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    Yo so i just got this civic and have no clue when I comes to getting shit I want a k swap in the long run but just want the best rolling chassis n make it look nice for now aka I NEED HELP!!!

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    Connor lovick
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    Norfolk, North Walsham, Englan

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  1. Its begun only a sneak peek tho
  2. This has helped immensely mate I cannot thank you enough I didn't no she rare I'll keep her sweet. thinking of a a new wing it might sound daft but my neighbor's got an old Hyundai 2.0 accent Kinda like this one and hes getting rid of the car soon I might try and nab it off him before he does. But thank you I'll make sure to keep ya posted on any updates
  3. Thanks guys means alot got a few more beauties of her her had to blank the number plate off fresh off the clean haha so I found a body kit and I'm not to sure ok how it will look, was hoping I could get some constructive criticism on it And if anyone has any cheap upgrades like coils or allorys they can post a link to I would really really love you for ever For it looking farward to hearing from y'all
  4. Nice man thank you I know what I'm looking for now there is very little online about there when it comes to info you have helped me out proper
  5. Thanks man it's not bad goes alright for a didy little motor are all civics the same when I comes to upgrades like bumpers, ect and lower ride (coilovers) or at least all mb's the same because I can't find s**t HELP
  6. When I bought the car I didn't no anything about them and I already got the car now for a bargain tho mine it the 1.5 vtec but the engine isn't the important part now as that can chance later I do like the sound of th b18 tho oh a couple pics of her
  7. Yo so i have an mb3 civic sport and it it bone stock and a little ruff around the edges, paints peeling on the wheels couple scratchs and dents and dots of rust but I can sort all that. What I am asking of you is what am I looking for when it comes to areo, coilovers, bigger wheels, bigger brakes, wings, strut bars you know that sort of thing when ever I'm looking online for parts I'm really struggling to come up with anything and when I do I'm not even sure if it will go on. My end goal with it is to make it the best rolling chassis I can the try and also a k or b with boost but that won't be for a little while yet and it's off the road for the next 11 months so s**t can be apart for a while I'll post some pics of it tomorrow Please I need all the info I can get if anyone got measurements for me to look out for oh and good tyres to run aswell Thank Connor