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  1. Lush! Just stick a glass top on and voilla - coffee table
  2. Would be a nice mod would that. Those double din dashes don't come cheap though.. Mega tax
  3. I saw that and convinced myself that the wheels were different
  4. The Seat served you well with that mileage! Jessie looks cool - quite like the front end. Nice to see Dave's civic lurking in the back as well
  5. Nice one. It's good to get the car off the street.
  6. I was watching the boy play gran turismo 7 a while ago, and took this snap of the ek9 interior so I could Google lens it. Seems that there is a double din option there. Would have been mint for the M to have had that as an option. Would also be cool to be able to mate the two together somehow (with lots of filler and probably flock or alcantara or something to hide the joins)
  7. Hope that you've sorted it with that then bud.
  8. Nice one mate. All this work will be well worth it in the end.
  9. So, bit of a grumpy update. Seems I did a bit of breaking of stuff when away camping. We had a trip up to Whitehaven to get some supplies in, and had the boys bikes on the roof... Went into a car park with a height restriction bar on... Didn't end well. Safe to say I was fuming with myself. Totally didn't notice the bar was there with it being round a corner and up a slight hill.. Was too busy trying to figure out where the car park was. Looks like it's fixable, and we were going to get it into the body shop anyway to get some rust and scratches sorted out, but it's a bit of a bummer and more expensive. As it needs new roof trim anyway, going to try and get some rails instead of having those bars that grab the roof. Never liked them anyway. Luckily I was next to a boat yard and was able to borrow a lump hammer and done wooden blocks, otherwise i wouldn't have been able to straighten the bar that was bent to get them back on. Would've been well stuffed.
  10. Predictive text Yeah, they seemed like they were a decent option. If you could mate, that'd be sound. Not sure if my p28 needs a repair as well. Need to do a bit of fault finding to see if it's the socket or something else. Like i say, I need to pull my finger out
  11. Have you still got the S2k as well Andrew? Good Mpg is a big thing at the minute. The Mrs is thinking about getting an aygo or something for knocking round the doors because the accord is too heavy on fuel.
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