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  1. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Mate of mine has found a silver MB in a scrapyard, has black mirrors and door handles but a sunroof, am I right in thinking it'll be a 1.4iS or maybe even a 1.6? What is worth taking from these? Any upgrades or no? Apparently they have 3 alloys with it but I haven't seen them yet and wanting £20 each.. Not sure if that will be worth it for standard alloys?? but hopefully they have a passenger wing I can have..
  2. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    A lot of info to consider there.. What's the difference in thickness between an MB2 and MB6 front ARB do you know? No plans on suspension/springs etc for now, but anything that can improve handling sounds like a good mod to me. Won't be anything too big, only an MB2 after all. What's peoples advice on air filters/intakes? I know a bit about them, just wondering what style is best for these cars or if you can just do whatever you like with it (Left in engine bay vs fed into bumper)? Are K&N panel filters worth the money or not as good as cone style? Probably not something I'd do, but was having the discussion today.
  3. AJCivic

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    Looking good. Do you mean the black bump strips? They can't be removed from the panels/bumpers, seem quite tricky to fix/freshen up. What fog lights/DRL are those? Are they seperate or one unit?
  4. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    That was my thinking. Might be a lot easier to find an MB6 one so I'll have to start looking. Cheers, looked on his thread but couldn't see much referencing the ARB? Anti roll bar and control arm talk has gotten me thinking.. How do I go about replacing bushes etc? Do Honda stock them still or is it all aftermarket stuff? Is there somewhere I can see what bushes there are on an MB - a list of them?
  5. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Thanks for your comments pal! A few people with MB2's on here it seems, a lot more than any other model! No a rear ARB is on the list but I haven't seen many for sale to be honest. Also aware that I'd probably have to swap to MB6 rear control arms. (Or drill my current ones but that makes me nervous). Would you say an MB6 ARB is a decent upgrade or go all the way and get a ZS one? Next job is figuring out why my front fog wiring won't work, then getting some standard alloys for now. Also need to get a spoiler on, can't decide between the Rover boot lip (I never got that on because it took me MONTHS to paint it and still not happy with it) and the MB one which still needs painting. Or both I'm just being tight with my cash at the mo.
  6. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Clutch master cylinder was replaced today, clutch feels better already, a lot more resistance in the pedal now to be honest! Think I've been accommodating a bad clutch all this time. Awful weather has meant not much is getting done at the moment, either freezing cold or stupidly wet! Saw another MB2 tonight (1.4is.. Not entirely sure on differences - ABS, rear discs & alloys I expect) had an exhaust rattle that could have raised the dead!! Sounded terrible, blowing like hell too because it was LOUD but looked completely standard.
  7. AJCivic

    my new mb2 hatch

    Nice job, looks good. How did you get the rear lip to sit flush against the bumper? Doesn't look like you've screwed through it?
  8. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Some updates: Rear lip is off and mudflaps back on, didnt look as good when it was sagging down. Had somebody look at front fog install, he didn't seem to want to finish the work but gave me pointers on how to use the double switch. Got everything wired up and tapped into the fuse box for power to the switch. So far nothing is working though Got the little light on the switch at all times so I'm thinking the power and control/relay wire might be mixed up? Don't even know if lights are still working. No sign coming from relay that it's working either. (Managed to completely flatten the battery after I spent hours trying all this the other day shouldn't have left radio on. Was not a fun day) While I was under the dash I found out why the clutch pedal went loose about 5/6 weeks ago, had no fluid left and that's because of a leaking Master Cylinder. So got that to replace. Not having a fun time of it all, joys of an old car.
  9. AJCivic

    my new mb2 hatch

    How did you fit the rear diffuser? Attach it to the rear lip? A a lot on this car mate but I do like a lot of it
  10. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Thanks pal and yeah I don't mind the silver and black, especially if I get the side skirts on as well it will match. Just think it looks a bit lost sometimes because it's close to the ground. Back lip just needs redoing again because the 3M tape has completely failed now.. Will try it again with some better stuff and heating it up, cleaning better etc, shame it is raining every single day at the moment. Some Underseal and rust prevention getting ordered soon, fog lights getting wired in tomorrow at the electrician's because I've given up trying to use an OEM switch myself Also ordered a spare battery tie down and original radiator clamp to scrub down and paint red. Looking for other engine bay clamps to get refurbed and/or painted too.
  11. Yeah I just bent the rod in the drivers door, better than putting the door card back on and having it fall off straight away if you don't have any spare clips! I did pick one up from the scrappy though so something to do next time.
  12. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Nice one cheers, so Underseal is the top layer you want on and stonechip is just a tougher paint really? Wasn't sure of the difference between the two. Thanks to @powerofdreams I've now got a full VTI-S lip kit and some other bits as well. The age of the splitters means they've got a bit of wear and damage which I want to fix up before colour matching them silver. (Undecided on colour to be honest) But for now the rear lip is on the car and still black. Used 3M tape to stop the top sagging but it hasn't worked well so not sure what to try, anybody got advice?
  13. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Thanks Dave, that sounds pretty thorough. Rust treatment will come in handy as there's a few more areas under the car I need to treat. Also promised my girlfriend I'd give her car a doing over because of rust etc. Wasn't sure if a spray can of stonechip was best for the wheel arches. Not 100% sure of the differences.
  14. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Think I've sorted that now. Going to make do with some some fittings from B&Q and can always order the proper ones from Cox motor parts... Will have pics up soon. Anybody know what kind of protection/paint I should be using for this part of the inside wheel arch? Whatever protection was there has all started peeling and chipping away and I've got a bit of rust starting where you can see in the picture on both sides.
  15. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Anybody know where I can get original fittings for installing a lip kit? Or what works as an alternative? The weird nuts that slide into the bumper and the bolts with the wide top part I mean. I've got all original ones already installed for the front lip but can't find them anywhere to use them for the rear lip. Seems like it would be easier to use original fittings than trying to get arm around the bumper to use a standard nut/bolt.