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  1. dr_broon's post in Bent rear cross member was marked as the answer   
    Answer above. 
  2. dr_broon's post in Door light switches was marked as the answer   
    Pm'd you dude
  3. dr_broon's post in Rear caliper bearings was marked as the answer   
    Arrived yesterday, dropped them off last night, and after some mild grinding of the caliper to clean up the chamber, it fitted like a glove 
    Massive props to @shebabby for pointing me in the right direction on ebay.
    For anyone else in Internet land who needs needle roller bearings with a hole for honda brake caliper handbrake mechanisms, you need 
    7E-HKS BA1012 Needle Roller Bearing with Hole 15.875x20.638x19.05mm
    I got mine from the seller named cardiff-deals
  4. dr_broon's post in Car rolling down a hill in 2nd gear was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like the engine is turning over from the weight of the car pulling it downhill. I used to have a 205 with a 954 cc engine and a crap handbrake and if i left it in 3rd with the handbrake on you could still push it around!
    If you're pointing downhill nose first leave it in reverse. And try 1st for uphill.
  5. dr_broon's post in replacing ball joint was marked as the answer   
    Don't think there's any problem with just doing one, but the other one won't be far behind!
    Might as well get em both the at the same time tbh
  6. dr_broon's post in Heater not turning on was marked as the answer   
    New blower motor is needed chief..
    it's just 3 (or 4) screws that hold it in place.
    The blower motor unit is the thing that the resistor pack sits in. Just disconnect the wires, unscrew the motor and bobs your uncle
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