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  1. lol Fingers still crossed and jury still out on the ABS fault 😀 Abs sensor wires all tied up tidy and she's now off the axle stands and back on her feet! Was gonna test last night but battery is flat! Have had it on charge overnight so will test today!. Just gonna get her on the car ramps outside now and get the gunk out to clean her up underneath at the front/engine bay. Oh, and need to get a set of new front wipers as those are shot. But think that's her ready bar the obligatory wash and wax!
  2. Yup, deffo the sensor for the remote key fob.
  3. Wow! She looks mint mate! A friend of mine back in the mid 90's had one this colour same time I had my blue MA8. He'd put wolfrace wheels etc on it and looked stunning. Alway liked that colour of green on them, the later MB's had a different (bhakl green) green but I always prefered the early MA greens.
  4. Update time again! Ok, got the rust treatment all completed on the passenger side rear, all painted with red oxide then on with the underseal. Did the suspension parts too, all rust treated and painted with red oxide then the satin black paint. Looking really nice! Just got the new abs sensor wire to fix in place and she's ready to get the wheels back on. The rear mudflap and plastic inner arch are all bolted back in place now since the photo was taken. On the ABS, I think I've finally cured it! In the engine bay pass side theres a little black box for ABS that has a satndard fuse and a weird square one in it. Took out the blade fuse and noticed it was covered in grease, including the socket it goes into. Probably done to stop terminals corroding? I wasn't sure grease would be a conductor of electricity so got a replacement fuse and then cleaned out the fuse socket with cotton buds/wd40. Fitted fuse and light has been behaving ever since! So, bit the bullet and got her booked in for MOT a week on Monday coming. Gives me time to get the engine bay cleaned up (it's not bad actually but like her looking her best) then get her washed, clayed, mopped and waxed so she looks top banana! Know theres still a knock at the front but will get them to investigate it/replace what needs replaced at the MOT. Just looking forward to her being on the road again!
  5. LOL christ, my cars stay clean for less than a day up here just now, roads are constantly wet, dirty (from all the tractors) and mashed up leaves. DD will be getting an uber wash next week as booked in for her MOT a week on Monday! Yay!!
  6. Ahh man, sorry it didn't work out with the Crown mate. Truely nice car but like you say, expensive in every way. Had a feeling you would get pangs about the mb6 mate. the amount of time, work and money you poured into it, plus how long you had it, was always gonna be a tinge of regret selling her. Know I felt physically sick after |I sold Ruby the first time, even more so when I saw what the muppet that bought her was doing to her! Wasn't as bad the 2nd time I sold her although still miss her even now. Glad you're back in a Honda though! I have mixed feelings over the FN2's but mostly good feelings! I love the styling more than I think any car I've owned (except my Mk3 Cortina's though!), just think they look so cool from any angle! Also best interior I've had by far! Only things I didn't like about the TypeR FN2 were the fuel consumption and the ride. Just far too stiff for me! Power was nice though but deffo was gonna loose my license if I'd kept Roxy! If I'm honest, think I prefered my FN1 typeS, as a daily anyways. But loved them both, just something about the FN Civics. Even now I'm still looking at them on autotrader! Deffo get a new project thread going for the Fn mate, would love to see where you go with it!
  7. Yup, eBay will be your best bet, although I think finding the pre-facelift rear lights might be a struggle. Plenty of the later MB ones (with the clear indicators) around though if just to get you through the mot. You could fit MB mirrors to it, the base model MB just had black plastic mirrors I think. You could get away with fitting the electric ones and leave the cable undone, but would be a pain to adjust (unless passenger can do it for you).
  8. So satisfying that aint it! Can't beat a good beading lol😄
  9. Yeah, we need to see more of the crown! What have you done lately to it mate?
  10. looking tops and the headliner looks amazing, loving it!
  11. Think at the minimum the Fuel pipes from the filler to the tank will need to come out, far too risky to weld with them there I think. The tank would probably be a wise removal though just for safety. Another job I don't fancy tackling so will be up to the garage who do the welding to take care of that lol. Hoping the rust treatment keeps it at bay for now. Was out today getting all the treated areas coated in red oxide ready for the underseal going on. Now its been treated and red oxide on, doesn't look half as bad! On the ABS front, the light is back to going off as normal, but have a feeling it's still not sorted. Deffo thinking wiring, but at which end! lol Going to remove the connector on the ABS unit and give it a good clean, make sure terminals are ok. Then will have a look at the rear again, see if I can get the abs sensor loom unhooked so I can look at it properly. The service manual does say though that the car needs driven at 30mph after repair to complete the fault cycle.
  12. So, went out armed with the instructions......now the bloody light goes off as normal so can't even get her to do the ABS reset procedure! She's being a git lol Thought I would let her sit for a while, as that's usually when it rears its head again so thought I'd crack on with the rust treatment on the pass side rear arch. Had to remove the plastic inner panel that is supposed to protect the inner arch/fuel pipes (was a bitch to get the screws/bolts out). I've never had that panel off as never been a reason too. And that's where my heart sank. Loads of surface rust, so got busy with the wire brush/scraper etc to see how bad it was. There's a bit where the metal is really thin, and there's a wee bit where the scraper went through. Gutted! Don't think it's bad enough to fail the mot, as don't think that's structural. It's right up near where the fuel pipes come from the fuel flap. So looks like next year DD is finally going to have to have welding done . I'll get a price to get it done in the new year as got loads of other stuff that needs money spent on but want them to cut out as much of it as possible so it can't return. Looks like they might have to remove the Fuel pipes which looks like a sod of a job, but I'll remove the interior panels to keep costs down. Really got me down when I first saw it, but then thought well, she's 24 yrs old, if that's her only bad bit she's done bloody well! And it's not the end of the world, rust cut out and new metal in she'll be good as new. have rust treated it all and the rest of the inner rear arch, which was in decent nick. Will get the fresh underseal on tomorrow hopefully and will see if that dreaded ABS light starts its nonsense again after she's been sitting all night.
  13. Them wiring diagrams are a mare to fathom! Yes, pretty sure Grant did have the USDM conversion done on her in the past so might have something to do with it. I'd be tempted to unravel that insulation tape to see if they've actually soldered the wires or just twisted them together mate. These decks are always giving us we niggles now they're getting old.
  14. New rear sensor ordered just in case. Yeah, hoping i don't have to go down that route as the abs unit is one of the most costly things to replace on our civics. Found out last night from a member on our Civic5 FB Group there is actually another way to reset the ABS light, and this one is straight from the Honda dealerships service manual for them! Printed it off so going to have a go today.😀
  15. Maybe she's like Christine? 😊 Never had that before, bad enough it was affecting the indicator lights but when it then starts messing with the wipers it's a scary one. Deffo has to be a bad earth mate, don't think there's any other explanation for it. TUBS 2.........Bad to the bone!
  16. Managed to get her to actually throw a code, now saying nearside rear sensor. Have checked it with a multimeter against the new one on the other side and the results are similar so not entirely convinced it's duff but will order a new one anyways. Hoping it's not the wiring as that looks like a biatch to get at!
  17. Just been back out to check it again. Initially when I started her, light on. After a few starts, light off. When I got the light back on, tried to pull the codes again. Light just stays on, doesn't flash the codes Disconnected the bridging wire, started her 6 or 7 times, all goes off as it should. Gonna leave her a few hours then start her again, see if it goes off or stays on. Thinking you might be right, unit itself might be fooked, although when the lights off abs works like it should.
  18. The saga continues!😬 So, went out to the garage and connected the battery back up to move DD over a bit. ABS light back on! WTF!!!! Did the reset with the ignition again, light off and working as normal. Seems to be that after so many key turns, the light is back on again. When it does come on, switch it off, start it again and it goes off either straight away or after a 2nd turn of key as normal and stays off. Then stays off for quite a few starts then back on again.Totally wrecking my brain trying to suss it. Thought maybe ignition switch to blame but doubt it? No rhyme or reason for it. Anyone got any ideas or had this before?
  19. Hi guys. We've just added a new feature to the forum, Popular Contributors. You should see a box at the bottom of the home page (depending on the device you are using) which shows our most popular contributors. You can change it from week to month and year. If you click on the "see more" this will give a full list of contributors. Don't see your name on it? Get posting! We love to hear from you, even if it's just a small update on your cars projet thread or posting a pic of your car. Have look through the different sections of the forum and see if there's maybe a question been asked that you can help with. Most of all, enjoy the forum. It's your club and site!
  20. Hi folks. We have just created an updated version of our popular How To Guide No1 - ABS Fault Codes. The new version (2.0.0) now includes instructions for resetting the ABS light if it still stays on after you have replaced faulty ABS parts. You can find the new version in our downloads section or by clicking HERE Hope you like and find the new updated guide useful.😀
  21. Good news! Went out to have a look at the wiring connector on the ABS unit. Thought I'd have a butchers through the good ole Haynes Book of bollocks to see if there's an easy way to get it disconnected. Discovered they don't have any info on it as they suggest it's not a DIY serviceable part, but then saw the section on ABS codes. Pretty much the same as we have in our guides, although there is a note for 97 onwards and Aerodecks.........The ABS computer may still hold old codes after the fault has been repaired! I always thought we just needed to pull the ECU fuse for a short time to clear any codes but apparently not! Manual advises to clear all codes, turn the ignition on/off (don't start car) 20 times or more. So thought well, anything's worth a bash! connected her battery up, did the above 20 times........abs light off! Didn't get too excited s it's gone off before for a few mins, so started the engine a few times and it went off every time. Decided to take her for a test drive up the back road, drove a good 6 miles and light stayed off. Pulled over to turn back and turned the engine off to see if it was a fluke, Started her and abs light straight off! Tested the brakes on way back and ABS kicking in like it should. So, ABS fault finally fixed, just got the inner rear arch on pass side to buff down/treat and underseal and she's ready for the MOT. Dave is a happy bunny!
  22. Glad you got the ignition problem solved, think there will be more of our civics experiencing this due the age of them now. Liking the mods, those Mugen pedals look sweet!
  23. Dave

    Mb6 Mid wing

    Never seen one fitted before but anything's possible. Have seen them retro fitted to aerodecks.
  24. Those headlights look amazing! Nicest conversion I've seen done to them. Headlight covers really do finish it of nicely, nice mix of retromod and OEM. Whole cars is looking superb mate, one of my fav members cars! Looks flawless.
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