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  1. Hi all! I'm looking for advice or guidance on what others have done with regards to wheel arch extensions on the Civic 5 door? I'm not happy with my mud flaps so need to combat the issue in a different way. If there's a post already running then let me know
  2. I'd definitely try bleeding it again first. Clutch pedals are a lot harder to bleed on Hondas. Nothing like doing the brakes!
  3. That being the only other choice. Shame you don't live closer, I have a VTI lip in my garage!
  4. What MB lip you looking at getting Mae? There's not many choices better than the VTI-S one that I've found
  5. Or that it's far less hassle for a new one, plus it comes ready to paint! (Ah the ease of not having to prep for a re spray of the caliper)
  6. Awesome find buddy!!! These are rare as rocking horse blah blah That's the same ones I fitted, I just cut the bumper in the corner and it all fitted in nicely with no hassel
  7. There not too expensive, if you can get good discount at euro car parts then you can pay as little as £60 for a new one Just annoying the one I replaced was the newest one on the car
  8. Thanks for all the votes guys / girls as I said last time, it's great to get some recognition for what I've done and it's great to be apart of a site with so many top quality cars! Cheers
  9. Lmao! I'd love to see Tom at the nxt show riding around dressed as a clown However I did wonder what Alex was referring too??
  10. Cheers dude, where can find those splitters you mentioned? I'll take alook
  11. Love the stupidly low MB2!!! Cheers for the nomination Phil
  12. Here's my new caliper for the rear all ready to be fitted in time for japfest! Had the usual seize issue! Dam u Honda, why didn't you make your own calipers they'd never fail then....
  13. Thought I'd post up a few professional shots that were taken of my baby whilst I've been at shows
  14. Looking back it may not be pinking, I'm on a mission to find out why the slack belt would cause this noise. It is possible but the noise wouldn't be there from cold I don't think.....I WILL FIND OUT! Glad it's fixed though
  15. I'm still crossing my finger for you Grant. I think the real test will be nxt time you drive her sounds good so far though. Just to clarify - and this is a quote as I couldn't be bothered to write it all up To clarify the original question: 'Pinking' or Pre-ignition is when the temperature/compression combination within the cylinder is high enough to cause ignition of the fuel/air mixture, without the use of a spark plug. The main issue is that pinking tends to be uneven in its combustion with little micro-explosions. If this explosion occurs close to a surface it causes pitting, too much and it can cause the holes in pistons mentioned above. The pinging noise are these micro-explosions and the resulting shockwave they produce. It's caused by a combination of fuel/air mixture, temperature, physical layout of the chamber and compression ratio. Ignition Advance being too late is sometimes the problem on a good engine, but it is also often used to mask other issues, lean mixture is easy to spot, but others such as burrs in the machining of the components causing hot spots, are less so without disassembling the engine. Additionally if pinking has occurred, it is more likely to occur in the future especially where damage has resulted, creating more opportunities for hot spots. It is also more prevalent on boosted engines due to the higher pressures and temperatures involved. Fingers crossed Grant
  16. Here's the price !!!!!?! Still, on the bright side I know I can get you parts
  17. I doubt that! When I won COTM last year it was pretty close.....any way,I know who I'm voting for
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