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  1. Don't worry mate, I live up in the hills a wee bit and we had a frost that night. Yeah, love minidiscs... Just came too late and got trumped by mp3s. The headunit is about right for the age of the car... I had it in my eg way back when.
  2. Really small update today.. My minidisc headunit had stopped reading discs, so I replaced it today. With another one exactly the same And why is there so little space behind the radio Also, the gritter was out early in the week, so that's that for the winter.. Battery disconnected... Goodnight.
  3. That's a cool way to do it then, bet it was a good road trip. Have seen soon crazy vids of stuff on the ring.. Would be nice to have it to yourself though
  4. Nice! Bet that was mint at the ring. Would love to tick that one off, but think I'd be too scared of trashing the deck these days Sounds like the build is almost there mate - nice one. Bet you can't wait to get it all up and running and mapped.
  5. I worry when I need to leave my car on a hill. Always leave it in gear but still don't trust it Hope you get it sorted out okay.
  6. Looking good. Like that strut brace as well. Nightmare on the incident though... The curse of the honda handbrake strikes again!
  7. Not many grooves to be seen on them bad boys.. Guessing they're for track duties
  8. Just remembered about the ombudsman for garages - might be worth looking into https://www.themotorombudsman.org/knowledge-base/what-should-i-do-if-im-unhappy-with-the-garages-work-on-my-car All about reasonable due skill and care - which should be easy to prove they haven't done that Don't know what would be more hassle - this or going to court.
  9. Nice. See that it was at mallory Park this year.. Might keep my eyes peeled for where it is next year.. Could be worth a visit.
  10. Nice selection of parts to be fitted there chief. Also, some cool looking motors in the background there.. Love pushing the m as a retro classic
  11. Nice conversion! I wanted to do this with one of my spare seats (but also wouldn't be allowed if in the house ) How did the fix the base to the seat?
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