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  1. Had the old girl to a local car meet thought... Real mix of cars. https://www.carbarn.co.uk/
  2. Little bit of work on the old girl yesterday. Had a new washer motor as the screen wash wasn't working, and mot is due. Also had a new arch liner to stick in while I was on as the old one had suffered from arch rub. Stuck the new motor in, and nothing came out. Could hear the motor going well, but no squirts. Started tracking back from the nozzles to see what was going on, and turns out that a little non return valve was sticking. Tried to fettle it but it was still sticking, so ended up taking the gubbins out of the valve so it was basically a pipe joint... Works better than they ever have now... Finally see what everyone sees in the jazz nozzles. Also finally got around to sorting out the surface rust around the bonnet hinges. Cleaned it all up and chipped off a bit more old seam sealer. Used some kurust rust converter, then painted it with black hammerite. Popped the scuttle panel back on with a bead of silicone along the top as the foam strip that's supposed to stop water running down behind it off the windscreen had almost totally disintegrated. There's a bit of surface rust appearing on the top of the panel where the blower motor is, but couldn't really get to that yesterday. There's hardly anything mind, but it's one to keep an eye on. Was nice to see all of the underseal looking nice and fresh underneath and behind the arch liner. Didn't take any pics of anything as I was cracking on and it kept raining on me.
  3. Nice one mate 😎 Just noticed that signatures have started showing on the mobile version... Has there been an update?
  4. Everything my old neighbour used to do on his seemed to involve dismantling half the front end of the car 😂
  5. Aw man, that's a big bill for a clutch! Everything I hear about minis is that they're a massive ball ache to work on / get the right parts for. At least DD is back in action 😎
  6. That seat looks nice.. I like that classic look for seats, like 80s recaros.
  7. Yeah, good few months. Loving it to be honest. Just drives so good.
  8. It is bud, whole unit... When you change the temperature etc it pops up on the display. Pretty cool really 😎
  9. Those wheels look mint mate... Very nice. Steering wheel looks good as well
  10. Crikey, you've been busy with that one mate. Deffo get some pics on to see what you've been up to. Glad she's okay though
  11. Little update, had to recommission the deck as the accord has decided to shat its power steering fluid so over the shop, do pumped the tyres up, stuck a new yuasa battery in, and off we go 😎 Love this car 🥰
  12. That's ridiculous picking up stuff like that when things are in good order.. You could almost understand it if they were trying to sell you work, but to them say they wouldn't do it! 🤦 It's such a lottery getting garages to do jobs on your car... Good ones are like gold dust. Hope your foot gets better soon mate..
  13. Not much to update on Tubs2 as its hibernation time, so thought I'd show done pics of the bargain android headunit / climate control thing for the big boy wagon. It's pretty good to be fair, better than a lot of oem infotainment systems. Had android auto and Apple car play. Only real quirk is that the passenger side temp control is the one that controls both, rather than the other way around, and the door open image that pops up is also switched around. Wish there was something like this for the M though. Got it for a bargain £35 from the cancer research eBay site as well. Looks like they must have a batch at there's another one on auction now https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225994844427?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=7jCh4mYeQAC&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=VPkI41u3Sse&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=More Replaces this unit..
  14. A nice box of engine treats there matey. Nice one for going your own way with the build as well - that's what it's all about really 👍😎 Hope you get sorted with somewhere to do the work.
  15. I can't check for you, I'm staying off Facebook again.. @Dave can you see?
  16. Class work as always Joe, great to see how it's coming along (and pleased you've added it here as I'm trying to stay off Facebook 😁). The fuel tank and filler came up really well - that's cool not having to replace them (though I don't think the filler is available so nice one for protecting it). Rover parts/fittings come to the rescue quite often now, and like you say are so much cheaper than honda would have been if they were available.
  17. Not really an answer to your question about dealer plates, but the brochure for the aerodeck and the hatch back has plates with "civic" on (fire the aerodeck one you need to download it as the pics on the post are duplicates from the hatchback post. I guess it would have just been marketed as a civic?
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