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    Just a young honda car enthusiast who owns both a Aerodeck Vti and a civic ek4 bro
    Instagram... Dan_the_honda_man

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  1. VTIDanny

    Brake servo

    hello guys, does anyone know if the MG ZS180 brake servo is the same as the Vti's? Cheers
  2. back when I baught my deck I scrimpt for the money it had them on 16s to, I didnt have enough money for it to come on them wheels so 100 cheaper to come on standards haha ohh how I regret that now, I need 16s just for ground clearance, I have meister rs on my deck and I cant lower it anymore due to the speed bumps in work and it barely looks lowered, waste of coilovers!
  3. Hello guys as in the title, I'm after a set of 16 inch 4x114.3 speedline chronos, cheers
  4. I have seen them mate from r1motion I may buy them as I'm getting no Were but mostly I want the gearknob haha
  5. hello I'm after a set of fitted floor mats preferably vtis ones if not normal mb ma ones also I'm after a metal vtis Gear knob if anyone has them for sale please message me!
  6. hello guys me again as per, come along to do my front brake discs, calipers and braided brake hose lines this weekend as my front caliper has siezed so I tjaught if do a full overhaul. Only to come across the front right brake line were it meets the brake flexi pipe (what Il replace woth briaded lines) it's so rusty I can't get it undone so my only option is to cut it off and replace the brake line that leads to the abs module, just wondering if you can buy them lines new still or have to make one from scratch? Also do you know what type of flair the ends are if So? Cheers
  7. I managed to get all new stuff mate to ru n into one problem... my right front brake line what attaches into the flexi hose (what I'm replacing for broader lines) the connector is rusty as hell I can't get it off I've tired everything mate, only open is to cut it off and take if off at the and module and make a new brake pipe/line I can't find them new so Il have to buy a kit and make one
  8. it's siezed mate it's sticking on so bad that the alloy ends up running really hot, it's had new sliders so it's gotta be the caliper I guess now, I'd like to get new carriers why I'm at it to, can you point me.in the right direction mate
  9. Hello guys I'm in need of brand new front brake calipers and carriers, the right one is goosed and the carriers are crusty as hell! Can't seem to find the carriers anywhere, are there any rover ones that will fit? Can anyone point me in the direction cheers
  10. Hello guys do you know if the track rod ends on a aerodeck vti are the same as eg/ek? Same goes for the balljoints, Cheers!
  11. I don't know what size fits mate
  12. Hello m, Can Anyone point me in the right direction for polybush rear lca inserts for a aerodeck vti cheers
  13. I've had that issue mate why is That? Tbh I just flat filed the top of the pads abit haha
  14. Right mate I will get in them! I had a look before I always buy my parts from them, it didn't say ma/mc in the Dropbox but Il take your word mate haha, i woll have a look how to go about changingthem Also, it could just be my sliders in the carrier tbh
  15. Thanks mate think I've got a front sticking caliper or a goosed wheel bearing one or the 2, I'm having trouble even finding any of them! All the calipers I'm getting are for 262 not 282 and I can't put my finger on a wheel bearing haha
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