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  1. Martin I checked honda.uk catalogue and cant find anywhere fittings mentioned , only oem side skirts which of course are nonexistent anywhere
  2. Ok so I removed one side (pleasantly suprised that I havent found any trace of rust ) , and this is what it all lookes like. No fittings , anything just something that looks like preparation for holes mentioned ?
  3. Honestly i got them from Poland some time ago and it looks like some "custom plastic casting" ones without any fittings or holes, I will update with pics when I get to that
  4. Uh, lot of research coming up for me Thanks for the guide ,I will remove them sills and check for holes, side skirts i have dont have holes in them nor they have any sort of plastic clips, mounting etc.
  5. Hi ! Anyone can point me toward materials needed and some guide/setup for installing side skirts on MB?
  6. How is that possible ? I mean , its a solenoid so on/off switch , fried cable maybe ?
  7. Did you resolved problem with yours, Broon?
  8. Lol whats with the spam bois ? My IAB check valve was wrongly connected , works like charm now, thanks broon for pics
  9. This is perfect , thank you very much , will update what the problem was , thanks again
  10. Hello I was rebuilding PCV some time ago and after i completed everything i noticed butterflies in air intake arent opening/holding . Couldnt find anything in service manual
  11. Hi all just a quick question , what is wrong with right rear turn signal ? When I try LED bulb or without bulb ,just empty connector , all of the turn signals dim and behave like theres a shortcircuit. Whats with that ?
  12. Rainy

    B18C4 distributor

    Its a little confusing tho , primary and secondary windings are still " good"
  13. Rainy

    B18C4 distributor

    Ignition coil was the culprit. Primary and secondary windings are within factory specs but after removal and close inspection you looked like it was dead long ago (I couldnt have rotated dizzy 180° because end of shaft has offset and cant be installed wrong).
  14. Rainy

    B18C4 distributor

    Already checked resistance of coil , icm is also good and is gettin spark. My only guess is its 180° turned, but how Will check it again tommorow when I'am at garage
  15. Hello I was changing inner seal on distributor because it leaked oil , put everything back and now car wont start (just cranking) , what could it be ? I already triple checked everything
  16. Well I did some ghetto welding but couldnt find better spot than this (and its still not good (too low and resonating on cars body) , at first wanted to place it on downpipe too but got stock manifold and theres just no place for it
  17. Hello just wanted to ask if anyone has been working with placing electric exhaust flap (or valve ?) on mb3 body with stock like exhaust.
  18. Bought standart and reinforced with liquid poly as you suggested , hope these last longer thanks for help
  19. I was thinking about some" diy improvement" of oem ones because I changed them like 2 years ago and its not that much for mounts to break i think yep I had PU engine mounts before and it was a vibration rave party no thanks
  20. Hi all , my transmission mounts broke and Iam lookin for some better replacements than oem ones because they are really bad and thin, anyone got a solution ? Thanks
  21. Well originally they are for EG and should fit but drunken casting and welding of those arms :D led me to solution noodels suggested, its fine now, thanks for input guys love civic5 community , always helpful
  22. Has anyone experienced this? Bought Races camber arms and it doesnt fit
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