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    Relatively new driver, using this site for tips and help with working on my standard 5 door Civic!

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  1. VTiS mats (ad other bits)

    No problem, I think from the look of it the VTI-S logo just replaces the 'Civic' logo that is on the standard ones? Looks pa like the same size/shape anyway. The other 3 mats look identical and plain.
  2. VTiS mats (ad other bits)

    Some went on eBay for little over £10 the other day, I spent double that for a set of standard ones! Probably be years before more show up on there..
  3. Fog lights for Civic MB3

    There's some cheap ones on eBay that I've read about people on here using. But I don't know how good they would be if you didn't have fog lights installed from the factory. I've been wondering for ages how to fit them as well. I don't have a clue how to wire them up to the original switch etc. That would be the ideal way to do it but maybe need an OEM loom.
  4. Rear LCA Questions

    Ah yes I'm with you now. To be honest wouldn't have even acknowledged the first one I'd just have assumed it isn't the right one! Yeah I wouldn't buy from eBay to be honest and all of those just look a bit unreliable and tacky. I just don't know any companies that sell them really? They look like the closest ones to what I'm after. Because they're not an exact swap, are they likely to affect suspension or the wheel at all?
  5. Rear LCA Questions

    Oh right so the ones on eBay in all the fancy colours would fit then? I just thought the bushes were all too big etc. What do you mean by fork type sorry?
  6. Rear LCA Questions

    Hi guys, hoping you can help me with the following. I'm in need of a trailing arm bush replacing and when inspecting everything the garage has advised that maybe the lower control arm bushes could do with replacing to improve suspension/noise & clunking. They're not desperate but it seems much easier to get a whole new set of LCA's however I can't find them ANYWHERE online. The Eg/Dc2 ones don't fit I'm led to believe. My second point though, I have an Mb2 and so no rear anti roll bar, so the holes for this are none existent on the LCA's, but I've seen posts on here saying all Mb's had the same LCA's(?). I've seen a slight indent where the hole would be on one side and that's all. If I wanted to fit an ARB, would I need new LCA's from an Mb6 or MGZS etc? Thanks!
  7. 12V fuse on a 7.5V slot & Clock bulb

    For the clock bulb, I made the stupid decision of trying to reach up while the stereo was out, completely forgetting about the metal cage around it which needs removing before resigning myself to the fact I'd have to take the whole centre console out. Few weeks later I got it done. Get somebody with smaller hands to have a go..?! Otherwise the whole thing needs to come out.
  8. Door panel removal MB3

    Looks like you have an early model with manual window/wing mirror? Don't know if it will be the same but on my MB2 I just removed the handle screws and the black trim panel style screw under the wing mirror (looks like you have already done this) then pull on the door card starting at the bottom, popping out the clips as you work your way round. Speaker cover comes off with the panel.