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  1. Yeah, don't fancy having to leave it in - some knacker would be bound to try and have it away. Plan is to have that sitting on the section where the clock etc is, but extended out to be the width of the centre bit, and then have a lid that tapers downwards back to the inner side of the vents. That's the plan, but I'm kind of going from memory until I get the car to sit in and work it out. Will have a usb cable coming out with a 90° connector on, and the cable will connect on the open side.
  2. Trying to work out sizes and where I need holes etc. Want to be able to slide it in and out the side. This will be the hub of the set up, and will extend out and back so that it fits in shape wise.
  3. dr_broon


    Yeah, there seems to be a lot of folk in the market for decent ones, and happy to spend on them as well. Maybe civic M's make more sense now in the world of bigger cars! They were just ahead of their time Heck, just look at the platform honda picked for the new type r... Almost m sized lol
  4. dr_broon


    Just browsing - as you do - and noticed this.. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101178067087?atmobcid=soc3 Given that as the advert says it's not in the best nick, and missing most of the interior, is £2.5k OTT, or is this just another sign that vtis are heading up in price?
  5. Aye, looks good. Is there a headunit at the bottom?
  6. That would be good. I'm still planning on fannying around with those buttons for the hazard and heated window switches as well. Is that pic a tablet install or a touchscreen double din?
  7. I remember having a good peer at mikefoto's double din, and it looked like you could see the join like there was a bit of a gap, but as you say, filling with resin and sanding should sort that out a treat - are you going to paint the whole thing? So will there be another joint where you are going to cut a section out further down? Good work so far though - even though you tried to chop off a finger.
  8. There's a post on our Facebook group of someone who has bent their rear cross member https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3823825667640360&id=100000388922702&set=gm.834645877317422&source=48&ref=group_browse Now I know from looking into it when I found that the one on tubs was rusted to hell, that honda do list the part as being separate from the rear floor - but if course it's not available anymore. Part number is 17500ST3E31 The workshop manual has some info for replacing sub frame parts, but it's far from a sim
  9. Aye, I've used it in a couple of hire cars as well - it's pretty cool. One of the things that swung it was that the sat nav app I use works on it now.
  10. If your phones on a more recent version of android you need to do the manual hotspot thing as android doesn't let other apps change WiFi settings any more. You need to enable developer mode on android auto on your phone to be able to manually start the server. I haven't been able to get it to work automatically from detecting Bluetooth. There's a wiki on line with the guides on. Edit.... https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/android-4-1-headunit-reloaded-for-android-auto-with-wifi.3432348/ Method 2 on this
  11. The only way I could get the free trial version working was with a USB otg cable, but the full version works great on WiFi. I've had to set it up so that I manually start a hotspot on my phone, and start the android auto server on my phone as well, but hoping to automate that using an nfc tag in the car.
  12. Does look in really good nick and super low miles... . Already dropped on springs and suits the wheels as well. M prices definitely seem to be on the up.
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