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  1. Never posted the results of my venture to give the front suspension an overhaul, but it's been done for a couple weeks at least now. Here are some pictures I used to be able to feel the left bearing rotating through my feet on the floor, it was definitely starting to fail, new bearings are smooth as butter. Steering is a bit snappier and direct, but the confidence it puts in the car is awesome. There's hardly any body roll at all, which is surprising considering it's still a stock ARB This thing finally feels underpowered, and I'm yearning for more...next up however, is the rear suspension. Rear LCAs, Camber and Toe arms up next. My Mb2 did not come with an ARB in the rear so perhaps i should invest in one, would it make much difference back there?
  2. Yea it has lots of information about every trim and model, D series and B series, auto and manual trans.
  3. This is from the Haynes Manual Flywheel bolts - 118nm/87 ft lb Pressure Plate to flywheel bolt...25nm/18 ft lb
  4. Update: I got them to bottom out. Had the energy today :) time to put the car back together
  5. I pressed these new hubs and bearing in myself, bearing went in nicely. Hub was a little tougher going in. I can't quite tell if these are in all the way or if they need another go. Both of them are dead even and I can't get any more torque on the press kit without the whole knuckle moving
  6. Yea I literally just did it a couple hours ago after I saw a guy on YouTube did it. Thank you!
  7. Got an MB2 fastback, D14Z4 These ball joints don't look like they come out without being blocked by the body of the steering knuckles. Anybody dealt with this before?? All the videos I've seen show a lot more clearance than this.
  8. How the the HELL are you supposed to get this lower ball joint out of the knuckle?? On every video I see on YouTube the knuckle lower ball joint has way more clearance than what I got, and it looks like there is quite literally no physical way to get these lower ball joints out without destroying something. Anyone got experience with these? My chassis is an Mb2, D14Z4
  9. This is my bapmobile, 5 door 1.4s fastback. Neat little drive for what it is. I used to drive a 2004 Honda Accord before I moved here from the USA She came with a set of steel 185 14 inch wheels, but I found a set of 16" MG alloys that fit, so I she drives on a set of Toyo TR1s at 205/50/R16 I just replaced the clutch slave cylinder, and a few months ago I bypassed a section of the PAS line returning to the reservoir that had started leaking. Rimmerbros didn't have a replacement part so I ran a reinforced rubber hose back through to the reservoir. I'm currently in the process of installing a hardrace front uprated bushing suspension kit, and a couple pieces for the rear suspension as well. -Front- *Lower control arms + compliance bushing and ARB links *Upper control arms *Hardrace upper and lower ball joints *New front shocks *New hub and bearings *New drifeshafts *Brake caliper slide pin kit *New brake discs and pads -Rear- *Polyurethane bushing Lower control arms *Hardrace adjustable toe and camber links *I do have shocks for the rear but I haven't swapped over the coil yet I might invest in a new trailing arm bushing as well, as it's clearly an important piece of the rear geometry. Let me know what you think! I'll have to get some updated pictures once she is back on the ground
  10. If nobody know's that I'm talking about I can provide a picture. It might also be referred to as an A arm? Not too sure
  11. Hey all, I'm currently putting some hardrace components on my X plate (2000) fastback, 1.4 d14z4. I didn't bother getting new wishbones for the front lower control arms, and have just taken them off the old control arms, given them a good clean with 240 grit sandpaper and a steal wire brush. New control arms and compliance bushing fit great, I have all the torque specs except for the single nut and the bolt that attaches the front lower control arm to the wishbone. Everything else is 47-66 ft lbs, so if I can ballpark it around there that's cool
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