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  1. Same car park.... Different day... Different angle... Same sad owner taking a photo of his car in a public car park
  2. I bet you are chief. Christmas has nowt on this anticipation
  3. Very nice matey. Bet you were excited when the postie arrived
  4. dr_broon

    Dc2 shocks.

    Yeah, that's playing on my mind as well - there are 3 height settings on the koni rear shocks, but might not be enough to compensate. Probably going to have to try and find out from koni...
  5. dr_broon

    Dc2 shocks.

    There's so much guess work in modding these cars I'll try and get more info before ordering anything It'll be with my eibach ones which are for the deck. They're too much for the oem spec shocks to take, and doesn't help with them being so compressed.
  6. dr_broon

    Dc2 shocks.

    Cool. I did notice that the type r / non g type r shocks were listed separately. Do you know about the fronts Jake? Guessing these ones are the fellas if they're okay for EGs as well (and the picture is right).
  7. dr_broon

    Dc2 shocks.

    Am I right in thinking that the only difference fitment wise for dc2 shocks is the forks on the rears? When I got the skunk LCAs fitted they needed to machine the bush down to be able to fit the shocks, so presumably the LCAs were eg/dc2 ones. I've got to get some better shocks, and miss the konis I used to have, and am thinking about going down the integra route if it will work.
  8. I had a feeling that someone had issues with this boss before... There's a bit of info on this thread here... Sounds like you're going to have to whip the wheel off to measure the spline to be sure.
  9. As I understand it, the ethanol dissolves gunk that's built up in the system over the years, and that clogs the injectors (or at least that's the theory. We've been making sure we go to tesco, as the price difference there seems to be normally 5-6p per litre, which as a percentage of nyon 2 quid isn't much especially given the better fuel efficiency.
  10. Nice one with the exhaust. I'm sure that I had an issue with an O ring when I did my thermostat ages ago. Always quite liked the fan blades.
  11. Nice one. Fresh plastics make such a difference to the look of the car. I've been using gummi pflege on the deck, and it's amazing how good it works.. It's mainly meant to revive and protect rubber seals, but it works on plastics great as well. Makes them look new rather than that weird look you get with back to black. https://www.micksgarage.com/d/dash-rubber-and-plastics/products/2517984/gummi-pflege-stift-100ml Did it the last time I cleaned the old girl..
  12. Yep, still there https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID003387 Hope that's what you're looking for @Rainy
  13. Have a look at Rimmerbros for the MGZS. They probably still do them. I'm sure that's where I got them for the deck when she was getting done up.
  14. I quite like the period brown colour in that one... Pretty cool.
  15. How cool is this little beauty.. 1982, 1 owner from new. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202205115577041?atmobcid=soc3 Nowt to do with me, just saw it on auto trader.
  16. That looks like it's worked really well mate.. Do you have to mask anything off, or is the heat low enough for it not to matter? What's the theory, is it something to do with the oils in the plastic?
  17. Pretty cool experiment buddy, good luck with it. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.
  18. Top cleaning job matey! I know what you mean, always end up having at least a glance over the shoulder waking away in a car park, and there's just something about the way the lights in a multi storey make them look.
  19. What a transformation!
  20. Cheers Actually crapped myself at first, I thought it'd been knicked cos it wasn't where I thought it was parked. turns out it was a bit further down and was obscured by some modern lump. yeah, know what you mean about the big fogs. Just need to figure out what to do about a surround for them just to finish it off nice. Looking back on ebay the other day, turns out they're raybrig from a honda stream.. Not dc5.. Not sure where I got that from I'll blame 2 years of foggy memory since buying them.
  21. Drove in to work today cos I couldn't be bothered cycling in... Looked nice in the car park...
  22. Be nice to go for a spin in that
  23. Much better! Bet that wasn't a sweaty couple of hours' work.
  24. Yep, a van would have made this easier..
  25. Clio looks canny with the drop
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