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  1. AJCivic

    VTIS metal Gear knob

    No, aside from a leather one you stick over the original I’ve seen on eBay. But you can easily get a dash trim from somebody breaking the cars. I got the VTIS carbon trim pieces in mine along with the gear gaiter. The one above is the sort of granite effect from the VTI - I like how it carries on down to the heater controls, but it still has a shiny finish to it which I’m not a fan of. On some lower models I think this was all a wood effect.
  2. AJCivic

    Vti s rear lip value

    £70+ I would say. They’re the hardest bit of the lip kit to get. Don’t think anybody has reproduced them like those fiberglass front lips that were made (I ended up with one of those but not too bothered as I’ll likely never put it on!) It’s really annoying though yeah, have to get it sprayed and buy bolts/screws for fitting it and the plastic pegs are usually snapped/been removed so it droops down at the back in the middle unless you use lots of good quality double sided tape! Not to mention mud flaps don’t go on anymore!
  3. AJCivic

    K&N Panel Filter

    Sounds good mate just give me a shout when you no longer need it? How much would you be wanting for it? Cheers!
  4. AJCivic

    K&N Panel Filter

    Looking for the K&N panel filter that fits in the MA/MB/MC air filter box, I think they all use the same filter regardless of engine size, the K&N code is 33-2047 I believe. Obviously want it in good/reasonable condition, just don’t want to pay £55+ that it goes for on eBay now!
  5. AJCivic

    Drivers seat rocking issue

    This happens in mine as well, been getting quite bad, always creaks and moves quite a bit round corners etc. Was going to try have a look soon. Thanks for the info!
  6. AJCivic

    Hello from me and my MB4

    Ah bad news! I had the exact same thing happen in May, those sills are so well hidden they hide all kinds of issues and complete pain when they aren’t discovered until MOT time! At the end of the day they’re not too hard to get repaired and if you think it’s worth the money then a few hundred pounds to keep a reliable car on the road isn’t bad. You’d spend double on an equally reliable car in my opinion and whatever issues that might have. Mine set me back £130 to have the nearside jacking point patched and repaired and also the upper/side sill where the holes for the plastic protectors go was rotten as well, then had both sills scrubbed and undersealed. Best of luck!
  7. AJCivic

    1999 V Reg MB6 VTi for sale

    Not good news mate, but it’s 100% the worst spot for rust on these, not sure if I said but I recently had a jacking point repaired and only cost me around £120-£130. Are you going to try upload the pictures of the sill here? If not I’ll try check out the eBay listing. Totally agree with you not letting this go for cheap, even at that price people will be looking to buy it, remove engine and scrap the rest. Don’t care about condition or keeping it alive! Even when you try to buy things from breakers, they barely care unless you’re after engine etc.
  8. AJCivic

    1999 V Reg MB6 VTi for sale

    Such a nice car here, wish I had the money right now! Exactly what I’d be looking for. I hope to one day be able to get one that has been looked after as well as this one.
  9. AJCivic

    Mudguards for mb2

    Yep contact some breakers on eBay and Facebook. I got a cheap cheap set last year but they were badly scraped and cut up and almost unusable, got lucky though a couple months later and got a brand new set in the box with instructions and fittings for £10
  10. AJCivic

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Sooo, does anybody have any idea how to loosen the exhaust manifold heat shield bolts? They’re really stuck and just feel like they’re going to snap more sockets or get rounded off, impossible!
  11. AJCivic

    Black leather interior, door cards and odd bits

    Damn I’d have had those sill trims for sure! A really nice interior there, hope somebody makes use of the leather seats. Looks clean. If anything comes to mind I’ll give you a shout for any interior stuff.
  12. AJCivic


    I think they all fit. Got to remember it is only a 2mm difference between the MB6 and MG 180 bars, will feel the difference but you’ll save money and feel the difference just with new droplinks and bushes I’m only saying be wary because I recently bought an MG rear ARB, not even the 20mm one, just the 18mm, and it is rusted to s**t, can’t even remove brackets or droplinks, every bolt coated with thick rust, so I’m having to put in loads of effort trying to get it cleaned up and close to just giving up tbh! What I’m saying is be careful because they’re quite expensive now.
  13. AJCivic

    Mb6 vtis side skirts and back bumper

    Should have no problem selling these on I would think. The rear lip I have has the same problem as that, completely cracked/fallen apart above where exhaust would be. Planning on fibreglass then plastic filler on it.
  14. AJCivic


    What is that red tie bar from? Looks quite OEM except the colour!
  15. AJCivic

    Headliner Issues,Starting to come down like a tent

    Yeah this started happening to mine a while back as well, no idea how to go about taking it out and gluing back on, sounds a big job.