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Found something rarer than Four-leaf clover !


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I took the rubber surround off so you can see behind the foglight easier.



The bolt is very close to the plastic surround.



And this is how it should look when properly attached.


I think what you need to do is remove the rubber part and the plastic surround, then try to attach the plastic surround so that all 3 clips go in at the same time. I think attaching at an angle is causing the problem for you. After that put the rubber part back on and you're good to go!


Oh and excuse the dirt, it hasn't been washed since Japfest2. :P

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Again no luck :( Now I think my VTI-S lip is in the way. I think I should remove the lip, put the surrounds and then put the lip back.. Otherwise I really don't think this could go in.





I can't believe those fogs are OEM. There is so much cutting involved. Bumper needs cutting, lip needs cutting.. :(

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Problem fixed, I'm an idiot :D Fog brackets were switched, left for right and right for left. I'm surprised I was able to put them like that. But this resulted in more cutting than necessary. Fortunately you have to be very close to notice it.

But Honda markings are stupid. Currently one side has fog and bracket with "L" marking for left matched with surround that has "R" marking for right ?!

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