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  1. There's a post on our Facebook group of someone who has bent their rear cross member https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3823825667640360&id=100000388922702&set=gm.834645877317422&source=48&ref=group_browse Now I know from looking into it when I found that the one on tubs was rusted to hell, that honda do list the part as being separate from the rear floor - but if course it's not available anymore. Part number is 17500ST3E31 The workshop manual has some info for replacing sub frame parts, but it's far from a sim
  2. Aye, I've used it in a couple of hire cars as well - it's pretty cool. One of the things that swung it was that the sat nav app I use works on it now.
  3. If your phones on a more recent version of android you need to do the manual hotspot thing as android doesn't let other apps change WiFi settings any more. You need to enable developer mode on android auto on your phone to be able to manually start the server. I haven't been able to get it to work automatically from detecting Bluetooth. There's a wiki on line with the guides on. Edit.... https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/android-4-1-headunit-reloaded-for-android-auto-with-wifi.3432348/ Method 2 on this
  4. The only way I could get the free trial version working was with a USB otg cable, but the full version works great on WiFi. I've had to set it up so that I manually start a hotspot on my phone, and start the android auto server on my phone as well, but hoping to automate that using an nfc tag in the car.
  5. Does look in really good nick and super low miles... . Already dropped on springs and suits the wheels as well. M prices definitely seem to be on the up.
  6. Fixed up the old tablet for the install - bought one with a broken screen, and swapped the motherboard to replace the one with the knackered USB slot. It's got headunit reloaded installed on it so that it can pretend to be a car, and use android auto with it so that it is basically a bigger touch screen that controls the apps on the phone... Looks like it's going to work well.
  7. dr_broon


    Hi George. What parts are you interested in being able to fit? Are you looking to fix something, or looking for modifications? @dave used to have an MA, so I'm sure he'll be able to help.
  8. I think that the Strongflex kit for the rear comes with a softer compound for the trailing arm... https://strongflexuk.com/product/086039a-rear-suspension-bush-kit-sport/ https://strongflexuk.com/faq/
  9. The theme tune fairly takes me back to being a kid at my gran's with my cousins
  10. yes mate... I don't even think this works at all on usb adapters from what I've read - it's a Willem programmer... Was old fashioned when I got it then: Not even sure it runs on anything after win xp
  11. I've got a chip burner as I was trying to just put a P72 map on, but with a slightly lower Iab engagement. I think that the socket on the ecu came loose though when I was taking the chip out - I kept getting eml codes for different sensors that I kept needing to disable on crome. Last time the ecu was just dead. I've had the socket resoldered, but not been able to try it yet. I've also got a zif socket instead now to make the chip swapping easier. Don't know if I'll be able to use the burner now though, coz it used the parallel port, and my old pc with one is a long dead Windows
  12. Ah cool, is it something like this? https://www.hamotorsports.com/products/cn2-direct-ecu-bluetooth-module I've had my eye on them for a while waiting to see if my chipped p28 works - I might need to pick your brains about what you needed to do if I get the ecu sorted. They do a cable one which might be easier, but I like the idea of the Bluetooth one
  13. Nice to get it up and running What are you using for Bluetooth Jake? Has the coil pack kit got it?
  14. That MG does look spot on. It's a really good colour as well.
  15. Just read through the thread again - was a cool project!
  16. There was someone in here a few years ago who was either turning an M into a rover, or vice versa - can't remember which, but I've got a feeling that he was putting civic panels on a rover? Either way, I think that it was a hatch rather than a deck. Would be interesting to see the back end and side properly, to see what's going on with the doors and wheel arches... Looks like a bit of effort gone in.
  17. Yeah, that was weird... Why bother making life more difficult by doing the same thing in two different ways but make it look identical!? Yeah, that's what the garage said - they said that (if they did it anyway) you'd never know.
  18. I must admit that I remember someone else who had fitted them before had said they came up a bit short - can't remember who though. I'll see how they look. No, you're right it's not on the same circuit... I was poring through the Haynes circuit diagrams, and the honda workshop manual, and there's no links between the systems.... Must be a dodgy connection somewhere.
  19. Had a call from the garage today, they were fitting the mg skirts and said that they were too short. They sent me a couple of pics. After seeing the pics I told them to carry on - I'll see what they look like in the flesh (at some point.........), but thinking that they might be okay. They said that they could extend them if I got the ends off another set. Weird thing, when I was there over Christmas swapping the dash back in, when I pushed the fog light button in it made the horn sound. I thought that maybe they'd done something screwy when th
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