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  1. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    It’s looking that way atm haha!! I’m looking for some nice new deep dish rims for her more than likely black too m!
  2. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    Ooo that could be a good shout, is that from the 1.8 civic ? More info would be amazing :) thanks for the compliment
  3. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    What do you mean murdered out look? Never heard of that before?
  4. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    Few updates on the car, new exhaust, got rid of that horrible pee shooter, had the front and rear lights smoked and a full service. Now in looking for performance! Anyone got any tips, tricks, advice? Turbo? Big up!! Snapchat-1031314283.mp4 Snapchat-786393905.mp4
  5. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    Yes mate 1.5 getting the lights smoked tuseday, ill upload a new pic once its all done, ive also put a straight through pipe on her
  6. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    Cheers bro, picked them up with some rear coils and a steering wheel for £170 all tires are decent too bargain
  7. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    Thanks for the welcome!!! Yeah love the black on black looks smart, ideally I'm looking for a performance exhaust, front splitter, any sort of performance parts really. Also I'm struggling to find parts for my car, do any other civic parts fit for eg: the ej, ek etc etc etc Again thanks for the welcome guys!!
  8. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    Yes. Mate 1.5vtec sport not too bad shape tbh, got a steal if you ask me as I only payed £400
  9. Javismb3

    My civic mb3

    Hi guys, I new the the civic game, any advice is welcome! Looking for parts so drop a comment and SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! Hope you like my mb3 put the shoes on her last night!