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  1. Feels like it's finally the end of a long winter mate, and getting stuff done outside doesn't seem as much of a chore - hope you get it sorted without too much hassle.
  2. Mint. Going to be ready to rock by the time the warm weather comes
  3. Sounds great bud - tbh I'd be happy with 215 as an upgrade Have you got her back now?
  4. Nice one.. Bet that was a great feeling for it to run no problem after all that work that's gone in. Good work sir
  5. Looks amazing - would be good to get a project thread started so we can find out more.
  6. Ahh man, still, that all looks pretty sexual now.. And a fancy new rocker cover sets it off nice.
  7. All looks so clean in there ready for the new beast! Before zoomed in and saw they were dusters, I thought that those yellow details looked pretty cool.
  8. Rimmerbros is good for bolts and the likes if you can't find the honda ones (much cheaper than honda as well!) I replaced loads on mine from there. Yeah, should be okay for posting vids chief
  9. It's a strange one. The tax checker says the same, but as it's against the reg then you'd have thought that it must be legit. Maybe with it being close to the changeover it was a result of the time taken to process the registration or something? Need someone from a car dealership
  10. Might be worth getting in touch with Rimmerbros.. Looks like there's a lot of variants https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID003690 Even for different wheel sizes.
  11. What a journey you've been on there! Can't believe what happened with the lock up. Glad you're sorted now though and it's looking like it's going to be a belter - looking forward to seeing how it turns out
  12. Yes, been a while since I've had to change one of those... (touch wood). Not a bad job to do though.
  13. I didn't get round to disconnecting my battery before putting the car to sleep for the winter, but took it out for a spin on new year's day as it had been too warm for grit and we'd had loads of rain since the last time the gritters were out, so thought it was safe. Couldn't believe that it started on the second try - like you say, normally struggles after a week of being sat.
  14. That's a neat solution is that Jake. Also, just noticed the foam tool/jack holder in the hatch is different to the deck - the deck one sits in the spare wheel. Quite like the one in the hatch there. Exciting stuff for the engine swap mate!
  15. Wow that looks so clean and tidy! Proper low miler as well. Oh, and.. Keep us updated with the story
  16. Nice one - good to have a bit rant! I'd been hanging on for a report from the garage that did the work, but it never landed (must give them another chase), but I'll just pull something together myself.
  17. I went to start mine last weekend when it was freezing, and couldn't even get the key in the lock cos of the ice. Just went back in the house where it was warm.
  18. This is on my to do list for while I'm off over Christmas - been meaning to do it since getting all the work done. I'm going to go for a £10k valuation which I know is well over the market value (now), but it's also well less than what has went into the chassis, and I've got plenty of progress pics of all the work being done. That's what I'm going to ask for anyway - shy bairns get nee cake. Can't believe you got a quote of £250! You'd get more from a scrappy!
  19. They are! It felt great to be using the deck how it used to be - quickly chuck the camping gear in the boot on a Friday and have a weekend camping without military planning. Rarely get to see underneath, so thought I'd take a pic while there was a bit of bling on show
  20. Aye.. Like a more rugged looking deck. Just noticed the interior is quite different as well, not least having a pair of subs in the boot instead of those stupid roof speakers, but also a dash that looks like it would work with that ek double din option.
  21. Just saw this linked on Facebook... Never seen or heard of one before... https://www.japaneseclassics.com/vehicle/1996-honda-orthia-wagon/ Has a B20 lump
  22. Don't worry mate, I live up in the hills a wee bit and we had a frost that night. Yeah, love minidiscs... Just came too late and got trumped by mp3s. The headunit is about right for the age of the car... I had it in my eg way back when.
  23. Really small update today.. My minidisc headunit had stopped reading discs, so I replaced it today. With another one exactly the same And why is there so little space behind the radio Also, the gritter was out early in the week, so that's that for the winter.. Battery disconnected... Goodnight.
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