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  1. Hello i found this lift kit on eBAY..i think is worth (i will cut them by half, i need 10mm not 20mm). Is very cost effective because i do not have to change shocks or springs. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-strut-spacers-20mm-for-Honda-CONCERTO-CR-X-DOMANI-INTEGRA-ORTHIA-PARTNER/112486955988
  2. Hi guys. This is how my car looks (MB6 B18C4) with normal Kyb shocks and Eibach Pro Kit springs. It is almost ok, but front is too low for me. (even i am using special B18C4 Eibach springs) I want to raise the front a little bit (1 finger lets say)..i should use MG ZS180 VS shocks and MG ZS120 springs?
  3. Hi guys Anybody can tell me how I can adapt lens on MB headlights? What lens I have to buy and how to do it. I want to have something like in this picture Thanks a million Mihai
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