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CrazzzyDawn 1967 - 2013

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A Co-founder of civic5, my wife and civic5 moderator crazzzydawn sadly passed away 21/1/2013. Dawn was my life, and loved getting involved with civic5. She made so many friends on here, who shared her love of the Civic M's. Sadly, she lost her brave fight with cancer, but her memory lives on in all our hearts.


Dawn in her favourite place...... a Civic M!





It was Dawn who got me into Hondas with the first one she had, a wee MB2 in white (S322 DKS) wonder where it is now? Dawns big love was her Civic Aerodeck 1.6ES, and she spent a lot of time making it unique. It was the car she'd always wanted, and was so happy when she got it! It's now kept in my garage, and only ventures out on sunny days, down to see Dawn, the odd camping trip and to civic5 meets and car shows.


Her baby is now my baby, and will be turned into a show car, with everything looking as new on her. Know it's what she would have wanted and it's such a lovely car to drive.


Dawn was always into cars, and loved all the motor sports too. A right wee petrol head. Her sense of humor was amazing too, as all those who met her will testify! A genuine, loving, caring and honest hard working soul, she will always be missed.


R.I.P. Dawn x x x x



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Happy birthday Peeps. Can't believe it's been 5 years since you were taken from us. Love you and miss you x x x [smitten.gif]

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