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  1. Dave's post in Aerodeck 1.6LS question about fluids was marked as the answer   
    Check our diwnlaodable service manual mate, figures should be in there.
  2. Dave's post in Totally lost with water leak :\ was marked as the answer   
    Looking at where the water is in photo, I'd say it is to be the arch mate. From what you say, I gather the arch lips have been cut off and then the inner/outer arches welded together? The only other place I can think of is under the gutter strips on roof. My type r had a leak there which soaked the inner quarter panel and rear seat belt. Lol the plastic gutter cover off and check for any breaks in the seals.
  3. Dave's post in What is the paint code of my car? was marked as the answer   
    Open the front passenger door, and on the B pillar is the label showing the cars paint code and interior code mate 
    Loving your pre facelift civic m by the way, looks sweet!
  4. Dave's post in headlights full beam wont stay on was marked as the answer   
    Deffo the stalk. Not a common fault, but has been seen before. Easy enough to replace though
  5. Dave's post in Signature help was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, bit of a problem with the sigs! Some were done before we had to put the sig size restriction in place, so have slipped through. I think there's a setting for resetting all sigs, but would mean folks having to add their sigs again. I'll look into this once the forums current probs are sorted mate.
    If you need any help with creating a sig, let me know. Can knock one together for you quickly
  6. Dave's post in mc2 not warming up was marked as the answer   
    Yeah mate,sounds like the thermostat is opening too soon then sticking. On the move the temp gauge should only drop by a very tiny amount, probably no more than 2mm at the very most. About 1/3rd is where most of the MBS sit on the gauge. Has the thermostat/coolant been changed before? If it has, it could also mean the coolant system hasn't been properly bled. When its up to temp, check (carefully!) the top and bottom radiator hoses, both should be hot. Then drive it until the gauge drops like you describe,and quickly stop and check them both again. You'll find one or the other will be cooler, and if so points to faulty stat or airlock. Both very easy to fix though. Oh, and its possible its already had a new stat, but the new one could also be faulty. That's quite common too!
  7. Dave's post in Help! My civic won't start! (example topic) was marked as the answer   
    We have a best answer feature for this bit of the forum mate. When you click the "mark solved" button, it uses whosever answer you clicked the marked solved on as the best answer. It also shows it as solved in the actual forum bit, which is handy for the team as it means we can either remove it, or if it's an unusual one, we can leave it in place for future reference.
  8. Dave's post in grumbling noise at rear was marked as the answer   
    Sounds more like a rear wheel bearing. Find out what side it's coming from, then jack that side up. with the car properly jacked up and wheel choks in place, Hold the wheel at the top and the bottom, and push and pull to see if the wheel moves in and out (even slightly). And spin the wheel and listen for grinding or roughness.
    And whilst its jacked up, if you find the wheel really hard to turn with the handbrake off then suspect a sticking rear calipper or drum (depending which yours has)
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