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    I love automobiles and i have an MB4 Honda Civic and a Peugeot 205

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    Madrid Spain

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  1. Oskinar

    1999 MB4 From Spain

    Hi! I think that i will not change the seats, only the steering wheel
  2. Oskinar

    1999 MB4 From Spain

    I know that the steering wheel is on the wrong side, but in Spain we are all crazy people, we take the rounds by the right!!!!
  3. Oskinar

    1999 MB4 From Spain

    Thanks guys for the info about the wheels, I made a mistake buying it, but it doesn't matter, I can sell it and buy another (maybe 14" wheel from MB3) I suposed that the spanish version of MB4 are so different in some things, like the leather seats and steering wheel, but those things, I can buy it in a junkyard. I want a leather steering wheel, turn black the bumper strips and the rear wing form VTi, and maybe the front fog lights of VTi Step by step, I can't do all that i want in one month
  4. Oskinar

    1999 MB4 From Spain

    Hi guys!!! My name is Oscar, I'm from Madrid (Spain) and I'm 33 years old. I'm a recently owner of an MB4 Honda Civic 1.6 ES Vtec. I have that machine since one week ago and I love it! Here I leave some pics of the car and it's future wheels