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  1. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Sooo, does anybody have any idea how to loosen the exhaust manifold heat shield bolts? They’re really stuck and just feel like they’re going to snap more sockets or get rounded off, impossible!
  2. AJCivic

    Black leather interior, door cards and odd bits

    Damn I’d have had those sill trims for sure! A really nice interior there, hope somebody makes use of the leather seats. Looks clean. If anything comes to mind I’ll give you a shout for any interior stuff.
  3. AJCivic


    I think they all fit. Got to remember it is only a 2mm difference between the MB6 and MG 180 bars, will feel the difference but you’ll save money and feel the difference just with new droplinks and bushes I’m only saying be wary because I recently bought an MG rear ARB, not even the 20mm one, just the 18mm, and it is rusted to s**t, can’t even remove brackets or droplinks, every bolt coated with thick rust, so I’m having to put in loads of effort trying to get it cleaned up and close to just giving up tbh! What I’m saying is be careful because they’re quite expensive now.
  4. AJCivic

    Mb6 vtis side skirts and back bumper

    Should have no problem selling these on I would think. The rear lip I have has the same problem as that, completely cracked/fallen apart above where exhaust would be. Planning on fibreglass then plastic filler on it.
  5. AJCivic


    What is that red tie bar from? Looks quite OEM except the colour!
  6. AJCivic

    Headliner Issues,Starting to come down like a tent

    Yeah this started happening to mine a while back as well, no idea how to go about taking it out and gluing back on, sounds a big job.
  7. Lovely colour on that MB mate and really really rare as well - Look after it! Only seen 4/5 white ones across the forum and Facebook groups. As for what fits, most suspension and chassis parts from Rover 45’s and MG ZS’ fit, uses most of the same parts, basically the same car. EG Civics and DC2 Integra stuff fits. Strut bars for example bolt right on it or you can get second hand original ones, they all fit the same but you’ll need to drill holes etc for an original to fit. The VTI (MB6) has a front lip/splitter which makes the front end look a LOT better, you can probably get hold of one of those easy but you’ll have to get it painted, will probably never find a white colour matched one! The VTIS has a full bodykit of bigger front lip, side skirts and rear lip, and is a lot harder to find. MGZS 180/Mk1 skirts fit as well. You already have the boot spoiler because yours is a 1.5 sport. I heard the MB6/VTI has a slightly bigger one but never seen proof of that. Integra Type R (DC2) and Accord Type R spoilers are a lot bigger and they bolt straight on (with extra holes drilled), and any spoiler from a hatchback Rover or MG will fit. Hope that helped a bit, I’ve only just learned all that stuff over the last couple years!
  8. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    So a bit of an update after a really busy (and expensive!) week. After finding out I needed some welding on the sills on Monday I had it in on Wednesday with a guy who the garage I use for MOT’s were raving about. He spent most of the day on it and did a bloody good job, not expensive either. Whole jacking point on the offside rear was rotten so lower sill had to be patched and the jacking point repaired, and the side piece had a patch put in too with new holes for the skirt clips. I think he’s then ground back the bad rust on both sills all the way up because he’s undersealed them right up into the wheel arches which is helpful! Got the sill covers on and back in for MOT on Thursday where I just needed a tyre. Got that bought and test passed (completely forgot I had a brand new tyre on a spare alloy at home) Friday it was back in the garage to try and solve a belt noise that’s been irritating me, they suspected it just needs new belts so that will have to be done at another time but I got anti roll bar bushes and droplinks replaced - what a difference! Something as small as that and I can feel it in the car when going over bumps, cornering, and setting off. Taxed and insured for another year too.
  9. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Haha true that! Yeah here’s hoping, shouldn’t be too much area to cover but will be nice to have the sills sorted so it doesn’t happen again anytime soon. Thanks for the link! I saw some people in the Rover/MG Facebook group saying all these repair panels are sold out. Will mention it to the guy doing the work tomorrow morning, I imagine he’ll be able to fabricate something. @KiNK43 Very true, it’s a typical Honda thing! I thought I’d gotten away with anything going too rotten
  10. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Yeah I took a few quickly after I removed the sill covers. This is the nearside, where it is worst. Also noticed it’s all lower down and underneath, not like most I’ve seen where they rot through on the sides where the white clips go. Drivers side is just like this all the way up tbh. Rusted around all the screw holes really.
  11. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Thanks @Gel & @KiNK43 Well worth keeping it on the road yes, when I first heard they couldn’t get it on the lift to do MOT I was worried what I’d find going on under the sills, taken them off this afternoon and there’s rust all the way up more or less, some areas worse than others with a nice hole in front of the rear nearside jacking point being the main issue. The jacking point is bent, maybe that’s contributed to it somehow? Dropping off Wednesday morning for a couple of days of welding, shouldn’t be a big job, hopefully all gets cleaned up and sorted as well. Temporarily put side skirts back on after taking them off earlier but decided to swap to the VTI-S skirts I’ve had sat around, every cloud and all that!
  12. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Can’t get car through an MOT due to rust under sills. Pretty gutted, didn’t think it was that bad at all! I know they’re a problem area but haven’t had the sills off to check properly yet. Everything looked alright around them. Going to see about some welding soon but I definitely didn’t want this, as well as the MOT I’ve got a fan belt squealing that was due to be sorted and had a quote from another garage to do trailing arm bushes. Expensive month.
  13. AJCivic

    X Reg MB2 1.4S auto

    Nice one you’ll have to let us know what they’re like! Will you be fitting the shocks yourself? Tempted to get some myself, the front suspension feels none existent at times!
  14. AJCivic

    Mark's MC2 - Frey

    Hi Mark, great reading about your dedication to your Aerodeck, waiting years to buy one and then getting it repaired after 2 accidents, not many would treat it the same. Interesting that your MC2 doesn’t come standard with a rear sway/anti roll bar, I was under the impression they all did? Although I do see an extra bar in between where the LCA’s attach to the subframe, is that standard on all Aerodeck models..?
  15. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    No problem! Thanks! And cheers for that, I got some standard MB alloys for very cheap, one or two have quite bad paint flaking, just in process of cleaning them up a little. So going to use those for now once I’ve got tyres swapped etc. Which spoiler do you mean? The boot lip? Took a while to paint to a decent standard actually. Very awkward. So far I’ve chickened out of it, not sure if the 3M tape I have is strong enough and scared it’ll fly off going down the motorway.