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  1. No point ordering sensors until you got the abs light fixed as u need to pull the code to see what’s wrong with the abs
  2. Oh wait looks like already been decided when the vote ends
  3. A b1tch fight this could get interesting! Let's settle it with pole who's cars s**tter jays or doggs
  4. Mb6 and mc2 exhaust are the same apart from the tail pipe with is 4in longer
  5. simpo

    HELP! Lol

    Adjustable decat could be a cheaper option
  6. simpo

    HELP! Lol

    maybe 4-2-1 is shorter I had 4-1 and never had a problem with length
  7. I would say it's still a sensor issues somewhere! How many do you have 1 or 2 what you mean about the 4 pin socket on the side?
  8. Would be better than seeing the same Ms every year win it each month
  9. No you need to add a uprated clutch and a lighten flywheel
  10. Looked easier than mine to do
  11. Looked easier than mine to do
  12. Not sure but does it come in behind centre console on the floor?
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