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  1. Dave

    Headlight bulb options...

    Now that sounds like a cracking idea!
  2. Competition time again on Civic5...does it ever stop!! This time it's the return of our Photo competition. We want to see your photos of your civics where there is a reflection of the car in the photo. Could be parked over a big puddle so car's reflected in the water, or refflected from a shop/showroom window or a mirror. Or the reflection of your civic on another car. You get the idea Only criteria is your Civic must be in the pic along with the reflection. Competition is free to enter and the prize on offer is our very last Official Civic5 mug! Lets see how arty you can get with your civic and the camera! Here's an example of my old mb6 Ruby
  3. Dave

    Headlight bulb options...

    Looking at that site, they seem to have some pretty decent stuff mate, positive reviews too.
  4. Dave

    Headlight bulb options...

    Yeah, deffo think the projector itself will be the big governing factor in this. As Simon says, be a good idea from the guys who make these lights see if they can help.
  5. Dave

    Mae's diamond *mb1*

    Similar to your previous set (were they Rota Grids?) but these will weigh about the same as a couple of feathers! Nice, the gunmetal looks mean against the white. Awesome stuff the Rays.
  6. Actually, if we don't get any more photos we'll need to change the name of the comp to "Silver decks in puddles"! lol
  7. Not put an end date on yet mate so plenty time to get the entries in! Lest see lots more folks!
  8. It does pull the heart strings mate watching them being driven away. Know how I felt watching Ruby being driven away (and I did it twice, just to have that horrible feeling twice!lol) It sounds promising though!
  9. Dave

    B18C4 running rich

    That's a really good point mate. Think the free-er flowing exahusts will deffo raise emissions due there being an increase in the fuel being delivered. The cat plays a big part, as do the 02 sensor/egr valve. Either of those can dramatically increase the emissions.
  10. Dave

    Water leaking into the boot

    Water only ever travels down mate, so it could be either coming in around the rear load lip due to the boot hatch seal. Could also be the rear sunroof drains are blocked (although be buggered if I could ever find them on these!) as this allows water to run down the inside of the c pilar which would lead to where your seeing the water. Think as Jake also says, the sealing around the two rear side windows if gone would allow the water into that same section. Not sure if running sealer round them on the inside would be effective as they're fitted from the outside using bond. Might be worth having a search online (youtube etc) to see if you can remove the rear windows without breaking them. if you can, would be worth redoing the bond and putting them back in. Bit of a pain and a bit of work but much better than having to get the car welded if the water rusts her out (which it will eventually).
  11. Dave

    Headlight bulb options...

    Not too sure with the projectors tbh mate as never had projectors on any of my cars. Think it will go the same as for standard lights though and be brand dictated. I've had loads of different bulbs by different manufacturers, but think the best I've had are the night breakers by Osram. Not sure if Osram do projector bulbs, worth a look? The other thing is obviously on our oem lights the spread/distance is governed by the plastic lense pattern, but with your custom lights where the lense is removed the it's the projector itself that dictates the range/spread/beam pattern. Maybe some projectors have better distance than others? But to swap the projector over for other ones would I imagine be either a non go or a huge pain?
  12. Dave

    Few bits needed what you guys got?..

    I've got two complete centre consoles from the clock down to the gear stick but was planning to eventually do a double din install. Might be able to let one go though? Not sure on price either? lol
  13. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Yeah right!! The work you've done to her is amazing bud, don't sell yourself short. I love how spot on this car looks and how you've restored it.
  14. Dave

    does anybody know this car

    I (for some sad reason!) always recognize the reg of cars that have been in the club but I honestly can't place that one. Don't think it's been in civic5 before although maybe someone else recognizes the reg? Too far from me also, but looks really nice. Seems to have plenty decent parts in there, and if the shell is good underneath like it is on top then a really nice car.
  15. That time again! Lest see your entries for this months car of the month competition. Can be your own car or another members car, the choice is yours!
  16. So, been a bit down lately due to pressures/hassles at work and been a grumpy old git to say the least. Gayle reckoned what i needed was another project! I've wanted a MK1 MX5 since the day they were launched (was at the car show in Glasgow SECC when they unveiled it) and when the cover came off and I saw this sweet little red sports car I fell in love! Said there and then I have to have one of these one day, but I was a teenager back then with empty pockets! Roll on 29 years later and now I'm older (still with empty pockets, least i am after buying her!) and finally I've got one!! Always wanted a mk1, but did put deposit down on a mk2 in a garage around 7 years ago. Sadly my then wife (Dawn) became seriously ill so we cancelled going down to test it/buy it and just forgot about getting an MX5. Lost Dawn to cancer 3 years later Original plan was to buy one that needed a full restoration, but as i don't possess any welding skills that plan changed. After a lot of good advice from members in here, we upped our budget and went to view a few more cars. Most were bodged repairs and nothing like described, until we found this one in Stirling, Scotland. She's red (obviously), 1.6 UK car with 90K on the clock. 10 months MOT. There isn't a service history book, but all the old mots are there and receipts for various work done. The chap selling her didn't want to let her go, but was under instruction from his wife to buy a more family friendly classic car! She has had the rear sills done before, drivers side is a tidy enough job and solid (just the black paint that's not right), passenger side is still solid but repair is showing signs of rust. Engine wise, she's great! Engine sounds sweet, and pulls well in every gear. Suspension wise, she needs an overhall. Interior is basic but (now) clean and tidy. Hood is shot, but Gayle went straight onto ebay and found a brand new hood that the seller has had lying around for a couple of years for £120! result! She bought it, then we had another road trip to Aberdeen to go collect it. Hood is mint and getting fitted this weekend! I have noticed when at speeds of 70mph upwards, she has a horrible vibration which is coming from the front. It shakes through the car, and if at lower speeds (60mph) we go over any bumps in road, it shakes up through the steering wheel which deffo isn't right. Unfortunately during the test drive there were no roads we could get her up to anything over 30 - 40mph so this only came to light on the way home. But hopefully the work i'm planning should resolve these issues. So Plans are: Fit the new hood Replace all 4 shocks and springs Replace upper/lower wishbones (they look ok, just grubby, but I want to replace all bushes so might aswell just change the whole lot.) Replace wheels/tyres with dished BBS rims Full service including timing belt/fan belt etc. New front and rear brakes (rears have just had brand new calipers fitted) Full custom interior retrim in either full leather or half leather/alcantara Full respray, looking to go for a nice metal flake red! Will also be taking it to BorderMX5 before the paint to have both rear sills repaired professionally/correctly. Think we should be able to get through the next mot with them but not chancing it any longer than that. Engine and engine bay fully detailed. Accessories, such as chrome/stainless steel boot rack, new stereo (just replaced the one that was there for a Pioneer that I had lying around in the garage). Will be a long term project, but want to fully replace as much as we can as we go along for brand new/renovated parts. End goal is to have one very mint mk1 MX5. After cleaning her interior up to my standards, Gayle said "oh look, the suns out!" Which roughly translated means "time for a run in Mindy with the top down!" lol Got some pics when we were out. Totally love this wee car! She's not perfect, but she's ours and makes me happy! First ever convertible I've ever owned, and loving it! Don't worry though, DD isn't going anywhere! Just taking a break from her for a wee while as she needs MOT'd and a new front caliper. Plan is when I get the spraying gear all sorted out to respray the mx5 , I'll be doing DD's front end at the same time. So all's good!
  17. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Plenty space for camping mate, garden is huge!! BBQ sounds a great idea too! The roads down there are amazing too, all right on our door step! Think we might just need to make this happen!!
  18. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Haha! You up for it too Simon? Was gonna give Simon and Gav a call too along with Sarah and Dave. Plus anyone else that's would be up for it you're more than welcome guys! Will need to get moved in first though and get the bulk of the work done but might be able to do it later this year? Would be the first civic5 meet where we can all have a right laugh/drink etc, and the village has an amazing wee cafe that does evening meals on a Friday. Plus there's the train to Galashiels just 5 min walk from the house if we all wanted to go for a wee night out in town?
  19. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Thanks Ali mate. Yeah wee Mindy-moo is coming along nicely, although slowly. Meant to take a pic of her latest addition that I fitted at the weekend. She now has the chrome air vent trims so think that pretty much finishes off the interior, although we quite fancy the chrome style bars too or possibly a small roll bar in silver. Gayle was serious about the camping bit mate! Thing it would be a right laugh eh!
  20. Dave

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    Think maybe 5mm, although not sure on how much travel there is in the suspension as didnt take her out on the road so 5mm might do intitially but might run into issues. 10mm I think would clear it, but then the wheels will be directly in line with the arch i think. Tis weird indeed, as these rims are deffo not deep dished so really surprised that it was against the suspension on the rear. Massive pain in the butt but I'll need to have a look at her old alloys and take it from there. Tyres are like blooming new as well, so even more gutting!
  21. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    It's not too far down mate, in a wee village called Stow. It's 7 miles outside Galasheils, and it was top of our list of places to live in the borders. We never dreamed we'd be able to get a house there as the prices (when they do come up for sale, which aint often) is way above what we could afford. But this wee cottage came up, semi detached, 3 bedrooms, massive (as in bloody Huge!) living room and tons of land! On one side there is the old ruins of a church which is illuminated at night and looks stunning (and the neighbours are dead quiet!) and on the other side, another big church, then acorss the road it's the river and a view out over the hills. It's bloody amazing! We only got it cheap though as it needs renovated (so electrics, windows, possibly heating) and the interior is like stepping into the 70's! A lot of work but we are really looking forward to getting stuck in. Oh, and there's a massive long driveway, a single brick garage with a car port to the side and Gayle has told me I've to get another double garage same as the one here built! We spend a fair bit of time going down for lunch at the weekend in the village, people there are so nice. Gayle has also said that as the drive is so long (you basically turn into our drive off a small lane and it is like a road through the garden right along the rear garden) we could start a civic5 meet there! has even suggested if memebers wanted to they could bring tents and camp in the garden!! Oh the possibilities!
  22. Dave

    Dawns Civic Aerodeck Updated 28/5/13

    Soooooo, DD has been performing well in her daily duties, although I still cringe at how dirty she gets! Anyhoo, the snow arrived today so after clearing a space in the garage got her in to fit the winter Ghetto wheels. Took me ages, quite out of breath at times so seems I still have a way to go on the fitness thing after the heart attack. My mate arrived as I got to fitting the last two wheels so gave me a hand. A lot of faffing about as I have to drive her onto a plank of wood as the trolley jack wont go under otherwise because she's lowered, so reinforcing my idea to get her back on her oem suspension. So, fitted the last wheel (nsr) and then drove her out of the garage. Disaster! Horrible grinding at the rear! Thinking it may have been the hanbrake/caliper seized, drover back in then faffed aboiut getting her jacked up again. Took the wheel off, and could see a line on the inside edge of the wheel where the paint had ground off. Looked at the rear suspension, and the wheel was grinding off the trailing arm. Might have got away with a wheel spacer, but A: dont have any and B: spacing them out would then probably cause em to rub on the arch (again cos she's lowered). Gutted! So, had to swap the wheels all back to her dished Cades again. Her tyres on these wheels are needing replaced asap, as the inside edges are wearing out. Again gutted as these are Pirelli pilots or something so decent tyres, but no good if they're on there way out. So now theres snow on the roads here, and DD's on her summer low profile tyres and lowered suspension. Can see me getting stuck very soon! Plan B is to get the winter tyres taken off those steel rims and put them on her old OEM 14" alloys. Those have rotten tyres on them at the moment and the wheels badly need a refurb, but at leas I know these fit! Trouble is I'm skint at the moment so the saga continues!
  23. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Oh, and Mindy now back in her wee crib! DD in the huff outside.....................she's no used to sleeping in the snow