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  1. Yeah, love the purple... Wish it could be there all the time. Sound's much better... Got some vibration from the sub enclosure but I think it needs some better mounting points. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the sound now. A while ago I got some new door speakers off ebay, which weren't what the ad said they were, but turned out to be the optional extras for the car anyway, and they sound much better, as well as being a direct swap. Happy days. Just need to figure out what I'm going to do with the mounts for the roof ones as they fairly stick out. Thinking of attacking them with the sander to round the corners off, but that will make covering them more difficult.
  2. Looking good bud. You got any trips away planned in the bus over the summer?
  3. Couldn't resist taking a purple pic when the sun came out during a car wash today. Good wash and wax, and some vacuuming action as well. Also, got the gummi phledge out to revive the rubbers and plastic. Such great stuff. Comes up like new...
  4. Test fit of the fog lights after butchering the DC5 ones a wee bit, chopped the rivets of to get them off their own mounts, and had to chop some bits of brackets off so they fit in the space. First time I've used the cutting disks on the dremel.. Quite handy. One new, one old Two new Better than these tired old Ring Illuminators.. Was never happy with them and put up with them for at least 10 / 12 years
  5. Pleased to hear that mate - good to get it sorted out. Properly weird about that bolt though - I guess that something always has to be a pain when you're doing a job though.
  6. I've never went injector shopping before so I don't know what's normal, but loads of places were either out or had low stock
  7. So a few months back, my brother in law had a problem in his civic with an r18 engine where one of the injectors failed. My mate who works on our cars and used to work in the workshop at Honda is still in touch with guys he used to work with said they'd started seeing loads of injectors going, and thought it was because of e10. Fast forward to yesterday, and Karen's accord started sounding rough (she said it sounded like a scooby) and had an engine warning light on. Turns out it was a misfire on one of the cylinders.. Everything else checked out okay, so have ordered a new injector for it - my mate said when he was speaking to the parts guy at the dealer, apparently they'd ordered 18 injectors in a single week, which is totally unheard of. Needless to say, Karen's also now not touching e10 anymore. Normally bullet proof k24 felled by some rubbish fuel (or at least so it seems). Nuts when you think my b18 has been rocking on for over 20 years and well over 200k and never had an issue with an injector. Don't even remember anyone on here having issues.
  8. Karen's car was in getting a new flexi last week at the same place I got my back box done last year, and they said the only real option was to put in a J pipe to kill the resonance. I've actually got a feeling it's resting on the arb and that's why it's so noisy inside - it's not actually that loud an exhaust.
  9. Little bit more work today, had the bumper off to put a new horn on, and see if I could see anything obvious with the wiring that makes the horn sound if I turn the rear fog lights on without having the front ones on first (I couldn't...). Had a good mess about trying to see if there was any way to fit the RAYBRIG DC5 fog lights I got ages ago - looks like if I drill out the rivets, I'll be able to re rivet them to what's left of the original brackets after butchering them to fit the ring ones all those years ago - they've even got the same connector. Not sure how they'll look without the plastic cover though. Also took some measurements of my springs so that I can see about getting some better shocks... Gaz shocks said they should have some that fit, but needed the internal diameter of the spring. Fingers crossed because the oem spec ones can't damp the eibach springs at all well.
  10. Been doing a bit of carpentry today. Changing the roof speakers... Cut two pieces out of 18mm mdf, one with the template for the speakers, the other with a smaller hole so I could use two of the screw holes for the original speakers. Stuck some self adhesive sound proofing foam to the back to help it form to the shape of the roof and protect the roof liner. Screwed the first part to the roof. Then the second piece to the first, and the speaker into that. Stick out quite a bit, but should blend in more when covered. Also, might be able to tighten to the roof a bit more or once the foam is a bit more compressed. Need to get some matching fabric to cover them. Much better sound than these pathetic things..
  11. Nightmare. Hope you can manage to shift it on okay, and at least you've got the other one to stick on. The new back box on the deck is a bit too loud to be honest - I like the sound, but it's a bit too much, especially for a longer journey. Gonna try adding some sound deadening to the boot.
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