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  1. there's your issue there then mate, tyres are s**t, Toyo T1R's are ok, i wouldn't run them now. i'd go for something better more of an all rounder
  2. as jake said, what brand are your tyres? tyres maybe crap, had it happen to me. rear tyres had loads of tread on, but they were a s**t brand, so no grip in the wet
  3. what spins on round abouts? why not just buy new bushes and drop links?
  4. nah i wasn't going mate, went to something local, still building mine
  5. i am still building parts for the car, it hasn't died yet quite a few changes going on in the background
  6. i would've had the rear badges taken off...... looks nice though mate
  7. mine seem fine, i run mine real low and mine tends to sit for quite a while at a time, i have asked before about replacement shock because of the thread on the collar, and they were selling them when i asked a year ago. i just cleaned up the thread and is better now
  8. should just be able to buy a replacement a shock rather than a set
  9. try @DeLaSoul for windows, he had some made for his deck
  10. if your on about the USDM indicator mod, Bolts-bolts do a kit https://boltsbolts.co.uk/product/usdm-bulb-kit-2/
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