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  1. Nice mate! Glad you got it sorted out and good to know you have a map there in case any members are needing one/info.
  2. Dave


    Out and about in DD yesterday, and who should we spot coming the other way on the A68 but Cammy in his silver deck! Decks looking sweet mate!😀
  3. Right, to hell with YouTube. Uploaded directly to civic5! Couple of photos too. 20240502_165628.mp4
  4. Should be viewable now although YouTube won't let me embed it on the site for some reason. Probs need YouTube premium for that now...another money making con lol
  5. Shite! Wtf is YouTube playing at with my videos! It was set to public and also allow embedding but it doesn't allow that either when viewing the video? I'll see if I can fix it.
  6. Nice, wish more places up here too that approach. Might see if there's any interest in pubs near here for a classic/retro/modded car meet! Know a place where it would be ideal!
  7. Dave

    '99 MB2

    Man she is looking spot on mate! Sitting really nice on those wheels too. Stunning!
  8. lol yeah, deffo keeping the eyes on the road! Finally got it fitted properly and got the trim piece made for it and fitted so looks pukka now. Will post another photo/pic of it when I get a chance. Went for a day our with my mate who does volunteering at a steam locomotive museum in Bo'ness (he's big into his trains). He's been learning all the skills for restoring them so had me round the various workshops showing me how the trains work/how they restore them. Was fascinating stuff, everything is on such a huge scale copared to when I used to restore old Ford Cortinas. Highlights were we both got tasked with giving one of the engines aa clean.......Thomas the tank engine!! lmao But biggest highlight was he arranged with one of the drivers to give us a we run through the station, up front in the cabin! Was totally amazing experience, and a box most definitley ticked! We went up in DD (who's now rocking her posh wheels again!) and been the longest trip by far she's had in years. Drove spot on all the way! Got a nice wee video of her beside the tracks as the train came past driven by Taylor who gave us a toot toot as they went by lol. I'll upload the photos later but here's the video for now. https://youtu.be/WGjsVH0bU5k
  9. Most of the shows up here are all pay to get in! Theres a crcker coming up in June about 10 mins up the road from us at Thirlstane castle in Lauder. They're also doing a bit at the show to celebrate 60yrs of the Ford Mustang so Gayle and me will be in our eliment! Always wanted a Mustang and it's Gayle's fav car.
  10. Been out and about in DD today, wanted to see how the DAb performed as we can't get a radio signal (not even FM!)in our wee village as we're down in a valley. Got into town and DAB working nice! Sation logos and info all displaying nice. God I've missed driving this car!!!! Dave is in a happy place (as is DD!)
  11. Decided to get the ball rolling on my ideas for a touch screen in DD as it's something I'd tried previously but abandoned. This time the plan was to get a single din with a motorized flip out touch screen, but which one?? Had looked at Pioneer as always been a fan of their stuff (that's the current head unit she hs, although not a touch screen or anything), but remembered that I'd paid a fortune for the double din pioneer I had in the TypeS/TypeR and wasn't that impressed with it. Screen contrast etc was crap in sunlight, and text on screen was really small. Plus it wasn't android OS, and it cost a fortune. Looked at single DIN Pioneers with the flip out screen but all had the same downsides as above. Looked at the cheap Chinese single din androids but very mixed reviews on them. So did research and knew that whatever one I got it needed to have a min of 4gb ram and a decent processor, otherwise I'd be pee'd off in now time with it being slow/pain in the ass to use! Bit the bullet and went for a more expensive Ersin Android single din unit with a 7inch motorized screen. Was dubious about whether it would be any good, but it has the min 4gb ram and an 8 core processor, along with 64gb ROM. Got it all wired in and have to say, it's freaking awesome! Screen touch is really nice, and it works fast as hell, really responsive. Spec is good too.... RDS FM radio (so displays the station name etc), DAB+ Radio (I had a plug in DAB+ adapter already so was able to use it with this one), Android Auto and Apple Car play (both wireless, unlike the cheapy units where it's wired), 3 USB ports, built in navigaton (can also use Google maps, Waze etc), and tons of other stuff like Youtube etc. Also has built in wifi and a sim card slot on the rear should I want to add a wifi network to the car (but I use my smartphone as a hotspot as I have unlimited data on that). Still finding my way around it but will upload the quick video I took while car was still in bits to fit it lol. Only issue I've had is actually fixing it into the dash. Honda really made things awkward with our Civics! Can't fit a double din, can't fit a single din with flip out screen either without some fettling. Because our radio slot is recessed, the radio needs to sit further out so the screen clears the stupid trim around the centre console. Going to fit a spacer to the roiginal slot in the dash, then refit the cage so it clips into that new spacer. Got a trim piece coming that can be trimmed to size so that will go around the radio so it looks flush with the front of the console (kinda!). Oh, and you can infinitley adjust the colour of the buttons, so have got an exact match for the rest of DD's dash lights! Looks like it could have come from the factory like that as the chrome on the radio also ties in with the chrome I fitted to the centre console! Anyhoo, enough waffling, here's the videos: 20240416_125202.mp4
  12. @dr_broon I made a wee change in the admin panel while I was in dealing with a support ticket.Think I had it disabled originally as some members had really big sigs/lots of stuff in them. can disable it again if needs be?
  13. Loving it....like the old saying "A picture tells a thousand words, but a video tells a story" . Amazing video mate, even more amazing cars than I thought!
  14. What a cracking meet! Some stunning cars here and big variety too. Loved the deck ghat was there!😉
  15. Yours have always been ones that are constantly evolving, love seeing how different they are and the latest style and mods. Keeps it fresh!
  16. Lol yeah, front has to come off for most jobs! It's a tight fit in the engine bay, so simplest jobs involve a strip down of something or other!
  17. Lol deffo! Saved my bacon that time that's for sure! Had DD for her longest drive in a year and a half today, wee trip to the East Coast where we used to live. Have to say loving how she's driving, so smooth and perfect. Enjoying life in the deck again.🥰
  18. Pretty sure the mb6 harness is different bud.
  19. Have you tried cleaning out the vtec solenoid? Sometimes helps. Does it do it both when the engines cold or hot? Another thing to check is fuel filter, most have probably never been changed so could be well past its best.
  20. Is it an after market ecu (hondata etc)? Didn't think these were mappable?
  21. Same mate! I still miss my wee blue MA8 (aka wee Blue Betty), was an awesome wee car that. Never broke down once in all the years we had her, and sailed through her mot the day I sold her. Not even an advisory! Almost certain the young guy that bought her wrote her off as that was the last mot she ever had. He was a new driver, had never driven an auto before (test drive was brutal, kept trying to drive her with both feet! Had to tell him off!). Never even saw her again after he bought her
  22. Yeah, had a look at videos on it and massive job, beyond me without a proper ramp. Gutted as Poppy was driving so well too, but knew this was looming so no big surprise when it finally failed. DD is loving life back on the road though, glad she came to the rescue! Hate not having a car!
  23. Yay! Thanks to Civic5 SRS reset guide, all fixed! Happy days! Job for tomorrow is having a look at the noisy as hell rear wiper!
  24. Yeah, nice to be able to drive her again mate, missed her so much! Been out today to do a wee job that's been bugging me for years! I got the ITR DC2 steering wheel retrimmed to match the rest of the interior years ago, and when I fitted it I must of not lined the self cancelling pins for the indicators correctly. Meant turning left, indicator wouldn't self cancel, turning right it was constantly cancelling. So, been out to the garage and got the wheel off. Sure enough, pins weren't even close to lined up! Doh! Changed the black dash surround that goes around the instrument cluster as I'd drilled a wee hole in the original one to fit a phone holder that I no longer have. Thought might aswell get a replacement (thank you Marcus!) while I still can. Git it all back together, indicators cancel like they should and no more wee hole in the dash to bug my OCD! Unfortunately, the bloody SRS light is on now! Not sure why, had battery disconnected etc and all the plugs are back in? Gonna search the forum, sure we've got a guide to reset it. Have disconnected the battery and pulled the fuses for srs and the ecu, hoping that might sort it.
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