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  1. Looks nice mate! Those replacement trim pieces look much better - I like the idea of the red, but can see what you mean about it. Bring on the sunshine
  2. Not sure really, but found this online... there can be many reasons for this. clogged air filter, clogged fuel filter, old spark plugs. if you do a tune-up and still the same problem, there are two things you can change, that will be the o2 sensor, which regulates how much gas and oxygen to combine for combustion, or the less likely one would be your etc or engine temperature control, which when bad for some reason also makes your car waste more gas than usual. but o2 sensor is MUCH more likely to go than etc sensor.
  3. Crikey! Long time bud - didn't you used to have the diesel aerodeck? How's it going? What happened to the mc3? You can download the workshop manual from the download section on here - that should sort you out - if not, I've got a Haynes manual so can check if you need it. It's a weird one - I guess you've checked the connections etc?
  4. Might have to invest in some of those if I can't get the RAYBRIG dc5 ones to fit that I bought ages ago.
  5. That's a shame that you've had to let Mindy go - hope that you guys are okay.
  6. What did you end up getting? Hope that a suitable civic pops up, but it's quite a small pool to pick from now.
  7. Lots of good jobs going on mate - nice one in getting stuck in
  8. As far as the part number goes, you'll be able to get it from here if you put your reg in. https://www.lingshondaparts.com/partscatalog/catalog/selectsearch/catalog/hondacars/
  9. Nice find - the rear lip has to be the rarest bit of the vtis kit for the deck.
  10. Still more than double the standard power chief I bet that it does improve drivability (or frisking as my predictive text tried to say ) - might be better on the track as well for lower speed corners? Sounds like there's some nice prezzies for the old engine on the way then?
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