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  1. dr_broon

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Bet you're glad to get that one out the way. They're so much more important now than when the main reason for them was for smoking (where has the smoking smiley gone?...)
  2. dr_broon

    Chandlers Aerodeck ITBS pictures

    Camber arms look nice and tidy mate. Think I'm in need of some new Bush action.. Let us know how the poly ones feel... I've never convinced myself that they won't be too firm / crash.
  3. dr_broon

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Wheels look good mate.. Proper job Look forward to seeing them back on the car
  4. dr_broon

    Rattle noise when cornering

    Any idea where the noise is coming from generally? Is it like a knock or does it keep rattling?
  5. dr_broon

    The story of my MA8!

    Looking like a nice job there
  6. dr_broon

    Replacement coolant hoses

    Most things that I look for on lings nowadays says they're unavailable...
  7. dr_broon

    Replacement coolant hoses

    I think that with silicon you're relying on the jubilee clip (or similar) to do all the work, whereas with rubber over time it starts to weld itself to the metal, so even if there's a problem with the seal from the clip, the fact that the rubber has joined forces with the metal will save the day. That said, there's plenty of people who've been running silicon hoses without any issues. I've got silicon ones on (for about 9 months I think) and so far so good.
  8. dr_broon

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    Not really I mentioned it because I spotted the induction kit... It's just that it's an extra bit of gubbins that's not needed anymore . I suppose taking it out might make a path for air to come into the engine bay, but likely to be such a small effect.
  9. dr_broon

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    Nice job Should've whipped out the resonator box while you had the bumper out