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    For the baggage compartment top cover, that translates to English as parcel shelf mate. A search on ebay or even in the forum should find you one hopefully. The 4-2-1 manifold should be easy enough to find as I think all the D14 engines are the same fitting (although hopefully another member can confirm this.) I think the only issue I've seen with the manifold is that sometimes the flange where it bolts to the exhaust/CAT needs to be cut off and turned round slightly. You might be lucky enough to find one that fits without any adjustment though. For the door handle fault, downloading our
  2. Spotted on eBay, really clean shell, mega low miles and some really nice mods. It's a 1.4 with an autobox which wont be to everyone's liking, but with the low miles (42K), full history and what looks to be rust free bodywork would make a great base for someone? Also, I'm positive this Mb is in the forum, recognize the reg! Its up for quite a high price for an mb2, but suppose the mileage/history and condition kinda back that up. Really sweet looking Civic! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Civic/393085012854?_trkparms=aid%3D1110010%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.DISCCARDS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3
  3. Dave


    Hi George and welcome to the club. I had a MA8 1.4 Civic as my first Civic M, so if you can let us know what info you need would be happy to help mate. Post some photos of your Civic too as we all love photos of the Civics here
  4. She's pretty decent mate, looks better in the pics that she really is but I plan on a full respray at some point so she will eventually look as clean as the pics lol Miss driving it though!
  5. Seeing as we can't go out cause of lockdown, and the weather is crap, thought I'd post a pic of Mindy from happier times! This has to be my new fav photo of Mindy! Taken on a photo shoot I did for another mk1 mx5 owner about a year and a half ago at the Forth Bridge just outside Edinburgh. Hope you like.
  6. It is isn't it. Absolutely love Only Fools, seen every episode including the specials about a hundred times each! Never get tired of it.
  7. Just found this, Scalextric race last year between Boycie & Del boy.......using Dels 3 wheeler and his famous "cap-ree Ghia".
  8. Golf GTi is a tidy car too mate, but have to say the MGZS 180 is an awesome looking car! That front end looks mean as hell, and coupled with the vented front wings and the big rear spoiler they are the sweetest looking MGZS model. An aerodeck with that front would be an amazing looking car that would deffo raise a few eyebrows! The bigger arches on them are part of the plastic bodykit aren't they? Wonder how the deck would look if fitting that front/kit to the aerodeck and aerodeck VTiS rear lip? Would look pretty trick I think? On the 2nd project (the red one) the shell looked pre
  9. @dr_broonThats the one! @JonesAh man, sad to see the 2nd one go away on the back of the truck like that mate. Loved watching the projects you did (especially the first one!) and the results you achieved. Both epic builds and both built to create something you yourself wanted. A lot of builds are done to what everyone expects, using a lot of "scene" brands etc. Yours was a true home build and all the better for it! Just read the whole thing again from start to finish! lol No idea why the members on the Rover forum frowned on it when everyone here was loving it. The cars are by and large the s
  10. Oh, and to add, I think If Rover had put it into production, there would have been a high demand for it sales wise!
  11. @dr_broon I remember that one, was a rover into a civic I think. Not sure what happened as he disappeared from the forum but think the conversion got completed. The "Roverdeck" myth has been well covered in the forum before so I won't go too far into it other than to confirm Rover Group never put a Rover Aerodeck/Tourer/estate into production. There are no Rover Aerodecks.........however........Honda did send two Aerodeck shells to Rover as RG were initially going to produce it along the same lines as they did with the 400, but decided against it on costs and the fact they didn't t
  12. Deffo doesn't do that in DD mate and didn't do it in Ruby. Thats a wiring fault somewhere for sure. Not even sure they're on the same circuit in the fusebox? Really surprised the skirts are short, that doesnt seem right either as I'm sure they fit right up to the end of the sill on the mgzs. Know the aerodeck is longer from the rear door back but always thought they were the same size as the hatchback from the front to the rear arch.
  13. Dave

    HKB Boss kit

    That is really weird mate! Think you might be right in that the steering column has maybe been changed at some point. Did the car have the standard MC2 steering wheel on it when you bought it?
  14. Dave


    Oh, also, whats that wee round button beside the door mirror adjust switch on the right side of the dash?
  15. Dave


    Some really nice additions there John. I'm the same with regards the steering wheel..........never bothered me when i was young but now I always seem to think more on the safety aspect rather than the look. When we first got Mindy our mk1 mx5, I was like "yeeeees! No airbag, can fit what I like to her!". but to be honest, I'm so wary driving her having no airbags at all (not even a passenger one). Think it was after owning the FN1 and FN2 civics (TypeS and TypeR) that made me realize just how much safer the newer cars are now. Both my MINI and the two FN Civics had drivers, passengers, rear p
  16. Just thought I'd bump this topic for any new members that may not have seen it. Very useful for ordering parts from Honda for your Civic.
  17. What is the your favourite mod that you've done to your Civic? Lets see your mods, post a photo of the mod too!
  18. So, thought I'd post a wee update on future plans for DD this year. Just bought a Road Angel Go Dashcam to replace the current rear view mirror one with built in cam that I fitted. The Mirror with dashcam is too big, so means you cant use the sun visors without the mirror getting knocked out of the way. Wanted the Road Angel as its really small and discreet. Also bought the hard wire kit for it so once the temp outside picks up, will be getting this fitted. Decided that this year, I'm going ahead with the project for doing the double din dash conversion so i can fit an android doub
  19. @Chris.mNiiiiice! Thats gonna be some build mate! Will be following this!
  20. Didnt even know you could get these!! You got me looking online and see: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141167243067
  21. Thats some transformation on your aerodeck mate @Blackwolf Looks sweet lowered and on those WORK alloys, and the headlights really change the look of the front on these. Do love dechromed headlights!
  22. Thats a cracking list Jamie! Busy year ahead for your mb2!
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