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  1. Is this repairable? If so, what on earth do I do?

    Add above I'd at least get a quote for getting it sorted. With it being an MB6, you can look for replacement / repair panels for mgzs and rover 400 as well. Worst case, don't scrap it... Sell it as spares / repair... Engine alone will be worth more than you'd probably get from a scrappie #savethathonda
  2. Aerodeck vti breaking

    If it's got the leather interior, has it got the black door cards?
  3. Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Looks fookin high! And not as long... And the fog lights worked
  4. Dr_Broon's VTI 'deck

    Mrs_Broon dug out these of photos of tubs the other day... Pre lowering, and pre civic 5.... Think it's not long after I got her and then the new wheels.
  5. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    spot on!
  6. Krzys' 2005 Cosmic Grey Civic EP3 Type R - Bob

    Oooooh.. New eyes Looking ace!
  7. My first car

    Okay, looks like the old links have gone. Most of the leds were t5 I think, but there's some different sizes in there as well.
  8. My first car

    Somewhere in my project thread it will have it but there's a lot to wade through. If you have a look at 10000rpm's aerodeck thread, I'm sure that I posted links to a couple of how to's there...
  9. Show us your (push) Bikes and general biking chat!

    Great work from the little fella
  10. My first car

    Welcome along buddy. Nice low miler that you've got there. I've always used standard ngk plugs in mine as well... Never had any issues and cheap enough to change regularly
  11. Your 2018 plans?

    Want to give the old girl (the deck that is) a bit of a health check, and refresh the suspension and bodywork, make sure that the engine's still tickety boo, see if I can get the p28 socket fixed, change my air intake a bit for a smooth pipe, and maybe get the intake mani polished and port matched to the dc2 throttle body. Oh, and get the standard winter alloys refurbed coz they are shocking! Got to have goals
  12. Ep82's wife isn't well.

    Awful news... So sad to hear.
  13. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Looks clinical in that engine bay chief