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  1. COTM - October 2017 - Voting has begun!

    like the Sahara desert, and left slightly moist
  2. COTM - October 2017 - Voting has begun!

    bit dry on here now aint it @Krzys
  3. 2017 MeisterR Coilovers pictures and Members Reviews.

    thanks buddy, i can't remember the spring rates, but the MB/MC coilovers are a little higher at the back due to the weight of the cars
  4. i had this when i was travelling!! you need to unplug the wiper motor itself and clean the connectors, spray some WD-40 on them. also check you have a good earth from the plug to the chassis
  5. Civic VTI Spares or repair

    ok mate i'll see what i can do, but don't know if i'll have the room :/
  6. Civic VTI Spares or repair

    ok cheers, might be interested. got my accord to do the clutch on, you in a rush to get rid of?
  7. Civic VTI Spares or repair

    got any pictures of the interior etc?
  8. Civic VTI Spares or repair

    what size is the engine? 1.8? 1.6?
  9. Slight head scratching moment

    they cheap coilovers? if so we had this problem when i helped my mate there is a washer that we had the wrong way round i think, take struts apart and have another look at them
  10. is it not covered in toms rectal fluid from the other weekend?
  11. Mb6 not starting

    brilliant mate! glad to hear its running
  12. Mb6 not starting

    you've basically answered your own question mate. fuel filter and check the line. you got enough fuel in there? you definitely have fuel getting to the filter? it could be your pump filter is blocked