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  1. Side repeaters

    Hi. Would have thought that it would be an mot issue? Sure that @philgor can help if he's still around?
  2. Harness mounting points?

  3. Harness mounting points?

    Pretty sure that people have fitted harness bars before, but of the two points there, I'm pretty sure that the top one will be fairly weak as it's just for the trim, though the bottom one should be sturdy as that's where the rear seats latch onto. Look into a proper harness bar though it is a safety thing after all. Can anyone remember who has fitted harnesses before?
  4. Interior lights?

    Use a thin screwdriver to prise the covers off... If you look carefully you can see small indentations where the clips are... Hard to see on these photos, but the screwdriver is where the clips are... Back Front
  5. Electric Sunroof Glass

    Crikey! Just make sure that you don't get an aerodeck one... @burbleboy found that they drive fit in the hatch.

    Can't really shed any light on this other than mine has been doing this for a while now, and hasn't got any worse over probably nearly two years. Mine only really does it turning right and around 5mph.
  7. B18C4 Cylinder head with or without cams

    Was watching this on eBay and it finished without selling. Seemed a bit too good for the price to be honest, but you never know http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311949285430 And don't be shy about getting a project thread going for the conversion... Sounds interesting
  8. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    You can almost imagine it as an aerodeck in the first pic with that car in the background.....
  9. MZ ZR sideskirts

    Also ZR = rover 200 ZS = rover 400
  10. B18 engine problem

    O2 sensor fixed it for me, but mine only did it shortly after a warm start, or when there was lots of standing water on the road.
  11. MG ZS Spoiler

    Hi Scott, long time no see. Hope things are going well? GLWS
  12. Side skirts and parts

    What colour are the skirts bud?