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Found 70 results

  1. JanCestnik

    back lower than front

    NEED HELP!!!!! I have lowered my mb1 and it sits lower at the back. I use eibach spring and vti (6gen ek) shock absorbers. What shoud i do to make the back a litle bit higher?? what would happen if i replaced the back shock absorbers with the original ones?
  2. DragooNArT

    MG ZS 20mm Arb

    Hi, I'm looking for an MG ZS 180 arb, the 20mm diameter one in particular. I have endlinks and brackets, I just need the arb with the bushings for the endlinks Regards, Nikolay
  3. Steviemb6

    New my mb6 vti

    Hi new to the forum, picked up this mb6 totally standard apart from coilover a month ago and since then I've added an omp wheel and quick release, new carpets, added an aem induction kit, aluminium rad and red coolant hoses, decat, custom spark plug cover,bonnet raisers and few wee tidy up bits, I've owned a few hondas before this, had am ej6 civic coupe with a b18c4 conversion and also owned an accord type r, but its quite a clean mb6 so don't want to do to much to it or anything done it can be put back, but interested in probably one of the most asked questions of making the custom projector headlights? And looking a nice set of alloys, recommendations? Thanks
  4. Stu-VT

    Civic mb4 front and rear arb?

    My mb4 is in storage a long way from home but before i start buying mg180 rear arb anf mb6 front arb does the car actually have provision for them is its hasnt got arb as standard? Cheers
  5. Got some bits left from my aerodeck please see below All items are located in Rochdale, you are more than welcome to collect or can post worldwide. Item : k-tuned Pro shifter Condition :10 used for approx 1k Price :£170 NOW £140 Item : Hardrace rear camber arms Condition :9 used for approx 1k Price :£SOLD Item : 3 main engine mounts polybushed using energy suspension inserts Condition :9 used for approx 5k Price :£140 NOW £100 Item : 3 main Avid racing engine mounts Condition :9 used for approx 1k Price :£SOLD Item : Rota spec R Fitment : 4x114 16x7 et42 Tyres : 2 uniroyal RS3 , 2 hankook Ventura Condition :9 a few small marks if your picky Price : £475 NOW £400 Item : Bonnet damper with custom made brackets Condition :8 Price : £50 NOW £40 Item : 96 spec ITR steering wheel Condition :9 very very hard to find in this condition Price : £SOLD
  6. Item : integra type R Showa short rack. Including High pressure line and low pressure line, custom mishimoto reservoir and PAS pump. everything needed to fit the MB/MC platform Condition :8 shows signs of use but no damage. Fitment: Honda Civic aerodeck MC2/MB6 Price :£220 collected can post
  7. Stu-VT

    EF springs/shocks on MB4?

    I have a 1998 MB4 and in my garage some old lowered springs and shocks from a EF civic. Before I dig them out, does anyone know if they work on the MB? Cheers, Stu
  8. AJCivic

    Rear LCA Questions

    Hi guys, hoping you can help me with the following. I'm in need of a trailing arm bush replacing and when inspecting everything the garage has advised that maybe the lower control arm bushes could do with replacing to improve suspension/noise & clunking. They're not desperate but it seems much easier to get a whole new set of LCA's however I can't find them ANYWHERE online. The Eg/Dc2 ones don't fit I'm led to believe. My second point though, I have an Mb2 and so no rear anti roll bar, so the holes for this are none existent on the LCA's, but I've seen posts on here saying all Mb's had the same LCA's(?). I've seen a slight indent where the hole would be on one side and that's all. If I wanted to fit an ARB, would I need new LCA's from an Mb6 or MGZS etc? Thanks!
  9. Hi, for a few days now, i am a new owner of 1999 aerodeck VTi. So far i am happy with how the car, but i am interested in doing some suspension/handling mods. I tried looking for MG ZS180 rear ARB, but they seem to be all gone, since i was not able to find any for sale. Because of this, i was wondering, if there are any other cars that has similar suspension to MC2. I know that some parts from EK/EG/DC2 could possibly fit, but wanted to know, which are the closest to decks. Also those mentioned before have many more aftermarket options, but only some ebay sellers mark their items as (fits: civic aerodeck) and even then i am not sure if these parts will fit. I saw some mentions that for example DC2 LCAs are almost identical to M series civics, and mainly was thinking, whether would also rear arb from DC2 fit with just a slight modifications. So what i am asking for is recommendation about what parts should i look for, that would require the least amount of modifications to fit my deck. I am a bit late to this game and see that there are only few members still active, but i will try to keep you posted with any progress to the car. Thanks in advance for any relevant info. Edit: i forgot to mention, that i am working with CNC mills and have also access to lathes, so i can make most needed spacers, brackets and stuff. So if i get some coilovers that have the highest point of adjustment too low for my liking, i will simply make aluminium plates, to rise it up a bit
  10. as above want to lower it either coilovers or springs? been told other civic models fit on but which ones fit straight on with no messing about? been told eg/dc2 ones fit all round is this correct before i order some? thanks
  11. Hey guys, will be selling my mb3 soon but taking the following things out and replacing with stock items. Full leather seats - quite dirty atm but will be cleaning them before selling. Rears are in great condition and the fronts have a few scuffs. I've pictured everything possible. Would need the front seats replaced when swapping! Got the stock rears but swapped the fronts with the guy I bought it off. £100 Tegiwa carbon powerchamber/whalep***s with filter. Done probably about 5k miles. A few small scratches from when trying to fit it in the bay. £115 Project A Omega Alloy Wheels 16x7J 4x100 4x108 ET35. 215/45/16 tyres all around. They looked great when fitted on my mb. Unfortunately one of the wheels took a beating when I veered into the payment to avoid a child. Front tyre got a damaged sidewall but wheel was relatively untouched considering, but rear got scratched up massively by the kerb. One wheel got dropped on it's side when off the car. Tyres are toyo proxes and have I believe around 5/6 mm left but will double check. Great tyres, but one needs replacing. These worked beautifully with the shocks and springs and there was only slight rubbing at full lock. Rears would rub if you had a full house of fatties in the rear. Otherwise, perfect! Don't think they rub with stock suspension. £200 Civic mb parcel shelf with InPhase 6x9 triaxial speakers with directional tweeters. These sound amazing! Such an improvement over the stock 4" speakers. Not exactly the tidiest job from underneath but the sound quality you got from these made a massive difference to my journeys. Will be really easy to connect to the headunit by disconnecting the original speakers. Had similar components in the front but have gone into my new car, these won't fit! Also have the box for the speakers. £80 I will also have mg zs 180 shocks to sell as well as Eibach lowering springs. Would be easier to sell together but will sell the shocks with standard springs and lowering springs separately unless the money is right. Currently don't have pictures of them unfortunately. Springs have done probably 7k miles, unsure of shocks! These are easily the best cheap upgrade to suspension for any mb civic. MG shocks are slightly lower than standard mb suspension and offer a stiffer ride. Eibach springs drop another 30mm. This made such a difference to the ride. It went from being a boat to feeling planted. £80 shocks £150 springs £220 together (stock springs included) I bought the mg shocks off someone from here though I can't seem to find the thread! Bought the Eibach springs in Nov '16 I also have civic floor mats that I re-dyed black. All in good condition with driver's side having the most wear. Sorry, no pictures of this! £20 Still also have the Energy suspension complete bushing kit that will fit a civic MB. Brand new, only opened to have a look at everything. Everything still in the box! £130 Probably the only thing I can post at a cost of £10 Currently, it's all in Witney. I live in Watford and will be going over asap to change it all over. Do not have time to post or box anything so collection only. Can organise collection from Witney or Watford or nearby to either. Work around London so may be able to sort something around there. Seats collected in Witney only due to changing over the fronts. My new car won't be able to transport a single seat, upgraded to a 350Z! Send me a message on here or text me: 07456675686
  12. Hey guys, bought this kit: http://www.tegiwaimports.com/select-car/honda/dc2/suspension/energy-suspension-hyper-flex-poly-bush-kit-integra-96-01.html awhile back with the intention of changing all the bushes but never got round to it. Upgraded to a 350z so I'm selling my kit! The dc2 kit is meant to fit civic mb's after having done the research ages ago. Looking for £130 and can post at cost. Send me a message here or text me: 07456675686
  13. Hi, I already know that on MB6 I need camber arms from EG and DC2. But what brand/make? What did you buy and how satisfied are you? I saw D2s are quite cheap, are they bad in any way? how about Buddy Club, Hardrace, Skunk2? Are they any better? What in particular is better? Thanks for you suggestions
  14. MeisterR made a lot of changes in 2016, and I am sure many of our members have done a lot to their car also. We want to get some fresh update for 2017, and we want to see what members have to say about their MeisterR coilovers. We would like some pictures (with a MeisterR sticker preferred ) for our gallery and reviews of the coilovers from members who have used them, both new and old. It would also be easier to have everything under a single thread to aid members doing their own research. So if you have pictures of your car on MeisterR coilovers, please post them and write a short review of what you think of them. 1. Name: (If you want to provide it) 2. Location: (Town or County) 3. Car Make / Model / Specific Info: (Trim / Packages / Other Mods) 4. MeisterR Coilovers Model: (ZetaCRD, ZetaCRD+, GT1 etc) 5. Short Review: a. Performance on Road: b. Performance on Track: c. Value for Money: d. Would you buy again: e. Any Personal Note: 6. Pictures: Please attach any pictures you have of your car that you want to show the world. 7. Video: If you have any video of your car in action on YouTube / Vimeo, please attach link to video. Thank you for everyone's help and I look froward to some pictures and reviews. As usual, we are available if you have any questions; just drop us a PM of there are anything we can help. MeisterR do appreciate everyone's help, and thank you for member's continue support. Edwin / Jerrick
  15. Blackwolf

    Slight head scratching moment

    Hi does anyone have an idea why this has happened went to my workshop this morning to work on my Honda and found my front struts like this anyone have any idea on how or why this happened and how to fix it? thanks ben
  16. dmrichards

    updated suspension bushes

    I've had a quick look on the forum and can't find the answer. I've kept all the suspension parts from the silver deck I broke so i could change the bushes then swap them over to mine. my question is what bushes do i need and what would you recommend? I've been looking at the energy suspension complete bush kit for the dc2 but I've also seen hardrace bushes. one more question I've got my mgzs 180 rear anti roll bar but I need the bolts that go into the chassis I've got loads of bolts knocking about but none fit. does anyone know the size I need? Dan
  17. daveholja

    Uprated Droplinks

    Hi Guys, I know there are a couple topics on this but struggling to find any up-to-date links. Basically my front drop links are done so I am looking for some uprated ones,for my MB3. Any ideas where I can look? Specifically looking for decent poly bushes or something similar (rather not go non-OEM if possible). Don't mind spending a bit more if it's worth it. Any experienced recommendations welcome! Cheers, Dave
  18. Aky-Mb6

    MGZS Front and Rear ARB's

    Looking for complete front and rear setup (24mm front and 20mm rear). Need everything including bolts. Close to Birmingham or post. Thanks
  19. Hi. I have a mate with an effective civic sedan that is selling his air ride. He has everything that you will need. Adjustable dampers. Compressor management the lot. He adapted his car to make it fit think it's for an eko or eg. If your interested contact me and I'll pass you onto him. He is based in Leicestershire. I've been out in his car. It's a firm but still comfortable ride. Looks great and the kit works well. Cheers. Nathan. 07732262708
  20. gary1mc

    my new project ej8 d16y8

    well I'm building again but a little different this time my 8 year old son wants to build a car with me so got a hold of a ratty old coupe it's a mess and needs totally redone lol I'll get some pics for your amusement . I've never done a d series before I'm thinking of turbo so advice on which way to go would be appreciated guys .
  21. gary1mc


    guys I'm in the process of sourcing parts for my new ej8 coupe project I'm basically starting from scratch I'm on the lookout for as follows. Front and rear brake conversion (with trailing arms) Front and rear lowering kit shox and Springs or coilovers Exhaust Alloy wheels 16 or 17" Also any interior / exterior bits Unfortunately the price of any parts will be a deciding factor as my son and I have set a budget for total build so every penny counts offer anything you feel I could use thanks in advance guys
  22. So the past weekend we attended our first National Auto-Solo event. The 2017 Tire Rack College Station Championship Tour, and it was certainly an experience. https://www.scca.com/articles/2005718-2017-tire-rack-college-station-championship-tour-event-recap Our team went into the competition feeling pretty confident, until we went to the grid and check out the competition's cars. The top runners are using the Honda S2000 Club Racer edition, that is a limited run of 699 cars designed with aero package and soft top removed to reduce weight. Only the CR are allow to run without the soft top, as the class rules state what came on the car in factory trim must stay; and looking at their engine bay you can see how well their cars were prepared. Most are using the PasswordJDM carbon fibre intake, and a few cars was running Moton Clubsport 2-way adjustable coilovers; that is only what you can see. In contrasts, we have a pretty standard 2007 Honda S2000 with 90,000 miles on the clock. The only mods were a K&N intake, Invidia exhaust, Eibach front anti-roll bar, and MeisterR ZetaCRD coilovers in our prototype race specification. Even our ECU was standard and unmapped... so you can imagine how our confidence drop "slightly " after seeing what we were up against. Most were using the same tyres, the new BFGoodridge Rival S... so that mean we were on even ground at least on that part. But never mind, this is our 1st national event so it was just to see where we sit outside of the Houston region. The STR Class we are competing in have a total of 17 drivers, many are experienced veteran at national event. Our driver is 21 years old Landon Thompson (who is getting a lot of stick up and down the grid because of his age), but it was all good fun. Overall, the competition was great and environment was friendly; but you know it is a competition and people are serious and there to win when you speak with a few. So at the end of the two day race, we end up just edging out for a 3rd place trophy finish out of 17 drivers. Considering how under prepared our car was and it’s our first national attempt, we were all very happy about the result. So that is it from MeisterR's team and our first national event, we came home with a blue cap (trophy winner) and a big meal at the end of the day. We will continue to improve the car to bring it to a more competitive trim, and can only hope or better result in the next event. It was a great weekend, just want to share our excitement and our result. Jerrick