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    Hi guys, my name is Shaun. I own a MC1 Aerodeck with a full VTiS conversion, and a CF4 Torneo SiR-T.

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  1. Are they much use, them B20 blocks? I keep hearing mixed opinions. Was told by someone else that they don't like the high rpms, doesn't make sense putting a vtec head on it if that's the case.
  2. @Dave Thanks for the welcome, man. So she is actually a MC1, but has had a full conversion from a VTiS. Literally everything from inside to out. I am currently making use of the DIY mesh grill post here, as the last owner plasti dipped the grill and it was peeling. I think it's gone that way on most of these styles of forums. Everyone is using social media now, but it's great to see many people still active. The civic is my daily, as I have a Torneo SiR-T that I take out in the summer. But I do want to clean it up a bit, and have her show worthy. Funny enough, those rotas are coming off soon. I picked up a set of Rays C Ultra three spoke alloys for it, they just need a good refurb. Mod wise, she has a B20Z1 block with the B18C4 head, and a 96 teg type r lsd box. Fun aul car to drive.
  3. Hey all! New here, although I see alot of posts are quite old, its cool to see people still active on these kinds of forums. I thought it would be a great place for information on potential mods, parts and specs regarding civic aerodecks. I know they are far more popular in the UK. Mine is actually the first one I've ever seen in person here in Ireland.
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