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    Live in Dublin, Ireland. Had my MA8 about ten years. Been slowly restoring and upgrading, probably will be forever. Have dealt with some issues I could probably help others with, could also use some help too.

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  1. Yeah no problem. I really appreciate all the help. I often find it hard to get any info on these cars so it's nice to have a place where ppl are still actively finding that info and posting it. Hopefully helps more people. Just got back from the autolock place. I slid the key and fob over and said have you ever seen one of these. Your man straight away went that's a rover infared key fob. He took the key apart and found lots of damaged components in it and set about repairing it so I've to wait for a call. I asked what the story is long term. He said he has never seen a chipped key alongside one of them fobs, it's always just the fob that disarms the immobiliser and a plastic key with it. I don't believe that though for two reasons, one, who designs a system with no redundancy and two, the pic below which is from a rover key with a matching chip in it. Basically he said that the fob can't be copied as they're not available anymore and that fixing that one is about the top and bottom. He reckons Honda won't have a bar of me either with the age of the car. I'm not gonna take that as gospel. When I get to the bottom of this I will let you know what happened. I was halfway through fully restoring my car when this happened so I'm not just gonna stop like. There's only a handful of them left in Ireland and I've been looking after it ten years now. They'll have to bury me in it at this stage haha. I won't be stopping anytime soon anyways. I'll keep you posted
  2. The rear wheel arches are available for the civic on ebay and all4honda. They're cheap enough. I done the whole rear wheel arches on mine and carried on with the sills from there. The sills are not a complicated shape so although it's a pain, it's not too bad as long as the rust hasn't reached under the door, that's where it gets tricky. Also worth noting that there is stuff available for preventing sill rust, it's like a waxy stuff that you spray inside the sill and behind panels. I can't remember what it's called but it slows down any rusting from inside out nicely I'm told. Haven't gotten some myself yet but its on the list for future proofing
  3. And there's your fob listed for a rover 600. Same board
  4. Theres the pics with the numbers from inside the keyfob. My mate found most information by following the part number on that little black chip.
  5. Right, so there has been developments. I took the information I got from yourselves, another forum about an mb6 I found on here, the Haynes manual for my car and I talked to an electrical controls engineer who's a friend of mine who was able to find ridiculous amounts of information by having a look at the little circuit board that is inside my key fob, so strap in haha. First off, you were all absolutely correct about the key, it's a copy, original key probably long gone. I found out that there was in fact an optional extra alarm from factory. Tell tail signs of your car having it are that there's no siren, it just sounds the horn repeatedly, no extra boxes or anything around the car (obvious I know but stick with me) and an infared receiver made into the dome light next to the rear view mirror. I will post pictures of that last one but my car has all of those. So, I found out its one of very few alarm systems that used an IR signal instead of radio waves and I found out that Honda wired these so that the immobiliser can be disarmed two ways. One, the IR key fob sends the signal, the car is happy and switches it off with the alarm. The second is the chip in the key, so when the fob dies your still good, car detects the key, happy out, triggers the central locking to say its happy when you turn it and switches everything off. What happened to me is that whoever owned the car before me lost that original key but had the two plastic copies and the two keyfobs which turned out to be made by valeo and were also used in the rover 600 and a couple of integras. I also seen the circuit board part number on a Renault site too which was weird. So basically with the absence of the chipped key, my car has been relying on the fobs to disarm all along. I realised that turning the key in the door only works if the fob is powered up, presumably because the fob still interacts with the car. My controls friend said that the car probably looks for the infared emitter when you turn the key and the fob automatically bounces back. So long story short, I split the fob and seen that the battery contacts were slightly corroded. I sanded them back and put it back together. Turned the key in the door, bam, immobiliser switched off, alarm turned off. My next mission is seeing if I can get the IR signal cloned with new fobs. I'm also going to see and auto locksmith tomorrow to see if there's any way I can get a new chipped key. I had that done before with a Toyota, I just brought them the ECU and the key together and the sorted it in 20mins but my car being the major pain it is I won't hold out hope for a solution that simple but I will let you know. So there you go haha. If there's anything I got wrong please let me know but I put a lot of effort into getting this info so I hope it's all sound. Sure looks like it from my end. Thanks so much again to everyone.
  6. I'll have a look when I get home today. Fair play, really appreciate all the help and info !!
  7. I already unhooked the battery, it was the only way to shut the thing up haha. I'm honestly completely lost lads. There is this weird looking box that definitely is not stock in the engine bay that I noticed. I never seen as attachment like that for an aftermarket alarm, it's a ridiculously clean job. There are no other wires out of the ordinary anywhere else. I've checked it for brands, taken it out, the whole lot and nothing. Unplugging it seems to have no effect. I'll attach a photo. I never thought of the chip in the key, I know a place that can check for it so I actually might try that. The key is stamped with a V in a circle which I'm presuming is Valeo ?? No clue. It came with two sets of keys with the same fob, both identical. The car was imported to Ireland from the UK in 97. I got it in about 2011, so I don't really know where that system came from. When I get to the bottom of this I will 100% let you know. Please keep suggesting things, that was very helpful about the key and immobiliser. Thank you
  8. Having a really annoying issue with my MA. So as far as I can tell someone fitted an aftermarket alarm system to my car before I got it (I think). I have no idea. The key fob is separate to the key, has no brand and is plane black. It went corroded and stopped working so I started using the key in the locks which seemed to disarm the alarm and the immobiliser. Then I started getting this situation where I'd turn the key, just the drivers button would come up and the alarm and immobiliser stay armed no matter what. Jiggling the key and a bit of WD in the lock sorted that until I came out the other day, no central locking at all, car constantly immobilised and alarmed and I can't do anything about it. Has anyone had an issue like this ? Is the immobiliser and alarm aftermarket does anyone know ? Why did my central locking just stop ? Picture of key and fob below
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