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  1. Chandler

    Dan's Blue Vti Aerodeck

    was going to say about the starter motor! looks great so far mate
  2. Chandler

    Mud Guards

    you still after some @AJCivic? should have a set in my garage
  3. Chandler

    Mae's diamond *mb1*

    wow that's expensive for the interior! but it's quite a bit to get out and tricky looks good so far!
  4. Chandler

    The story of my MA8!

    looking good mate!
  5. Chandler

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    pics don't load mate
  6. Chandler

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    fair enough mate. ye thats the usual way is to warm up the arch so the paint will mold with the metal
  7. Chandler

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    how come you didn't get the arches roller before paint? surely that would've made sense? shame about the rear arch aswel mate
  8. Chandler

    My first car

    ell i thik my car looks a lot different to other aerodecks and MB's, just how far your willing to go with it
  9. Chandler

    Car of the month May 2018

    on what car? no one has put anything in yet
  10. Chandler

    My first car

    no chance mate, got painting to do and the paintwork is a mess. once it's done i'll be at a few more shows this year
  11. Chandler

    My first car

    don't know how that happened
  12. Chandler

    My first car

    i got no chance mate, currently got the engine out doing pistons etc
  13. Chandler

    My first car

    thats what i did mate, so i got one spare when is it buddy?
  14. Chandler

    My first car

    yes mate just cut up the original, it takes a bit of time but not too bad to do
  15. Chandler

    My first car

    cheers mate, fogs i managed to get from someone who was breaking a MB4. the grill i made and got someone to Hydrodip it