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  1. ukteg

    hi all

    Hi All, Am Gareth (ukteg) Thought id say hello, Am actually a 86/89 Honda Integra owner a mk1 Honda guy into the older Hondas ive had a good 9 now been all exi16 models but am in a 1.5lx auto at the moment.... very rare now days but got 3 and everywhere i go or forum i use am the only one and no doubt be the same here I also have a MC6 Civic Aerodeck 1.8vti i picked up from a guy next door to me he had it 8 years and i always wanted it buy but for the engine i was going to put the engine in the Integra and be the 1st mk1 vtec ever done its done lots in the USA but as time went by ive just not done it.... maybe one day am not sure what am going to do with it yet,,its been stood 12 months + now so got some deciding to do some pics and hope to post around and see what you guys get up to with the civics the Civic The Integra thanks Gaz