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P30 ECU instead of p28


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Hi all,


I'm planning to do a mini-me on my 1.5 Vtec-e

I've read a lot about it but two things I'm not sure of, will it run (good) with a P30 ECU from a Civic del sol, or do I need the P28 ECU?

And a adjustable cam gear is not necessary because I'm not changing cam only but the complete head?

I'm able to buy a complete D16Z6 engine, costs are low because of oil consumption, engine has run 130 Miles.






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Thanks, and the P30 fits my socket?, I don't know what the standard ECU is on a Vtec-e with the d15z6 engine. P07??

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Another option I'm thinking of...

Is it possible to engage the VTEC from a D16Z6 head with the wire that's activating my current VTEC-E solenoid?


I would say yes, only the VTEC will be activated at 3000 RPM (sounds like fun :-D) because that's the current RPM to activate the four extra valves right now....

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