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Found 136 results

  1. Anyone know if the retractable parcel shelf from a deck fits in a 5 door MB?
  2. dogg1210

    My new german

    Home at last lol
  3. Dave

    You can help us!

    Hi folks! As you all know, we have opened a brand new sister site to Civic5 for modern classic cars. We really want the new site to do well and become big, but things have been slow so far. You can help by letting your friends/family know about our new club and ask them to pay us a visit and joining the new club. If you're on other forums/groups, let people there know too. Spread the word (and our web address! https://www.futureclassiccars.uk) on facebook and other social media sites you're on. The more the merrier! The club welcomes all makes of cars from the 80's onwards, so we hope to make it as big as possible. The potential for really big meets is there as is the potential for show stands. Lets make the new club a success, and a place for our civics in the future. Thanks in advance! Dave
  4. Hi all, My name is Twan, 26 years old. I'm an automotive student. I've bought this Aerodeck a month ago and i'm having fun working on it. Wondering if this forum is still active and if there are perhaps other Dutch members. Glad I found the forum though, it has already proved helpful in a few research occasions. When I started studying I sold my car (used to own a BMW 3-series) because I was sure I wouldn't be able to afford that car anymore. Soon enough though my hands were itching and I wanted a car that was easy to work on and parts should be inexpensive and readily available. Hello Honda! As a tall person I wasn't digging the EK's but the 5 door hatchbacks seemed more my thing. My aim is to learn about the car and to have a more practical approach to some of the classes I study at school. I like the engineering part but I also love getting my hands dirty. I bought myself an Aerodeck with around 220.000 km on the D15Z8. It had a little work to be done and I've made pretty good progress in the past month. First thing was thorough inspection and treatment of rust. The car has little to no rust in the rear, just some surface spots up front. The underside had a couple small holes in it which I cut out and welded some new material in place. Upon removing left front panel there was a tonne of dirt coming out which made me wonder if the previous owner was into offroading. The wiring harness from car to door was also unfortunately cut by one of the previous owners. After the rust was taken care of I gave the car a brakes refresh front and back. Last but not least all fluids and filters were refreshed. I looked into the engine through the spark plug holes with an endoscope and the cylinder and walls looked pretty good. I've also managed to rearrange some of the wiring in my door to get the speaker to work again, the central locking mechanism for the drivers side seems stuck so I'll have to fix that. Only other thing to find out is a humming/droning noise i hear when driving 70-120 km/h so I suspect a wheel bearing might be going out. Today I found some OEM rear roof speakers for the car and installed those and I've replaced the door moldings which should keep as much water as possible out of my doors. If the car proves to be trustworthy I'm going to save up for some coilovers, rims and alignment. In the meantime there is enough crap the previous owners messed up that I'm planning to fix and clean the inside of the car thoroughly.
  5. So, decided to finally sell the Civic TypeR FN2 (Roxy) for something a lot cheaper to run as my daily driver. Enter Carly, my 2008 Mini Cooper! She's only had 2 owners from new (same as Roxy), full history, Lower mileage than Roxy and decent spec compared to some Coopers we've looked at. Also got a cracking deal with the garage which saw me getting the car plus cash for trading in the FN2 which was a bonus! The colour looks like a champange metallic, but is actually called "sparkling silver", which we've found out is quite a rare colour on the Coopers, so that's a bonus!. The cars been really well looked after by previous owner and is immaculate bar one wee tiny mark on the front bumper (and knowing my ocd, that'll be a new front bumper she's getting then! lol). Plans are new alloys same as DD's, spotlights, Cooper stripes in black, tint the rear windows, and some interior upgrades. Cracking wee car to drive, really handles sweet! And still quick enough for me to have fun with, but also excellent mpg and cheap tax compared to the FN2. Anyways, here she is...
  6. Boosted

    Here is a funny story

    I've been trying to get the two screws at the top of the ashtray mount for months now, I'd turn the screwdriver left (righty tighty lefty loosy) and it would just jump out of the screw.. Today I was ranting about it to my girlfriend and she tells me: "have you tried turning it right?" I look at her like "wut?" I mean righty tighty lefty loosy right? Well not today. I tried turning the screws right and it worked.. it bloody WORKED! I've been trying to undo those screws, stripping them out for months. when all I had to do was turn the screwdriver right.. I'm not even mad..
  7. Hi guys. Thought we'd better post up in here as we're nearing completion of a brand new club and website. We've been working away for the past month or so buying all the forum software for the new site and getting it all installed and set up to how we want it, although the team have been in discussions over the possibility of a new club for a lot longer. So, what is the new site? In a nutshell, it's for modern classic cars made from the 90's onwards (although late 80's cars are also welcome). Cars that are rapidly disappearing from our roads that need a site/owners club so that they can keep going to gain classic status. It will cater for all marques, so going to be a really good variety of cars. From MX5's to Focus ST's and everything else in between, there'll be something for everybody. From standard cars to modified, all are welcome. And the whole site is more database driven, so it looks a lot different to what we have here on civic5. This means instead of members starting a thread in members cars, you get your own page for your car! And as our civics are now getting a lot older, and with fewer and fewer left on the roads, they are deffo welcome! We have reviews on cars we think are either already at modern classic status or are on the way to it, what to buy and what to look out for. We'll also be getting a lot of sponsors (trader) on board so members can save money on parts/services etc. Hope to see you all there when it opens (planned for next weekend all going well) so either Saturday 17th/Sunday 18th March. We'll keep you updated on the opening. If you want a sneaky peek, click the logo below! Dave
  8. Spotted this near ocean terminal. Green mb6, lowered, bronze alloys, stainless exhaust. Didnt catch the rdg nut looked mint! Anyone here?
  9. Resurrection of a previous thread that was lost in the move of the forum platform. As you might have guessed, I'm even more into my bikes than cars! So...show us your Bikes!
  10. powerofdreams

    Innocent civic

    Low life scum trying to steal a motorbike and taking it out on a civic ma ( I think). Hope it's nobody from here https://www.facebook.com/groups/TourisTTrophy/permalink/1753987328014625/
  11. Krzys

    Your 2018 plans?

    As above, anybody doing anything exciting this year? Now the year long January is out of the way, how do you think 2018 is stacking up so far and what have you all got planned for the months ahead? I've just booked myself a track day at Spa in October, I'll do a few shows and hopefully treat the cars to some parts too! My plan is to be broke....a lot
  12. dr_broon

    New MOT Rules

    Just found this useful info on Type accord posted by smokingman http://typeaccord.co.uk/forum/topic/24255-new-mot-may-18/#entry252409 Major changes to the MOT test on 20th of May 2018Some of you may have already heard that there are big changes coming to the MOT test this May. Here are just a few of the biggest changes that are most likely to affect you. Please take these with a pinch of salt as nothing will be finalised until the end of April and will probably still be subject to change after that date. Remember it will take your MOT tester time to get up to speed with these too!So...Advisories are being replaced with minor fails. These are all pre written & approved by DVSA. You will still get a pass but they will be noted on your test certificate. Manual advisories are still being worked out but may disappear completely.Those of you who have changed your standard headlight bulbs for HID's will now get a major fail even if the aim is correct. It has always been an offence to fit HID bulbs to halogen headlamps so the MOT is now in line with that.Reverse lights are now part of the MOT for any car registered from 1st September 2009 (59 plate onwards). Daytime running lamps (DRL's) & front fog lamps must work on vehicles registered from March 2018 (18 plate onwards).Engine Management Light is now a major fail. It must come on with the ignition and then turn off when the engine is started.Brake pad warning lights are a major failHandbrake with excessive travel is now a major fail. Before it would only a fail if there was no reserve travel.Contaminated (dirty) brake fluid is a major fail. Not sure how that will work as the MOT tester isn't allowed to remove the fluid cap.Oil leaks (engine, gearbox etc.) can be a major failure if they are deemed large enough.It seems they have removed the failure for tyres not being fitted according to sidewall instructions. Inner/outer or rotation incorrect.Any modifications/removal to emissions related devices, this includes DPF'S and EGR's is now a major fail.Where a DPF canister has clearly been cut open and re-welded, it will now fail.A vehicle fitted with a DPF that emits any kind of visible smoke during the metered test will now failEmissions limits for diesels registered on or after 1st of January 2014 have been reduced. All diesels will now need to pass the limit that was set by the manufacturer when the car was new. This can be found on the VIN plate. For example the current limit for your diesel car may be 1.50. That could change to as low as 0.30 with the new rules. These are just some of the bigger changes to the MOT test the average motorist is likely to be affected by. There are dozens, perhaps even over 100 changes to the actual MOT test and to the way testers record tests on the MOT computer. Please remember these are all subject to change in the coming months and remember spare a thought for your MOT tester before you say..."Well it passed like that last year!"Source - https://www.gov.uk/g...e-emission-data
  13. Some small additions made to forum: Added new sections to COTM for previous years COTM winners cars Added new sections for COTY winners cars. Members Cars - added link to Showcase Gallery to make it easier to add cars to showcase. Added Gallery to main navigation menu. We are still in the process of moving/sorting the topics into the new COTM and COTY sections but most have been done. New webpages will also be constructed to show off the winners cars. Hope you like! Dave
  14. Dave

    VTI S for sale on ebay

    Spotted this on eBay, but found it on auto trader first. Anyone recognise it? Its only 10 mins from me and I've never seen it! Looks OK but front fogs look weird? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263454819151
  15. dogg1210

    Photo shop

    Can anyone on here photo shop? Was looking to see what the bm would look like lower and maybe a different colour.
  16. Forum update completed without any issues. As always though please let us know if anything isn't working.
  17. UnicyclingTom

    The counting game!

    I miss this game from the old forum platform in the VIP lounge! (we were well into the 3.5k area!) So, all you have do is count, in images. (the number can be written in words too) just take it in turns (no consecutive posts please)
  18. UnicyclingTom

    Happy fresh year.

    2018 is here, so I feel duty bound to wish you all a very happy new year. But for those of you whom I know personally, you lot can f**k off!
  19. dr_broon

    Happy Christmas

    Hope you all have a great Christmas!
  20. ukteg

    hi all

    Hi All, Am Gareth (ukteg) Thought id say hello, Am actually a 86/89 Honda Integra owner a mk1 Honda guy into the older Hondas ive had a good 9 now been all exi16 models but am in a 1.5lx auto at the moment.... very rare now days but got 3 and everywhere i go or forum i use am the only one and no doubt be the same here I also have a MC6 Civic Aerodeck 1.8vti i picked up from a guy next door to me he had it 8 years and i always wanted it buy but for the engine i was going to put the engine in the Integra and be the 1st mk1 vtec ever done its done lots in the USA but as time went by ive just not done it.... maybe one day am not sure what am going to do with it yet,,its been stood 12 months + now so got some deciding to do some pics and hope to post around and see what you guys get up to with the civics the Civic The Integra thanks Gaz
  21. UnicyclingTom

    Oh no!

    No more parts stealing from the MGZS then.....
  22. Dave

    Forum disruptions

    Due to ongoing works in the background, the forum may display differently at certain times. I am working on different aspects of the theme at the moment so apologies for things maybe not looking right! It will revert back to normal so please don't adjust any of your browser settings etc. Dave
  23. .....Promote us! If you like your civic5 club, help out others who may not know about us! If you're on any of the social media sites (facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc) or are members of other forums, spread the word! Let people know how much you enjoy the site, or how useful you find it, and post up a link to us (For other forums, please ask the admins etc if it's ok first. Always good practice to ask first!). We also have a Facebook page (click the fb icon), so again, like us, share us! The more that see our page, the more that may join the forum! You can also leave a review with the review button on our facebook page. The more reviews, the better the rating! We also have the Civic5 flyers which are in the downloads section. Download, print off a few and stick em on any Civic M's you find on your travels. Lets get the club noticed and make it busy again! As tesco sometimes says........every little helps!
  24. Dave

    The Future of Civic5

    Hello guys As you may have noticed over the past few months, the forum has become a lot quieter. Gone are the days where the forum was packed with members and new posts every night, and sadly trends change over time. We are now looking at where we stand as a club, and the team are currently in discussion on how we move forward. We know that things need to change, so there will be quite a lot of things changing in the forum. Basically, we will be scaling back the forum so it is more user friendly and easier to navigate. We will be removing some sections of the forum that are either under used or no longer needed/relevant so it will be more compact and easy to find the stuff that matters.New members joining can sometimes find it difficult to navigate their way around the forum and find the things they want, so removing all the dead wood will make things better. So far, the sections that are deffo going to be removed are: Spotted (will be deleted completely) Buyers Guide (will be merged into another section) Chassis codes (will be merged into another section) New Members section will be deleted completely as it seems better to have new members just post up in the members cars section. That way they can introduce themselves and start their car thread in one go (with photos of the car!). Other sections that will be changed: Engine & Chassis sections will be merged Interior & Electrical and Bodywork sections will be merged Rules,Tips n Tricks and Latest site news will be merged. SOS and DIY Guides will be merged The Gallery app will either be removed, or modified if we can change the script for it to reflect Members Cars section. The video app will also either be removed as it is very underused, with most members electing just to put the videos in their posts. The main menu bar has already undergone a few changes, and will probably be thinned out more or items swapped for others. We will then look into ways of boosting the clubs presence by advertising it elsewhere to try and draw in visitors. We are also looking into restructuring the Traders section and Trader accounts. We know that the changes will please some members but won't please everyone, and for that we can only apologize. We will be trying to do what is best for the club, to try and make it better for everyone. Dave and the Team
  25. Hey iam here again, couldnt find my old topic tho... what happened? I just did some trackday after few years. Finally with MeisterR and everything o modded on my suspension. And iam happy. It works.. the second session was on stiffest (rear +5 to softer) and it was good. Its more oversteery. I still think its better to have 8/5 springs than 8/6 btw. I would like to test it how that works. Maybe I will try to get different springs to back, little softer. So I will post the trackday videos here and I also done some roadtrip around Bohemia with my Civic. Its a big project, so it will take time to make the documentary, but i will post it here too, so you can see how my country looks like from an MB6 seat enjoy the videos (only 2 because I ran out of brakepads )