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  1. So, been a bit down lately due to pressures/hassles at work and been a grumpy old git to say the least. Gayle reckoned what i needed was another project! I've wanted a MK1 MX5 since the day they were launched (was at the car show in Glasgow SECC when they unveiled it) and when the cover came off and I saw this sweet little red sports car I fell in love! Said there and then I have to have one of these one day, but I was a teenager back then with empty pockets! Roll on 29 years later and now I'm older (still with empty pockets, least i am after buying her!) and finally I've got one!! Always wanted a mk1, but did put deposit down on a mk2 in a garage around 7 years ago. Sadly my then wife (Dawn) became seriously ill so we cancelled going down to test it/buy it and just forgot about getting an MX5. Lost Dawn to cancer 3 years later Original plan was to buy one that needed a full restoration, but as i don't possess any welding skills that plan changed. After a lot of good advice from members in here, we upped our budget and went to view a few more cars. Most were bodged repairs and nothing like described, until we found this one in Stirling, Scotland. She's red (obviously), 1.6 UK car with 90K on the clock. 10 months MOT. There isn't a service history book, but all the old mots are there and receipts for various work done. The chap selling her didn't want to let her go, but was under instruction from his wife to buy a more family friendly classic car! She has had the rear sills done before, drivers side is a tidy enough job and solid (just the black paint that's not right), passenger side is still solid but repair is showing signs of rust. Engine wise, she's great! Engine sounds sweet, and pulls well in every gear. Suspension wise, she needs an overhall. Interior is basic but (now) clean and tidy. Hood is shot, but Gayle went straight onto ebay and found a brand new hood that the seller has had lying around for a couple of years for £120! result! She bought it, then we had another road trip to Aberdeen to go collect it. Hood is mint and getting fitted this weekend! I have noticed when at speeds of 70mph upwards, she has a horrible vibration which is coming from the front. It shakes through the car, and if at lower speeds (60mph) we go over any bumps in road, it shakes up through the steering wheel which deffo isn't right. Unfortunately during the test drive there were no roads we could get her up to anything over 30 - 40mph so this only came to light on the way home. But hopefully the work i'm planning should resolve these issues. So Plans are: Fit the new hood Replace all 4 shocks and springs Replace upper/lower wishbones (they look ok, just grubby, but I want to replace all bushes so might aswell just change the whole lot.) Replace wheels/tyres with dished BBS rims Full service including timing belt/fan belt etc. New front and rear brakes (rears have just had brand new calipers fitted) Full custom interior retrim in either full leather or half leather/alcantara Full respray, looking to go for a nice metal flake red! Will also be taking it to BorderMX5 before the paint to have both rear sills repaired professionally/correctly. Think we should be able to get through the next mot with them but not chancing it any longer than that. Engine and engine bay fully detailed. Accessories, such as chrome/stainless steel boot rack, new stereo (just replaced the one that was there for a Pioneer that I had lying around in the garage). Will be a long term project, but want to fully replace as much as we can as we go along for brand new/renovated parts. End goal is to have one very mint mk1 MX5. After cleaning her interior up to my standards, Gayle said "oh look, the suns out!" Which roughly translated means "time for a run in Mindy with the top down!" lol Got some pics when we were out. Totally love this wee car! She's not perfect, but she's ours and makes me happy! First ever convertible I've ever owned, and loving it! Don't worry though, DD isn't going anywhere! Just taking a break from her for a wee while as she needs MOT'd and a new front caliper. Plan is when I get the spraying gear all sorted out to respray the mx5 , I'll be doing DD's front end at the same time. So all's good!
  2. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Although a few more years and this will deffo be Dave!
  3. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Already bought another Honda mate! One of the first things we had to do when we moved in. our Flymo wouldnt even look at that grass, couldnt get it to hover so was having to push it. Cutting all the grass took 2 days the first time, then about a few hours spread over a day and a half once we'd got it short. It was killing me! So we got a great deal on a brand new Honda petrol mower which has drive aswell so pulls itself along. Now takes me 45 mins to do whole garden! Honda Rocks! Dave>>>>
  4. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    lol yes, i always loved an electric aeriel back in the day, meant you had a posh car/pose value lol Pic only shows a little of the back garden, it's absolutely huge.............................as is the side bit.................and the front! Seemed like a great idea at the time, now got so much to try and do to the garden as it's not been well kept!
  5. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Sooo, not done much to Mindy at all during all this COVID stuff. Have had her out a fair bit for a run, but not done anything to her. So, decided that as much as I love the look of the wooden steering wheel I bought for her I had gone off the look now and am going for a more subtle look with the interior. So bye bye wood/chrome wheel, and back with her oem Nardi black leather wheel. Just think seeing as I took all the fake wood off the centre console to make it back to black, the wood one the wheel looked out of place. And although with it being smaller it gave me more leg room, it obscured most of the instrument dials which really annoyed me. Add to that the fact that when the sun was behind us, at some angles/height of the sun it would reflect off the chrome spokes and blind me when driving! Any hoo, back to black as Amy Whinehoose used to sing.......interior is now black and red with chrome/stainless details. Much simpler and better looking I think And although Mindy is normally parked in the car port next to garage, and Gayle Juke (aka "Effie" as she looks like a wee elephant lol) is where Mindy is in this next photo, thought it would be nice to get a wee photo of Mindy and DD together. This is the view into back garden from our bedroom window! Mindy now back under her cover and in the car port. Managed to pick up a mega hard to find part..........oem mk1 mx5 electric aeriel. Prev owner had fitted a modern stubby one which looked totally out of place on her.....plus had to be removed everytime I wanted to put her cover on. Removing it left a long bolt sticking up, which would damage the cover, so it had to go! Going to see if I can maybe get this fitted on Monday or next weekend. Came with all the wiring too, so will be like an oem install. Just a wee detail but one which will make a differnce.
  6. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Comfy all the way for me now, just don't like cars where you feel every bump. DD is nice and comfy now since getting rid of the Meister's. Trade off is the ride height but I can laugh at speed bumps and kerbs now without worrying about the scrape. Much nice drive imo
  7. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Those are lush! Think DAVEMB2 has them in Trinity D, really nice seat and also comfy as anything! Good choice mate!
  8. Dave

    Coilovers for an Aerodeck

    and just to confuse things even further, it could be an MB lol An MB9 is a 1.5cc Aerodeck &l tan MB8 1.4ccAerodeck but I'm almost certain the 1.4 deck was never available in the UK. The 1.5's were actually decent!
  9. Dave

    Aerodeck MC1 auto box

    Yes, DD has an auto box. Power wise I think they're quite durable, have had a couple of Turbo'd D series civic M's in the club and didn't here anything about the boxes struggling. The D series engines with autos have different power outputs, ranging from 90bhp up to I think 115/120bhp. recon you'd be safe up to at least the 180 mark? What kind of power are you looking to get out of the engine? DD is standard engine wise apart from a stainless cat back exhaust so doubt she's pushing anything other than her standard power, maybe slightly more.
  10. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    It is really strange mate, you would think you would notice a difference in how she drove, and would have thought there would be some kind of noise from the box itself if something has failed. I'm gonna pm Adam see if I get a reply
  11. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    I wouldn't have thought the lack of oil would stop it working mate, but suppose it depends on the different types of lsd. Have seen a few car shows where they've fitted an lsd to a car that didnt already have it, and during the gearbox build have shown how it works so as the gearbox was on the bench at the time Im assuming it was empty? Not a Honda part I've ever heard of failing beforem deffo a first. Adam (jalesi2001) that used to be on here would probs know, but I've lost contact with him. I can ping him a message via Fb if you want? Is it the standard mb6/mc2 lsd you've got?
  12. Dave

    My mb2

    love how this car keeps evolving/changing with the trends.Prefer it without the stckers tbh, think it looks more subtle and classy. Nice work mate
  13. Dave

    Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)

    That looks epic mate, loving the new rims!!!
  14. Dave

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    Yes mate, know about the jacks failing lol I had my mb6 up on a trolley jack years ago, and went in for a cuppa. Came back out and the front of the car was on the ground, sitting on its brakes!! Thought to myself, jesus, I could have been under that!! Just thought it would be a quick way of getting the car up in the air then put the axle stands under it, deffo wouldnt trust an airbag to hold the car while i work on it bud
  15. Dave

    Emily, my 1997 turbo NAFL MX-5

    Haha, same cars as me! Loving both mate, and love the mods on the mx5! cracking little cars the mk1 eh! Here's my two... DD my main car (was previously leading a nice retired life as a show car until I decided to put her back on the road full time) And my mk1 mx5, bought as a project as Ive always wanted one. Might be starting a new site for mk1 mx5's so will let you know mate
  16. Hi guys, just a quick post to say we've been tidying up the forum a little so you may notice a couple of changes or three. We have removed the traders section as they were basically like a ghost town and there had been issues with one or two of them so have removed them for now. Their actual trader forums are still there, but are hidden from view for the time being. None were offering any discounts to our members or special deals so didn't see the point in them getting free advertising. We've added a new sectio to the Commerce bit (for sale and wanted) which is for any civic M cars or parts you see for sale on other sites that you think our members might be interested in. it could be your own parts or car listing on ebay or one you've found. We've also added a few forum category images that were missing so it looks a bit better. we've moved a lot of the info that was down the bottom of the forum to the side bar now, leaving the bottom of the forum free for our new latest topics feed so you can see at an instant any new topics that have been started. For the Civic5 Team, I've removed some of our sub forums from the team room as they were basically just there for legacy. The Team Room itself has been moved into the latest news section as it made more sense for it to be there rather than taking up space in its own section. Just wee changes but hopefully they'll make a difference to using the forum. I'm looking into the possibility of the home page being more like a blog page, kinda more like FB layout. Not sure how that will look, if its pants it won't be implimented! Would like to hear any suggestions members have on ways they think would make civic5 better, so just post in here and let us hear what you think. Dave
  17. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Took me ages to find the early type VTiS alloy gearknob same as yours mate......and that was about 7 years ago! Well done on finding one now, cracking bit of kit that. I was sure I had one somewhere in the garage (had both the early one and the later one) but christ knows where it is now since we moved home lol
  18. Dave

    Cup Holders

    That is genius! The centre cupholders are useless, but what you've done is how they should have come from the factory! Nice work mate, look like brand new panels and the cup holder looks perfect. Might even do this with DD!
  19. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Sad times man. Think Gayle would blow a gasket if i even hinted at buying Ruby back, with me having DD and the MX5 (both got stuff needing done and i haven't got my new garage yet so cant get naff all done!). He should fix her up though, cracking car and decent mb6's are getting hard to find now. If I had the money and time i'd have her back again, love that old girl!
  20. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    I think they should fit mate, guess it's trial and error now with our civic M's as more and more parts are becoming discontinued (not that we ever had a huge list in the first place, but things like these were usually easy to get)
  21. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Awww man, poor Ruby. Surprised her sills need done, know there was a wee blister on rear of osr arch when I sold her to John but was only just starting. How bad is she?
  22. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    hmm, I would imagine so but not one I've had to source before. The DC2's were based on the civic chassis (although probably more EG/EK than MB) essentially so I'd assume the bolts were the same?
  23. Dave

    16 speedline chronos

    The 16's are pretty rare mate. Chap on here (Mike i think) had them on his sicillian red mb6 and they looked so sweet, was what made me decide to get the Chronos for Ruby (mine were only 15's though, couldn't find a set of 16's anywhere back then). Hope you find a set as they are a truely superb wheel, both looks wise, quality and weight. I'll keep my eyes open in my searches for you bud
  24. Dave

    Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    That's a pitty mate as Koni stuff is always 1st rate. Still, looking at that mint bay and all the newly refurbished suspension makes me envious! Looks sooooo good! Any idea on the time frame for Tubs2 hitting the road?