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  1. Dave

    ABS not working, no ABS light on

    TBH mate, mine on Ruby was the same. If it was a really icy bit of road, even doing 10mph the abs would go like crazy but the car would still be going forwards. ABS is crap on icy or really slippy roads.
  2. Dave

    HELP - Buy a Civic M

    Hi Tiago. 1st thing to see is our buyers guide >>>> https://civic5.com/forum/main-pages/honda-civic-buyers-guide/ Next, have a good look thought he forum as most things from faults to modifications and whats parts are interchangeable are all in the forum mate. MB3 is the 1.5cc D series (with VTEC-E) These are really great all round cars, still quite nippy speed wise, but give incredible fuel ecconomy . Quite a few MB3's in the club.
  3. Here we go again, time to put forward your entries for this months competition. Remember folks, it can be another members civic or even your own! Lets see what civic M you think should win!
  4. Dave

    CAR OF THE MONTH - March 2020

    Any more entries for this? We also need the links to the two civics above so we can see the project/car topic.
  5. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Jeese, that's a big empty space with it all removed eh!
  6. Dave

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    Not been up to much being on lockdown cos of this stupid covid19 nonsense. Did however decide I hated those black centre caps on DD's wheels so managed to track down a set of oem ones and fitted them today. Looks way better I think
  7. Dave

    Adrian Flux - Current Situation

    Nice one Dan, very trying times indeed.
  8. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    It's never ending Jake, and always one bloody bolt to halt proceedings, but supose if all the jobs went smoothly it would soon get boring. The satisfaction you get when you finally get the offending bolt out and everything's back together is amazing.
  9. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Wow!! That looks bloody amazing mate! That's giving me the incentive to get stuck into DD and get hers all removed/new bushes/painted. The difference that's made is immense bud, really does look superb. Only problem I have is garage doesnt have room to work in just now, tools are all packed away in boxes, nowhere to get new bushes or paint cos it's all shut! Damn it!! lol
  10. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    God I love this car!!!!! Another superb (and still subtle) mod. Nice mate!
  11. Dave

    My new german

    Jeese, was booked in for painting this week! That's quick! Yeah, totally sux this whole bloody virus thing, f'cking up so many things. The wrapping looked really good in the photos mate
  12. Dave

    MeisterR coilovers

    Testing the water! I'm going to be putting DD's OEM suspension back on soon so wondering if anyones interested in a set of MeisterR Zeta S (think they're S, will need to check) for the civic mb/mc. They haven't done many miles tbh as DD spent most of the time just doing meets/shows but is now in daily use hence reverting back to oem. Will get pictures once i get them off the car. Still have the original box they came in and the C spanners for adjusting them. Looking for £350 (these were over £600 new and that was at a sale/group buy price) Let me know if you're interested folks
  13. Dave

    parts clear out

    Hi Aky, I've removed your mobile number mate to stop you getting unwanted calls etc and for security reasons. Safest way to contact is to use our Personla Message (PM) system which is totally private. If you click on the users name, you will see an option to send a message to them. Any problems please let me or one of the team know and we can help you out. Dave
  14. Dave

    Lock down

    Been hell adjusting tbh. Gayle and me have both had it (or at least a doctor told Gayle over the phone she has it without seeing her/testing her) so we're self quarantine until a week on Monday. I've had similar symptoms to Gayle, so assuming I've probs got it (or whatever Gayle has got!). I work in IT as a helpdesk technician, but our whole helpdesk are now working from home with council devices, which is limiting what we can do. I thought I'd love working from home, but tbh, a week in and I'm already disliking it big time! It's the way some others are reacting that is pissing me off though, I mean the mere mention of any kind of epidemic and folk go mad and empty supermarket shelves. I mean seriously, wtf is it all about when folk come out of our local Aldi with trolleys stacked high with every kind of bloody loo roll you can think of. Bloody muppets. Now there's none in any shops, along with the antibacterial hand gel. Folk are just so bloody single minded and selfish! Anyhoo, feeling a lot better than we did last week, just hope everyones ok on here too. Stay safe folks!
  15. HONDA CIVIC 'M' SERIES COMPATIBILITY DATABASE Civic5 accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions from this database and all that STEERING AND SUSPENSION COMPONENTS *Wheel and tyre info....Stock ET is 45 for all M's (widest recommended rim with this et is 6.5" at r15? ). DC2 alloys need spacers to fit over 282 calipers *Springs and shock absorbers....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs. DC2 coilovers will need the Integra LCA. Matched springs and shocks are specific to the weight of the model so Aerodeck are different as are other civics or Integras. *Front upper wishbone....Same as dc2/eg/400/45/zs. EK is different the bushes are pressed into the arm. *Front lower wishbone....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs *Front hub carrier and balljoints....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs *Hubs....All M's use 4 x100 pcd hubs from contemporary civics except the MB6 which uses 4 x 114.3 (4.5") pcd hubs from the Integra and Prelude. *Front ARB....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs. To upgrade arb size you will need to change the body mounting bushes *Rear ARB....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs. To upgrade arb size you will need to change the body mounting bushes. *Front suspension bushings....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs *Track rod ends....Same as 45/400/zs *Steering rack...Same as 45/400 *PAS pump...Non Honda engined Rovers use flexible hosing (mounted on right of engine) *Rear trailing arm....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs. Drum versions can not be converted to disc. *Rear upper control arm....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs *Rear lower control arm....Same as dc2/eg/ej/400/45/zs. Some LCA's do not have a mounting for an ARB. *Rear toe adjuster....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs *Trailing arm (compliance) bush....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs *Rear suspension bushes....Same as dc2/eg/ek/ej/400/45/zs BODY PANELS AND LIGHTS *Front bumper....All different, to change MA to MB you also need to change bonnet (and front crossmember?) MB6 front lips will not fit the MA without modification. *Rear bumper....MB will fit MA *Sideskirts........MA/MB/45/400/ZS all fit the same mounting points. Vti-s and ZS180 having variations in style. *Front wings....All different *Bonnet....All different. *Bonnet catch and struts....MA/MB/45/400/ZS all same. Catch lever varies on MA. *Scuttle cover....MA/MB/45/400/ZS all same *Windscreen....MA/MB/45/400/ZS all same *Door glass.... MA/MB/45/400/ZS all same *Tailgate....MA/MB same apart from number plate surround. *Tailgate catch and struts....MA/MB/45/400/ZS all same, all standard struts will take the weight of the standard vti spoiler. *Doors.... MA/MB/45/400/ZS all same *Headlights.... MA/MB slightly different outer shape. There are no aftermarket headlights. *Taillights....MB fit MA, MB have clear indicators, MA amber. *Side repeaters.... MA/MB/45/400/ZS all same *Fog lights....MA and MB have slightly different surrounds? *Wing mirrors.... MA/MB/45/400/ZS all fit same, some electric, some manual *Sunroof.... MA/MB/45/400/ZS same. *Handles and other trim pieces.... MA/MB/45/400/ZS same apart from number plate surrounds/ rear light trims. INTERIOR *Front seats and rails....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same fitting. Other Honda seats will need modification to the rails. *Rear seats and rails....MA/MB same ZS will not fit. *Centre console....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same fitting. Some models have a centre arm rest that fits all M's *Dashboard....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same fitting. The MB6 vti-s has carbon dash inserts. *Steering wheel....MA/MB same MB6 has leather finish. Rover will fit but are trispoke so you will not be able to get rid of the Rover airbag and logo. (DC2 will fit with modification?) *Steering column....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same *Switches etc....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same *Instrument cluster....MA/MB/400/45 same. (ZS 180 and MB6 have different tacho's?) *Door cards....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same *Pillar trims....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same *Headlining....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same *Rear mirror....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same *Parcel shelf....MA/MB *Audio components....MA/MB/400/45/ZS same. The MB6 and some Rovers have better speakers and door tweeters that fit all M's. BRAKING COMPONENTS *Front discs....262 except MB6 which uses the 282 system. Some companies make 282 rotors to fit 4x 100 hubs (generally as an upgrade to EG civics) *Rear discs/drums *Front calipers....Single pot lucas 262 system. Same as 400/45/ZS/EG/EK. 282 for MB6. *Rear calipers....Same as 400/45/ZS/EG/EK/EJ. *Master cylinder....Same as 400/45/ZS/EG/EK/EJ.(?) Does the 'teg use this too? *Brake fluid.... *Brake hoses....Same as 400/45/ZS/EG/EK. Drum and disc versions are different. *Rear Disc backing plates part numbers. SMD000080  SMD000090 From RimmerBros (order for MGZS) Just checked still showing in stock around 25 each (as of 21/3/2020)  ECU AND ELECTRICAL OBD Loom/ aftermarket wiring Lamda IACV FIT VTEC controlers Fuses and resistors Battery Alternator D SERIES ENGINES- D14A2, D14A4, D14A3 (EDM), D14A8, D15Z1, D15Z8, D16B2, D16Y5. Engine mounts Sparkplugs Engine oil Oil filter Fuel filter Distributer HT leads Valves and valvetrain parts Cam Cambelt Cam gears Crank Pistons Con rods Intake Throttle body Intake manifold Radiator Fan Thermostat Coolant FI info B SERIES ENGINES- B18C4 Same sort of stuff TRANSMISSION COMPONENTS Shifter UJ Shift rod Extension rod Shift bushings Clutch Master cylinder Reservoir Release cylinder Gearbox Gearbox oil Driveshafts EXHAUST COMPONENTS Manifold....B and D series engines use a slightly different manifold Cat section....UKDM cat (different length from the JDM cat) Mid section....MA/MB all same (?) do rover fit? Backbox....MA/MB all same except Aerodeck which has a longer tail (?) There's probably a lot I've missed off, might be best to improve it as we fill out the list? We probably ought to have glossary for terms (stuff like DC2, EG, ITR, IM, PCD) to make it accessible for noobs and non Honda geeks
  16. Dave

    Rear disc shields ?

    That's awesome Kal! I'm gonna add this to the FAQ section
  17. Dave


    This looks straight from the Honda Civic brochure! Nice photo skills bud!
  18. Dave


    really cool photo mate
  19. Dave

    My new german

    Niiiice!! Looks a top job mate!
  20. Dave

    Genuine airbox panel air filter

    Not sure mate as Mine gets done by the garage who service her. I used to do servicing myself in between the garage services but she doesn't do enough miles now to warrant that. Like to keep the service book stamped for her history. I know K & N do replacements for the Civic M's and think they're usually decent
  21. Dave

    CAR OF THE MONTH - March 2020

    Nice civics there mate! The black Mb reminds me of a dark green one we used to have on here years ago, think it has the same alloys. Really suits those wheels! Are these civics in Civic5? Remember to post up a link to their project thread/topic