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  1. B18C4 Cylinder head with or without cams

    Was watching this on eBay and it finished without selling. Seemed a bit too good for the price to be honest, but you never know http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311949285430 And don't be shy about getting a project thread going for the conversion... Sounds interesting
  2. Cracked seatbelt buckles

    My passenger one has been like that for a long time. No idea how it happened.
  3. New member

    Hello. You've had her for a pretty long time... Nice one
  4. COTM - September 2017 - Dawn's Deck wins!

    You can almost imagine it as an aerodeck in the first pic with that car in the background.....
  5. MZ ZR sideskirts

    Also ZR = rover 200 ZS = rover 400
  6. Honda civic MB3 proud owner

  7. Howdee Doodee

    Hi mate. Lovely looking deck there
  8. B18 engine problem

    O2 sensor fixed it for me, but mine only did it shortly after a warm start, or when there was lots of standing water on the road.
  9. MG ZS Spoiler

    Hi Scott, long time no see. Hope things are going well? GLWS
  10. My second honda but new to group

    Welcome buddy. Deck looks spot on (next entry into Tom's deck of the month book.....)
  11. Rookie REDMAN MC2

    Hi there.. Welcome along
  12. Side skirts and parts

    What colour are the skirts bud?