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  1. Yeah it’s decent tbh! And I feel you mate haha I don’t think I would have attempted all that on the drive tbh, would’ve taken me twice as long as well haha
  2. Yeah needed to be done mate! Looked like all the original bushes tbh! Unfortunately not mate no! I work for Vauxhall as a technician, I’m allowed to use my ramp on the weekend providing I’m not working, but only have access to it 8.30-12.30 so I had to be speedy haha
  3. So got all my servicing bits done last weekend, basically refreshed the entire front end now! Upper control arms, bottom ball joints, inner and outer rack rods, outer CV joints both sides! Cars feeling 10x better in the corners, also really impressed with the new brakes ! Here’s a few pics, didn’t take many though as I only had a few hours of ramp time !
  4. Haven’t had any updates for a while but did a bit of spending on the deck this month, just service parts and a new thermostat! I did also manage to source and new dome and receiver so I’ve got remote central locking back which is so nice ! Haven’t got my lips painted yet so no update there unfortunately here’s a quick pic from the other day, hope everyone is doing well!!
  5. So picked up the lips today ! Both in really good condition no cracks or anything, will be a while before I can get them painted so they may just sit in my kitchen for a bit will try get some pics of them at some point
  6. Yeah I’ve missed out on two of these rear lips now due to people not wanting to post them which I do get as they’re easily breakable ! Just think it transforms the rear end of the decks
  7. So I’ve managed to get my hands on a vti-s front and rear lip kit. Got the two of them for £250, and the chap is only a half hour drive from me so win win! I will get some pics up tomorrow when I pick it up! Absolutely pumped to have finally found the rear lip haha
  8. Found this cherry blossom gear knob for sale on Facebook marketplace, not some cheap eBay job guy paid good money for it but has sold his project up. It’s nicely weighted, I know it won’t be to everyone’s tastes but I really like it, just waiting on an adapter to come through and I’ll get it properly fitted. Few pics mocked up to check it wasn’t going to sit obnoxiously high up
  9. Yeah super happy that it’s sorted, took it out for blast yesterday, limiters still there
  10. So one of the most annoying issues I had when I picked up my deck was that the Rev gauge would work intermittently. Very occasionally it would spring into life and work fine but most of the time it would just jump around all over the place and occasionally it went all the way round and stuck there for a while. The first thing I did when I got the car was inspect the blue sender wire on the dizzy for any damage as I read this was where the cluster picks up the signal for revs. It was completely fine, couldn’t see any damage anywhere, checked the back of the connector block nothing wrong there either and also used some contact cleaner on it for good measure but still the Rev gauge wouldn’t work. I decided to take my clocks apart and after removing the clear plastic front and having a play with the dials I realised that my rev gauge needle wouldn’t self return back to zero like all the other gauges. I decided to bite the bullet and just buy another set of clocks and I managed to pick up this set of vti-s clocks for £15!! Which I thought was insanely cheap haha anyway took the guts out of my old clocks for correct mileage and got them fitted today. The best thing of all, I finally have a Rev gauge again!!!
  11. Thanks lads, it’s certainly held up better than my old EK4, arches on that were absolutely shot ! Pretty happy with how it sits and rides on the spring/shock combo but will definitely look to upgrade to coilovers in the future!
  12. It’s very clean for the age! Couple of very small patches of rust on the front chassis members but it’s booked in to be repaired end of the month! Yeah had a few mates with turbo Hondas think it’s the way to go tbh!
  13. Thanks mate, I had a read through your build up! Yours is really nice, I’m wanting to go turbo route with this eventually once I’ve freshened up the underneath a bit more
  14. The picture above was the day I picked her up, couldn’t quite believe I’d managed to find one with such low genuine miles and a crazy amount of history and paperwork. I started off by refreshing the front end with all new upper control arms, inner and outer tie rods. I then managed to find a set of mgzs shocks on eibach springs for an absolute steal and got these fitted as well. I’m still on the hunt for some vti-s bits, mainly a rear lip so if anyone has one knocking about please let me know… anyway a few more recents pics after spending an entire weekend trying to refreshen up the paint
  15. After getting bitten by the Honda bug and owning 4 hatches of various generations, I went away from Hondas for a few years but found myself constantly looking for another one. Managed to get my hands on this VTi Aerodeck, had just 77k on it when I bought it and was too good to miss
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