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  1. Thank you for the reply! I look forward to working on the mb. I Have a few electrics in the car. front windows and sunroof, I also have a few buttons on the armrest but I believe the armrest is from a vti as it's not the same colour as the rest of the interior, I'll be swapping that out for the grey one at some point. I've got to sort out rear passenger door that has a dent, hopefully door cards are not too much of a hassle to remove. and finally the rear bumper isn't correct (wrong colour) so again, hopefully not too much fo a hassle to swap over! I'm also hoping to lower the car too, can't find any lowering springs for an mb though!
  2. Hello there, just picked up an mb2 last week! I currently own an fn2 type r but needed something a little more sensible for family outings. I've fell in love with how the old girl looks and although a few things need doing (body wise) everything is great! I'm hoping to throw on the vti kit at some point! I've attached an image of how she looks right now, previous owner added a few personal choices to the car. Currently I have the original tape player installed but I'd much rather use a cd player, does anyone know what type I would need? how difficult is removing the tape player and installing a cd player on the mb? I'm used to driving much younger cars so I don't want to mess anything up in the mb! Knowing the vti and civic sport models are so much more desirable, how does the mb2 stand? just a base spec civic of the era or anything special about the mb2? I really have no idea on this generation civic lol thank you for reading, look forward to meeting fellow mb folk!
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