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  1. Gayle suggested hanging cd's on the hedge next to car.......etc voila, wee birds doesn't go hear the car now. They still poop on them when flying tho! Lol
  2. Cheers man! Yeah, the Nisan dealership in the town along the road from here are ace, have a really really good rep. Feel we can actually trust them, although still early doors yet i guess. But deffo been great with what they've done, and price wise for a dealership they're not too bad. The wrangle with ATS we didn't go any further (except some really nasty reviews left on all the review sites 😉 )as it was going to cost us even more money for a lawyer/start a case against them and they've already cost us enough as it is. Plus my mental health aint in a good place at the moment with stress/depression so didn't need the extra stress going to court would bring. However, have been slating them to everyone we know (and even foilk we don't know!) because one thing we've learned living in a wee village the Scottish borders is that word of mouth (aka jungle drums) spreads like wild fire here! So hoping to save other folk the same hassle and hopefully loose them a lot of business. Any luck, ATS will pull out of Gala. Oh, one wee update on Poppy........the chrome mirrors are gone! I decided I preferred the oem piano black ones so have swapped them about. It was also to get rid of this annoying little blue tit bird that kept landing on the car all day everyday because it's facinated by it's own reflection! It was funny to begin with, but after washing the car, the door was covered in bird shit within 20 mins! And that was a constant......go out and hose it off....20 mins later, covered again! Wee dafty! lol
  3. That's amazing that you're learning toweld mate, something I've a,ways wanted to do. My dad was a professional welder for 40 yrs and was always going to teach me once he retired. Sadly passed away before he could teach me. I tried it at high school (this is going back to about 1984 so think before mig and tig really became the norm) and I was totally pants at it! I was shit scared every time it struck an arc! lol Handed the rod to the teacher and said F*&ck that, you do it! lol😄 I will learn one day though as it's deffo something I still want to master. Post up pics of your box you made too mate, nice to see how you're starting out and then what it's like when you've gotten the hang of it. Will help me see where I'm going wrong too when I start lol
  4. Deffo caught that just in time and luckily looks like it hasn't spread under the screen. Love seeing these civics getting restored now, not something we ever thought we'd see when we started civic5 back in 2009. Back then the civic eg/eks were already being restored whereas most of that honda scene were buying our civic m's just to Rob them of the engines to put in said eg/ek's. So hats off to you and also our other members who are restoring their civics. Values are eventually only going to go one way with these civics.
  5. Toyota Crown is an amazing car, loaded with kit and the ultimate cruise mobile. Can look so sweet modded too.
  6. Deffo doesn't look like there's enough clearance to get that out. @KiNK43 You did the ones on your mb6, did they have similar clearance mate? Not a job I've done myself so not sure.
  7. Not done these myself as usually get a garage to do them for me using a press. Think you're right though, looking at the pics deffo can't see how it's going to clear it enough to get it out. @KiNK43 might know as he replaced all the suspension on his turbo's VTiS?
  8. Not updated for a while. Poppy been doing daily duties well, not had any issues so well happy. MOT was going to run out while Gayles away on holiday in May so decided to put her in early so I don't end up with no car! lol Knew there was a wheel bearing on it's way out as could hear the droaning noise. Jacked her up and checked all 4 wheels.......front pass side had slight play, all the rest were fine. Thought I'd put her in anyways, see if she passed with the wheel bearing then I could just change it once i got paid. Well, that didn't go to plan! She passe the 1st mot we put her through a year ago fine. This year she failed on: N/S/F wheel bearing (which we expected anyways but chanced our mit) Front left to right brake pipe corroded to excess Front to rear Brake pipe corroded to excess and weeping. I too was weeping when i saw the bill! lol😆 To be fair, they were still the oem pipes so no shame to it really, and deffo not nthe worst MOT I've ever had. Quite pleased as everything else was fine and I hadn't seen the pipe weeping so glad they spotted that and fixed it. Got the garage to just do all the work as I don't have it in me at the moment, so was £350 plus the mot fee. And they got it all done that day for me (even staying past their closing time to complete it for me) so very happy. What a difference driving her now without that awful wheel bearing noise!! Poppy now back to daily duties and driving ace! Next job to do is on the interior as quite a few creaks/rattles/squeaks for the dash plastics now so going to remove all the trims and line the back of them with felt which will get rid of any unwanted noises. Got the big pack of felt (self adhesive so will make it easier to fit) here ready for the job. Just need to get my head in a better place so I can start it!
  9. So, got her back up on axle stands again getting her prepped for mot. Think I may have sorted the ABS fault! 😀 Unplugged the sensors at the rear, squirted some switch cleaner into both plugs and female ends of the wiring harness they plug into then gave them a good clean out. Plugged them back in, pulled the fuse for the ECU to clear the memory and fired her up. Light goes off as normal. Have stopped/started the engine a few times now and light always goes off, but havent driven her yet so fingers crossed the light stays off! When I was removing the old sensor, every single bolt that holds them on sheared off, so going to drill out the bolts, then use self tapping screws to replace the bolts so I can get the abs sensor cables all secured like they should be. Once that's done, I need to get the rear underside prepped with the drill/wire brush to clean it all up and then treat it with some rust treatment. It's just surface rust but I want it gone! Going to do the rear floor, up inside the rear arches, the rear suspension arms etc. The suspension arms once treated will be primed with red oxide, then sprayed satin black. The floor too will get a healthy coat of red oxide then fresh underseal. I did the front of the car all the way to where the front edge of the rear arch starts ages ago, so just this rear to do. Once that's done, might paint the brake calipers to freshen them up, get her bodywork mopped and polished then take her for a test drive. If light stays off, will get her in for her MOT.
  10. Scuttle panel seems to be where a lot of these are sucumbing to the dreaded rust. The replacement panels look like new after getting them stripped eh! Massive improvement!
  11. Looking good mate and these Civics suit the MG Hairpins so well. Popular wheel, not just for civics/rovers either. I'm contemplating getting a set for my Poppy my 1st gen Mini cooper S convertible. Nice list of work being done, you'll notice such a difference with all the bushes replaced. I need to get the trailing arm bushes done on DD my aerodeck as well, they've had advisory in the past but look absolutely shot! lol BAP looks mega clean mate, really straight and nice panel gaps, deffo one that's been looked after by the look of it. Perfect base to either resto or mod (or both!). Our first ever Civic was a MB2 1.4 s, my 1st wife got it brand new. Was an ace wee car and what got us hooked on these Civic M's. Love them!
  12. Dave


    I've deffo heard of Bigg Red, think they also sell the refurb kits. I'm almost 90% (yeah, I'm old so can't remember stuff nowadays lol) I bought either refurbed calipers or a kit from them in the past. Think it was rear calipers for either DD or Ruby.
  13. Oh, and as above, what's next!?? Dying to know! Whatever you decide to get, please do a build thread on here! I need my fix!
  14. Totally agree, should feel really proud mate. So sad to see her sold but do get it. You'd taken her as far as you can power wise (more than once lol) and have owned her a long time so natural that you need something different. Really really hope we see her back in the club though, my favourite vtis ever that! Is the new owner joining you think?
  15. Thanks for the info bud, always help memebrs in the future too if we have info/readings like this available in the forum. So looking at the readings against the new one, deffo looks like the primary coil has gone.
  16. You gonna redo the yellow on the lips etc? Looked good with it.
  17. Looks Tidy that, nice job on the rear lip too.
  18. Nice! That's the larger fogs, quite rare and really popular. You got a bargain! Think they are made from different materials compared to the standard civic mb fogs which are small projectors.
  19. Are they oem fogs? If so be gentle with them, they can be fragile as hell. They're made from white metal I think which just corrodes like nothing.
  20. Yeah the ignition stuff can be a minefield. The comments on that video are quite useful too if you have a read through. Bit about the primary reading "1" is explained a bit too. Not entirely convinced your coil is bad though (know that doesn't help!) even though primary is reading a bit high, is there any way you could maybe pick up one cheap at the breakers just to try it on yours?
  21. Update: Ok, from searching, it sounds like the primary should be reading no more than .8 and the secondary should be between 16 and 20. Got a video here >> That's for a Honda Civic coil 92 to 2000 so should cover ours. There may be two different types though as comments show this: according to Haynes manual, if you have a 1996-2000 Civic with a Hitchachi distributor: primary resistance is 0.45-0.55 and secondary resistance is 22.4-33.6k-ohms
  22. Not a question we've had before I don't think mate. Wondering if the good ole Hayne's book of bollocks might have the answer? I've got one in the garage, will try and find it tomorrow and have a look for you. If no spark most likely is the coil pack, although not a common fault on these. Are you seeing any EML by any chance? If so might be the ignitor in the dizzy that's faulty (happens on the B18 and almost sure the D series have the ignitor as well).
  23. Just a couple of things to do then! lol😆 That sounds like a good bit of work planned, should be nice when done. Yeah the window switches are a bit different for some reason, not sure why. The twin fog light switch I think I still have in stock from when we had the Civic5 parts shop. Will need to check as not sure where all the stuff is since we moved house, it's in the garage somewhere! lol You'd need to get the plug/wiring harness for it though as it's different to the non-fog cars. Came a as a kit from Honda to the dealership, with a small wiring harness for in the dash that replaced the one you have. The one in the dash goes from the switch to the fuse box, and there's also a relay. Then there's a plug on the drivers side inner wing for the harness from the fogs to plug into.
  24. Here's mine on 16 inch Cades alloys mate. The first 2 photos are when she was lowered (and the wheels had polished rims) and the other 2 photos are back on standard suspension (same wheels but refurbed in silver, no polished lip)
  25. Looking good bud, you should be able to pick up a black carpet either new or 2nd hand from either another Civic Mb or a Rover MGZS/45/400.Might save you time and work rather than trying to dye the carpet.
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