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  1. I've got the full thing out at the minute, ready for transplant from tubs into the HUD.... That and all the wiring loom that the wires are spliced into so they can be identified
  2. Nice one. Did H&P send a new case, or did it have the innards as well?
  3. Out of interest Jake, how did you go about getting that? Was it just a case of popping to the dealer and asking?
  4. Going to try and remember this one for the future.
  5. Aye, it is all messed up - that's why I thought I'd lump all the vti ones together... Might be somewhere near right. Deffo not right that there's more vtis than vti.
  6. Looking on howmanyleft, across the different descriptions for the m vti, there's the below numbers taxed as of June last year 1.8 VTi = 57 Civic VTiS = 94 aerodeck VTiS = 10 So 161 VTi models left kicking about. Not sure where the normal aerodeck vti is included in that though. The only other aerodeck listed is the SE. probably the ones that haven't succumbed to rust or engine donor are with folk who are keeping a hold of them now.
  7. After all the money spent on the resto, I don't think I've got any say in what the wife's next motor is
  8. Nice The interiors are well smart - some good camper conversions as well. I've been looking (window shopping) at honda odyssey absolute mugens recently for if we ever get rid of the accord... They're a bigger lump of a car than the accord, but look a bit like a people carrier crossed with an ep3
  9. Sweet, is that an alphard? That's my alternative to the wife's vw van dream
  10. Nice one mate. Hope that you're doing okay with the virus.
  11. Good to hear. At least the weather's cack so makes staying in a bit easier - I've hardly left the house since Christmas
  12. Nice one - like kink says, well done for sticking with it. I remember you saying that it meant a lot to keep the car going. I ended up using a lot of rover bits and pieces getting mine sorted - some worked out, and others didn't (like fuel tank float).
  13. Bloody water leaks in these civics! I went out and started mine the other day and had a pootle around the estate away from any salt. The inside of the windscreen was quite wet - more than I thought it should be, and when I got back there was a bit of water had ran into the spare wheel well. If checked it a few times since its been parked up for the winter, but I think when I've pulled it the drive onto the slope in front of the house, it's ran backwards and down into the boot area. Going to get a cover for it until I can get a garage sorted, then get the leak sorted.
  14. I think that these are the diagrams you need for the earth locations... though there's another in the engine bay that could be it - if you download the workshop manual from the downloads section, you'll be able to check the circuit references as well. And It's in the 'body electrical' section
  15. Yes, that would have saved having the ridiculous thin roof speakers in the deck as well.
  16. Nice.. That should make a nice difference. Not 100% sure where those rear speakers are on the hatch - is that c-pillar above the wheel arch?
  17. That's going to be a well specced deck when you get it to the states.. Guess it will be mega rare.
  18. Holy crap - is that a box fresh mid spoiler!??! Even second (third, fourth...) hand is rare! Fair play mate.
  19. Looking fresh in that bay - lovely purple on them last two pics
  20. Hi, I got a reconditioned one from these guys years ago and still going strong. https://www.ignitioncarparts.co.uk/PartLists.aspx?PerformSearch=enginecode&SearchValue=b18c4
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