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  1. AJCivic

    X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    Nice one you’ll have to let us know what they’re like! Will you be fitting the shocks yourself? Tempted to get some myself, the front suspension feels none existent at times!
  2. AJCivic

    Mark's MC2 - Frey

    Hi Mark, great reading about your dedication to your Aerodeck, waiting years to buy one and then getting it repaired after 2 accidents, not many would treat it the same. Interesting that your MC2 doesn’t come standard with a rear sway/anti roll bar, I was under the impression they all did? Although I do see an extra bar in between where the LCA’s attach to the subframe, is that standard on all Aerodeck models..?
  3. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    No problem! Thanks! And cheers for that, I got some standard MB alloys for very cheap, one or two have quite bad paint flaking, just in process of cleaning them up a little. So going to use those for now once I’ve got tyres swapped etc. Which spoiler do you mean? The boot lip? Took a while to paint to a decent standard actually. Very awkward. So far I’ve chickened out of it, not sure if the 3M tape I have is strong enough and scared it’ll fly off going down the motorway.
  4. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Think you’ve gotten me mixed up with somebody else there Thanks though, and yeah sure this guy had a 1.4iS but was identical to a standard 1.4 except the things I mentioned. Need some advice please guys, how much is a standard MB6 rear anti roll bar worth? anybody here who’s bought one in the past?
  5. AJCivic

    Bush Replacement

    Does anybody know the sizes of the rear LCA bushes? Was going to get a spare set from an MB6, get new bushes and after they’re on I will be able to put an anti roll bar on. Or am I going about this the wrong way and should just try get replacement arms? Seems a lot more expensive to do that
  6. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    This was taken a few Saturday’s ago and sums up the weather we’ve been having recently! Think the fog lights look nice though, glad to finally have those working and looking original. Also a few days prior to that I did a quick check underneath of the car, think I need some new Anti Roll bar bushes & end links. Wouldn’t mind all bushes doing soon so going to need to buy replacement control arms at the front.
  7. AJCivic

    Bush Replacement

    Thanks for the advice, didn’t know about different bushes on the LCA. Why can’t it be easy to get replacement arms and save the messing though I was under the assumption polybushes are tougher and therefore give a stiffer and not as comfortable ride? Other question is would I not be able to get the parts I need for a direct replacement from Honda?
  8. AJCivic

    Bush Replacement

    Hi guys, so my Mb2 is going to be turning 20 very soon this year So one of the jobs I’m wanting to do is replacing all major bushings etc. I’ve just never done this before and have no idea what bushes are on the car, front suspension and back. Also where can I get all the right parts and how much is it going to cost approximately? Trailing arm bushes badly need doing, also sure I’ve heard the front anti roll bar knocking, rear LCA bushes could do with replacing as well. Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated!
  9. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Thanks for the comments @Gel yeah I’d love an MB6 but got other priorities at the moment and not enough space/time/money to be running 2 cars I think.. one day.. Ah that clears it up then, fella has since gone but I’m sure it was only a 1.4iS, I think Honda just liked to mix things up a bit with coded mirrors/handles etc. Yeah 100% it looks a great improvement. Unfortunately they cost well over £100 so probably isn’t worth it on my wee 1.4! Think I’m just going to upgrade the panel filter but I’ve got a brand new standard one in at the moment anyway. The K&N ones have gone a bit hard to find so I’ll keep looking.
  10. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Not the best picture but fog lights put back in and I used some fly eye tint on them to make them a bit more subtle. Cheap eBay fog lights stick out a lot otherwise! But look cool! Also seen an MB6 for sale fairly close to me, low mileage and quite a minter. VERY tempted, problem being that they want well over £2.5k for said Mb.. Also can’t tell in the picture but somebody has hit/scratched the front of my car AGAIN, lines of paint missing just above the number plate, a big scratch down the side of it, and rub/scratch marks on the number plate itself..
  11. AJCivic

    Spilt head lights and mg zs spoiler

    Out of interest, after you have removed the spoilers how do you fill the holes? I still havent got round to fitting a spoiler to mine, think I’m dragging my heels without realising because any non-reversible mods make me nervous haha. And drilling holes is definitely one of those. Plus the wiring of the spoiler brake light etc.
  12. That looks a nice car for the age, and a great colour. I think the more common grey MA’s look so old and dated but I like this one. Don’t think I’ve read this thread for your old one yet, but keep us posted on the mods, will be great to follow
  13. AJCivic

    X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    Good to hear @Gel mine was flagged up for some corrosion also but once the weather improves going to be doing some rust proofing of my own. Wouldn’t mind swapping coolant and replacing some bushes this year, because as you say there really isn’t anything going wrong that requires loads of £££ to be spent! Frees up the cash for other stuff. Hope it passes and you get more happy happy years out of it!
  14. AJCivic

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    Looks great, did you screw into the lip or is it just stuck on?
  15. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Had a lad start at work and he’s driving a Silver MB same as mine Previous owner put an MG spoiler on (which he claimed was original but obviously not) and wrapped the bonnet. Claimed it was a ‘sport’ but it has cloth seats, wood effect dash trim and standard steering wheel, different to mine though because it has alloys, ABS, rear discs, colour matched mirrors/handles. Am I right in saying this is a later 1.4iS? Because I’ve seen those before but with black mirrors/handles. Bought some stuff for the car a while back. Waiting on the weather improving and then I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up to get my MB2 where I want (tastefully)