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  1. Ahh, damned rust! Did you manage to get the paintwork on the roof sorted after the bike rack incident? Surprised the arches have started to rust though. Is a lovely looking car and stunning cars inside these!
  2. jeese, how much are the injectors mate? Do you need to buy a complete rail?
  3. And the drama continues with Poppy! Only two weeks after getting her new O/S top strut mount replaced, the brand new one went last night with a catastrophic failure! Luckily it was as we just pulled out of our drive, so just drove her straight back in. Her a loud noise then the steering was making noises when turning it left/right. Absolutely raging and will be calling the garage that did the work tomorrow morning. Could have been a lot worse if it had happened when we were touring the lake district a week ago, hate to think what would have happened had it gone on the narrow twisty roads. Nowhere to really pull over there safely too, most corners are blind bends. Even worse, Gayle and I had our granddaughter out in the car the 1st week after it was fixed. My question is, does anyone know if it is safe to drive it the 7 or 8 miles to the garage? I have no idea myself so looking for advice. Pics below show the extent of failure, and last 2 pics are of the pass side one for comparison to how it should look. last 2 below are of the pass side for comparison
  4. lol just noticed in your profile you're in Cumbria mate! Wish i'd knew, could have popped over to see your civic! We tried to cram in as much as we could so visited quite a few towns and villages. Off the top of my head.......Windermere, Bowness- on-Windermere, Keswick, Ambleside, Lakeland, Grassmere, Hawkshead to name a few! Yeah, she was ace, and Gayle and me have decided we need to visit the lakes for a wee break at least once a year. Absolutely love it and we're so chilled out there!
  5. Well, first long trip in Poppy and 1st since the strut top mount was replaced and oil pressure switch and service done. Took her on a weeks Holiday to the Lake District, and she drove absolutely perfect the whole trip. Top down everywhere we went as the weather was perfect. Oh, and with a mix of gentel driving/cruising and a bit of "Hooning it" she returned 406 miles to the tank of fuel for the trip. Well impressed with our wee poppy and fabulous holiday in what must be one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Oh, and Gayle and me both agree, compared to the mk1 MX5 we had Poppy is sooooooo comfy on long trips! A few pics from the trip
  6. So back from the garage (that was a drama in itself as they tried to over charge for work and did work we didnt ask them to do (replaced a front wheel bearing!) and still hadn't replaced the top mount that I had her booked in to get done! Idiots, have now stopped using them as had hassle getting the bill sorted and decided to take the car somewhere else to get the top mount done. The boss of the garage was ok in the end, but the mechanic that did the work was shitty about it so didn't trust him to do anything else on the car. Finally got it sorted at a local ATS garage in town.
  7. So, the drama's continue! Well she is a MINI after all so bound to be something needing fixed lol Had her on a run the other day up to Scott's View which is just outside of St Boswells. She'd drove perfect all day (and returning incredible mpg!), but when we arrived at the view the oil light came on when she was idling. Went off with even the slightest touch on the accelerator. Knew Oil level was fine as had checked the day previous. Drove home gently but then another fault appeared about a mile from home! Coming down the wee back road to the village, there's a pothole that's been filled in but has left it like a bump now. It's not much but you do feel it when driving over it. Drove over it and heard this horrible noise from the front drivers side. Can only describe it as sounding like the car grounded on the road! Thought shit that aint good!. Popped the bonnet when we got home and yup, front offside strut top mount has gone! FFS! The MINIs have a big rubber bush at top of strut that has a bearing in it. Rubber has completely split (common fault) so she's now off the road again! Now booked into the garage to have it replaced and to get the oil pressure switch replaced too (turns out the oil light means no oil pressure!). Also getting her serviced at same time as it's due. Gonna be a costly month again!
  8. Dave

    Brakes bleeding

    You could try one of those one man bleed kits? They tend to be quite good although not used one myself.
  9. yeah was kinda hesitant as no way of knowing how bad a company are gonna be when online. Just look at the months of hassle I had over the Mini's exhaust! lol Hoping I'm not gonna need to buy any more parts for DD as money is so tight at the moment. Will be a big achievement just getting her back on the road. Bloody insurance is due in October too i think.
  10. Dave

    Brakes bleeding

    Know these civics are hell to bleed mate, I struggled bleeding Ruby. Not sure if there's something else you need to do after replacing/rebuilding the master cylinder? Know that Ruby's new owner fitted uprated brakes to her (twin pot calipers etc I think and upgraded master iirc) and hasn't been able to get the brakes working since. Can't get them to bleed. Cars now been sitting for over 2 years as he's lost interest I think.
  11. Yeah, deffo driveability over having max power for a short time than bang lol. See, If I had my engine in bits like that on a bench, I'd be looking at all the bits with my fist in my mouth going (mumbled obviously!) "shit, what have I done!! Hope I can mind where all these bits go!!" LOL Mighty impressive skills you've got their man, and makes this such a cracking thread to follow.
  12. Got it from https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/oem/57470st3800 They seem pretty good parts wise, although not sure why so many to choose from and diff prices lol. To think, we used to only be able to by one type, for one rip off price from Honda! Now we have all these to choose from lol. Only thing I will say is their delivery times are pants. that's about a week and a half for it to come.
  13. Sooooo, with DD off the road now for the past couple of months (MOT ran out and abs light has been on for a while) decided to get working on her. Used the Civic5 ABS guide and found it was throwing code 15 which is RR sensor. Funnily enough, this is the one I suspected as I had her at the garage a while back to get new rear discs/pads fitted that I'd bought. I couldn't get the caliper bracket bolts out on that side when I was fitting them myself so had to get garage to do it. When we got her back, all was fine until a week later the ABS light of doom came on, so guessing they had either disturbed something/poss damaged it while getting the bolts out. Anyhoo, moving forward I got the old one off (she fought me every step of the way! Most bolts holding the sensor cables in place either rounded off or sheared (or both!). Once off, tested it with my multimeter which showed zero resistance so indeed gubbed. ordered a new one, and got it fitted in place (Cable tied at one bit due to still needing to sort out the sheared bolts). Fired her up, bloody abs light still on! Did the whole code thing again, and now showing codes 15 and also 17 now which is RR sensor and LR sensor. Thought what the?? Tested both sensors in situ, both gave correct ohms readings. Looked at the fault codes again and it also states it could also be short/no power to sensors. Unplugged em at rear, checked with meter and 4.5 volts there. Not sure what it's meant to be, still trying to find that out. But least I know some kind of power getting there. Plugged it all back in then went and pulled the fuse for the ecu to make sure the memory is cleared. Ignition on, abs light went off!! Started her up, it stayed off for about a minute then came back on again!! Still same two codes. Decided to pull the ecu fuse again and leave it out for 10 mins. Fuse back in, ABS light now going off as normal and staying off. Not sure if it's fixed or not as need to get her back onto her wheels and test drive. If ok, think it may have been a dodgy connection for the second fault. No light on now so that'll do for me! Only pic I have is of comparing the old/new ABS sensor. Cost £44 delivered so well happy (even if it did take a week and a half to come). Big diff to the last one replaced (think it was £200 from Honda!) Old one And the old/new comparison
  14. Dave

    ABS sensor bolts

    Does anyone know what size (MM), what size length and what thread the wee bolts are that hold the rear ABS sensor inplace at the rear of the brake disc and along the length of the cable? Every single bolt on mine is gubbed so don't want to reuse them.
  15. Deffo do this mate! There are hardly any resto's/how to guide videos on Youtube for these Civic's so if you can try and log your progress/how you do it on video/pics. I'm in the middle of replacing the rear ABS sensor on DD, and she's needing a hella good rub down, then rust treatment before getting her undersealed. Suspension arms etc all rusty so really looks crap! They're still solid, but need to get it done otherwise they will eventually rot. Seeing first signs of surface rust on the floor at the rear too (not bad for her age!) so going to get that all wire brushed down with the grinder before treating and then sealing it. It's a thankless task, and not one I'm sure I've got in me but I'll either need to do it or ship it out to be done. Looking forward to following your progress on this mate!
  16. It could very well be due to the heat mate. Know at the moment when we have the occasional really hot day (yes, has been happening in Scotland believe it or not! lol) our wee MINI Cooper S convertible has started doing an odd thing. The doors open and close without any noise under normal temps, but when its really hot the hinges ect are creaking and cracking like crazy. I've got them all greased, but just seems to be with the metal expanding with the the heat it's causing them to creak. So could be there's maybe something in that that's causing the issue with your abs.
  17. Glad to hear the weldings getting done mat, that'll be a big part of the resto done with that out of the way. If you have her ready for 2nd October (or even just on the road by then) should bring her to the civic5 st mary's loch meet, be a good run for her and nice to see you there if poss.
  18. It's hard to say mate as any fault with the ABS should throw a code so the fact there is not code is strange. How long was the car standing for before you did the test for abs code? It may be worth driving it till the light comes on then stop and do the test there and then. Does the parking brake light come on when the abs light is on every time?
  19. That TKY performance has broke some bloody mint condition Civic M's, really Pee's me off. Why break cars with perfect shells, there's plenty of ones where the shells are shot but panels/engine etc are fine. Got a feeling that at some point it's only going to be D series Civic M's that are left as they tend to not want them from breaking as there's no B series engine to be had. Sad you decided to sell her Andrew, cracking Aerodeck that.
  20. Fair play to the Seat, she did you proud! Love the Jazz, had a slightly older model as a courtesy car when Roxy was in at Honda to get the gearbox done. Was an awesome wee car! Yours looks tidy and loving the interior, dash reminds me of the FN1/FN2. So big Civic5 welcome to Jessie!
  21. Loving your work so far mate, transformed what was a clean wee civic into a sweet looking Civic. Tidy!
  22. Did the exhaust hanger etc line up at the rear ok? Thats a bonus if all you need to do is add length to the tailpipe! Love Powerflow systems, thats what we've got on DD. Very quiet/subtle on tickover and driving normally, but give her beans and she has a nice deep tone. Looks nice on the fans, I'd keep em although it depends on what alloys you were thinking of buying.
  23. Mega worrying mate. Recently, due to being absolutely skint with the cost of oil for our oil fired heating and the leccy bill trebling in price, I've had to run DD on E10 as well as Poppy. If there does end up being a trend of injectors failing due to E10, then the drivers of this country need to make a stand against the oil companies and also our poxy gov. if the e10 is destroying injectors, then the fuel companies can be sued for selling a product which is not fit for purpose.
  24. nah.......................that means yours is worth 24K! lol
  25. That looks decent, nice finish on them. Yeah have to agree, back to black leaves them looking like they've had oil sprayed on them!
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