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  1. No adjustment needed! Straight fit. They came with instructions. Do a buy.
  2. I've always wanted bonnet gas struts on the MB6 since my E36 had them, so I bought a kit for the MG ZS from Dark Ice Designs. The Celica is still ticking, waiting for me to afford it again.
  3. There's still a lot of good Ms still about, I personally think it's because people prefer social media over forums now. A lot of other clubs are seeing less forum activity but their FB pages keep growing.
  4. Nice Celicas you've had there! And yeah mine eats oil, nothing much I can do about it besides use the cheapest oil I can reasonbly use! Even though it's still off the road, I felt like doing a little mod I've seen on Haggard Garage and Mighty Car Mods. Garden edging front lip! It's a bit of a ballache with the shape of the Celica's bumper and the front wings but I think I did well.
  5. Gave her a wash today. Also the fog lights are back to being just fly eyes after my 100w bulbs burnt the yellow tint film!
  6. Finally got this thing free of problems! Fixed the idling problem by cleaning the IACV and tightening the throttle cable a bit. And the oil leak has been fixed with a small amount of JB Weld over the pin hole that I found above the sump bolt. It should hold for longer than I plan on owning the car. Just a shame it's currently SORN until I find employment again. It was either this or the MB6!
  7. Roj

    ARB quick question

    The MG ZS rear ARB you want is 20mm. If the Rover 45 diesel one is also 20mm, you're good. Never heard of it being used on an MB though so you're in fresh waters there.
  8. I bought Zeta S brand new and they came with Zeta Pro on them like these ones. Don't worry about it.
  9. Gather round children and let me tell you a tale of Gumtree scumbags and lemons. So I found some TSW Venom wheels on Gumtree for £170 delivered. Advertised as 5x100, so damn skippy I bought that. The bloke arrived with the wheels, cash was exchanged and I put the wheels in the garden for when I had time to fit them. A week later I went to fit them to the car, won't fit. The PCD of the wheels are way larger than the car. I look on the back of the wheel, 5x114.3! I e-mailed the dude telling him to take them back, a week later I get no answer. Fine, I'll make lemonade out of these lemons. Do you know who puts 5x114.3 wheels on 5x100 cars? Subaru boys. How? Adapters. Boom. £78 spent on eBay later and I was ready. Got clearance? That's a 25mm spacer/adapter. Wheels were originally ET40, but now they're ET15 with the spacer. Perfect fitment! Mad arch gap now. Needs lows. Mint.
  10. They're bloody amazing! They grip like glue even in the wet! In the dry it's near impossible to lose traction! I think I've found a new favourite tyre to be honest! And now for some Japfest weekend pics: Snowfoam! Waxed! Pikachu got a clean too. Night photoshoot with my boys. Morning beading shot. Japfest! Was a good weekend in all!
  11. Thought you guys would like to see this.
  12. Maybe if GT-Four parts were cheaper. Here you go.
  13. £400 daily club! Looks tidy mate, like I said on Instagram, it looks huge next to the Deck!
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