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Creaking suspension


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Hi People


I think my suspension is on the way out on my Civic sport (MB) 1.4.  My near side is creaking like an old rocking chair. Well the car is 16 years old now with 112,000 miles on the clock so i really cant complain.


I want to keep her standard but i want to uprate and improve. What are my options ?


Many thanks


Best wishes




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I have the same approach, as I want to stick to OE parts with no major mods. But recently I had to deal with the suspension repair and discovered that the OE parts are too costly for me. So I decided to go with the OE-quality parts by other brands, as they were very affordable to me, and quality seems to be fine (as for now). So I got shocks by Bilstein installed, and also got some mounting stuff  ( https://www.carid.com/shock-mounts/) as mine was rusty and gave that extra noise and squeaking.

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For suspension a cheap upgrade is to go for the mgzs suspension. This will give you a subtle drop in height and a slightly stiffer ride thats still great for every day driving.  Speak to Tom as he has this set up on his vti aerodeck.


Replacing the suspension bushes can make a world of difference too, whether uprating ro polybushes or even replacing with standard new ones

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