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  1. Hi Joe - I recognise you and the car from the Facebook pages. I'm also driving an MB that previously belonged to 2 of my Grandads, both of whom have passed now, so I know sometimes it isn't just as simple as 'scrap it' without even trying to put effort in! Not to mention you've got a nice clean MB6 there (with the bumpers on ) which is getting to be a seriously, seriously rare car. Not sure if you remember me but mine needed a LOT of welding doing to pass the MOT last November, I ended up having both lower sills completely chopped out and replaced as well as patches in
  2. AJCivic

    MC2 ARB Query

    And not to mention any ARB would be an upgrade over not having one so any of the Rover 45/ZS 120 stuff would work as well, and a lot easier to find?
  3. Always a few chancers on ebay wanting loads for them. Where did you solder them into mate? I've got a set of tweeters but never wired them up yet, I do actually have full replacement door looms but could never get the big plug off at the bottom so gave it up as a job for the future! Not sure if that would be better than soldering them in.
  4. Weird one today, recently my Great Grandad passed away (funeral today, yeah I'm having a rough few months...) and he was the one who bought my MB2 from new. Must have happened when a relative was sorting some things but I visited his place today and sat on top of a dresser was the original red immobiliser master key! Never thought I'd come across this ever! And how strange that it's been sat in a drawer for the last 22 years almost. Still in the packet with the key tag straight from dealer. Now reunited with the car & myself. Am I right in thinking this is only for help rewriti
  5. Rust, rust and more rust. Lower sills which are usually completely covered by the sill protectors, and the outer/side which the covers clip into. Usually possible to get fingers underneath and round the covers. Also the wheel arches up from the sills of course!
  6. Should be able to get hubs from a 1.4iS (basically base model with rear discs) or a sport or even 1.5 (MB3) as those are same size and have rear discs? Provided you can find them of course.
  7. So soon after the new year I called around and managed to find a garage with a fella who knew what he was doing when it comes to Trailing arm bushes, sounded like he'd done dozens of them on Rovers etc, and a decent price. Other garages were a bit like 'waah the bolts will be rusty if they've never been off, we'll get back to you' (they didn't) and another garage initially quoted £140 per side Unfortunately the next day my Dad passed away really unexpectedly at only 54 years old and as you can expect put a massive hold on everything I had going on. And that's the situation I'm in at
  8. What a pain! Well done for persevering with it, I bet it's been one of those jobs where you have to rely on others knowing what's what to sort it and getting annoyed while you couldn't use the car. Also annoying to find out 10 years in that you don't have an original key. The central locking system has got to be the absolute worst thing about these cars and I think you'll be hard pressed to find a good working example these days. I've lost the fob for mine now but I know it stopped working due to a faulty button at least 10 years ago (because the car was in the family the whole tim
  9. Coming along nicely mate, how much did you pay in total for belts then? Enquired about getting mine sorted and was quoted £430 for all of them plus water pump etc. Also started cleaning up my engine bay the other week, forgot how easily the rocket cover can scratch so careful if using a wire brush or wheel on a drill to get corrosion off!
  10. Yeah lower models don't even have the little bits sticking out to bolt this tie bar to, not sure how much it helps with handling but it's a bolt on addition I'd like to do if possible. Edit: Wasn't aware the actual sub frame is bent there, tough situation, could do with a piece cutting out and welding but wouldn't be an easy or small job?
  11. Cheers yeah I was looking at the Strongflex kits a couple of weeks ago, they look a lot easier to install and can get them all in one go, the problem is getting the old ones out. Plus for every day use is it wise to fully Polybush it? I heard the trailing arms shouldn't be done as it doesn't allow movement when braking?
  12. Some great plans there Dave I wish you all the luck for it! My little MB2 has recently had a huge lot of welding done on the sills which has made me more confident about plans for the future and I've just fit a new battery where it might just be my imagination but everything feels nice and smooth since then. Continuing that I'm hoping to get the following done: - New boot gas struts (soon) - Trailing arm bushes (soon) - New fan belts (soon) - Full Service - Coolant & Gearbox oil change - Refurb or have a go sanding/spraying some spare OEM
  13. Yeah a full VTIS kit can go for around £200 providing the front lip is a plastic original and not one of the fiberglass replicas that have done the rounds (I have one from a bundle of bits I bought from a member on here) and it's in good condition. Fog lights are very hard to come by but sometimes come up for sale. The problem with those isn't being able to get hold of them, it's wiring them up correctly. Only the 1.8 VTI's and one of the 1.6 trim levels came with them as standard I think, so it would be rare to come across one with the wiring installed, if you were to fit them yo
  14. Thanks for the feedback, it's probably a good idea to get it tested actually, at least then I'll know how soon to replace it. Managed to get it jumped and been fine ever since but just really weird how it died like that a couple of times. Couldn't ever imagine a battery just dying the way it did, going to be careful with having lights on too long etc now and see if anything happens again, if so it'll be getting replaced but want to save money and get some bushes done next.
  15. Bit of an odd one tonight, had several trips in the car today all of a medium distance, come to start the car to travel home tonight and it really, really struggled to start which is unusual, at first I thought it was because I hadn't waited enough time for the fuel pump to prime, but I took a drive round town before going home just in case, got home with it and left it with lights on in the garage for a couple of minutes (a stupid mistake at best of times I know..), come to start the car again and it was absolutely dead and won't even turn over. Totally flat. Is this likely to be
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