
  14. Rainy

    Brakes bleeding

    Hi all, can someone point me in right direction about bleeding brake system ? I rebuilt master cylinder and front brakes and cant seem to bleed hydraulic system (did it like 20 times now, tried bench bleed of MC and different bleed setup I found on civics ). Brake pedal still very soft and effective only all way down.
  15. Martin I checked honda.uk catalogue and cant find anywhere fittings mentioned , only oem side skirts which of course are nonexistent anywhere
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