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  1. Cheers yeah I was looking at the Strongflex kits a couple of weeks ago, they look a lot easier to install and can get them all in one go, the problem is getting the old ones out. Plus for every day use is it wise to fully Polybush it? I heard the trailing arms shouldn't be done as it doesn't allow movement when braking?
  2. Some great plans there Dave I wish you all the luck for it! My little MB2 has recently had a huge lot of welding done on the sills which has made me more confident about plans for the future and I've just fit a new battery where it might just be my imagination but everything feels nice and smooth since then. Continuing that I'm hoping to get the following done: - New boot gas struts (soon) - Trailing arm bushes (soon) - New fan belts (soon) - Full Service - Coolant & Gearbox oil change - Refurb or have a go sanding/spraying some spare OEM
  3. Yeah a full VTIS kit can go for around £200 providing the front lip is a plastic original and not one of the fiberglass replicas that have done the rounds (I have one from a bundle of bits I bought from a member on here) and it's in good condition. Fog lights are very hard to come by but sometimes come up for sale. The problem with those isn't being able to get hold of them, it's wiring them up correctly. Only the 1.8 VTI's and one of the 1.6 trim levels came with them as standard I think, so it would be rare to come across one with the wiring installed, if you were to fit them yo
  4. Thanks for the feedback, it's probably a good idea to get it tested actually, at least then I'll know how soon to replace it. Managed to get it jumped and been fine ever since but just really weird how it died like that a couple of times. Couldn't ever imagine a battery just dying the way it did, going to be careful with having lights on too long etc now and see if anything happens again, if so it'll be getting replaced but want to save money and get some bushes done next.
  5. Bit of an odd one tonight, had several trips in the car today all of a medium distance, come to start the car to travel home tonight and it really, really struggled to start which is unusual, at first I thought it was because I hadn't waited enough time for the fuel pump to prime, but I took a drive round town before going home just in case, got home with it and left it with lights on in the garage for a couple of minutes (a stupid mistake at best of times I know..), come to start the car again and it was absolutely dead and won't even turn over. Totally flat. Is this likely to be
  6. As if it wasn't hard enough to find a decent MB these days without worrying about certain ages/emissions! The MB2 sport has colour matched wing mirrors and door handles, spoiler, alloy wheels, rear disc brakes and the VTI spec interior which includes half leather seats, door cards, steering wheel, gear knob, maybe the gear stick surround, but weirdly not a bigger arm rest. And that's the only differences really. I've heard people say the 1.4 is faster than the 1.5 but not sure how true that is or what they're like compared to the 1.6 engines (VTEC or standard).
  7. Prise out the fog light switch and the blank switch cover on the right and there's 2 more screws behind, 4 screws in total, very easy after that
  8. Yeah I installed my own generic brand ones a couple of years ago but took me months and months to figure out how to do it on my own, just needed the practice I think. I have the original double switch too but they're still wired to a seperate switch at the moment, but I could definitely get that sorted now I know what's what! Wouldn't mind some OEM lamps too. Would look a bit better in the bumper. Funnily enough I saw an MB in this colour with the big fogs close to where I live which was quite a surprise because I'd never seen it before or since. They do look nicer!
  9. Yeah things were a bit weird on the pre facelift models from the looks of it! Half colour coded bumpers and an extra button for heated mirrors etc! Looked very strange. @dan1 You're right about less to go wrong, I frequently see people complaining of the sunroof leaking or rear calipers seizing or ABS lights on the dash. Don't have to worry about any of that. How did you wire in the front fogs or did the car come with fog lights already installed?
  10. Indeed, it looks good. Keep us posted. Yeah fair enough mine is base model so don't even have the rear disc brakes or ABS Can't miss what you've never had though!
  11. Love the look of this car, the VTIS lip with the big fogs in that colour just looks superb mate! Mods look great so far as well, is this a base model, 1.4iS or a sport?
  12. Just a bit mate yeah haha! Didn't imagine for one minute all that work would need doing this time around but I'm glad it's sorted and MOT'd, this little MB2 isn't going anywhere just yet I'll be getting her in somewhere to get training arm bushes done before the year is out, I've left that job way too long as well.
  13. Well, what a mad couple of weeks with the car! As I posted about already, it failed the MOT on the lower sills having huge holes, rear arches had holes, the rear nearside inner sill area round the back of the jacking point had a hole, was in a sorry state once I realised how bad it actually was! After taking off the side skirts and removing the interior I also came across the offside outer/side sill having holes right through at the back (where these cars usually rust first) and the passenger seatbelt bolt was well and truly stuck and heavily corroded so in danger of br
  14. Thanks guys, was happy to get it in sooner than expected! Hopefully it'll come back with everything all nice and new, sounded like he was going to have a good dig around and replace anything that's looking bad. And hopefully the worst of the rust will be cut out and replaced, so underside of the car will be good for a while. Fingers crossed that goes to plan anyway!
  15. Yeah cheers Dave, might be worth a gamble but might be pointless if I've (hopefully!) Got it sorted when it goes and gets sorted. Actually ended up calling the welder today to ask a couple questions and he said he was ready for the car! Which was a good surprise, so dropped that off this afternoon for a few days of work, also took a look at the seatbelt bolt area and that's going to be getting done too. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and I could have the car back by Friday! Then just need an MOT arranging
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