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Problem installing new alarm with central locking


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I hope you guys can help me. So I'm the proud owner of a 97 Civic MB3 the previous owner said the car had an alarm but it become faulty.

I was like yeah no problem I've installed a few of this before and I had some training in car electronic so I'll just get the old alarm off and install a new one.


The alarm was indeed broken so I decided to remove all the old wiring and when I was just finishing (only the door locks were missing) I've noticed a terrible problem...


On the main door lock actuator as you can see on the image I have the usual 5 wires taking in consideration that my car is "negative trigger" all I had to do was connect the yellow and black yellow alarm cables to the ground, ignore the orange ones and connect the white and black white to the lock/unlock cables I've identified in the image i did with 4 and 5:



By the way the A are connectors and 1,2 and 3 the remaining cables (other locks etc) and central locking works fine with key.


After connecting all the wires nothing worked, so I tried connecting the whites to another actuator and it worked on the remaining door so the problem had to be either on cable 4 or 5 or on the door actuator so i decided to follow the wires 4 and 5 from the door to the inside (they are not original colored cables) and I noticed that they just ended on the inside of the car thats why the old alarm wasn't opening the doors... some genious messed up...


Where should this cables connect on oem installation?  Colors should be enough but if I can get some circuit diagrams or photos I would be really really happy :)


Thanks and sorry for the bad grammar (I'm Portuguese btw).

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your grammer is good mate!! compaired to most of facebook i would think that you speak fluent english applause.gif1


diagrams can be found in the download section at the top of our page mate under honda civic service manual! should help, i will have a quick look aswel for you aswel, but you might be able to make a little more sense of it

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yellow goes to fuse no.15 which is ignition switch on.

black/yellow wire is tail light key cylinder switch

orange seems to go to front passenger door key cylinder switch

white seems to go to the ultrasonic sensor


hope this helps mate

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