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  1. That's a lovely looking deck there mate, and sorry that you're having to get rid and not enjoy what you've made. Good luck with the sale.
  2. No worries mate. The knob is a razo one. I had one for years but the leather went all tacky from the car being damp, so I got a new one recently. The trim is the standard vti trim I think, although there may have a carbon effect one as well.
  3. I've just taken a few photos that might help understand where things are.. Clips on each side towards the front. If you put for fingers in at the front, but at each side, you should be close enough to release them without stressing the trim. These locating tabs at the back mean you need to lift from the front These are the slots the locating tabs go into
  4. To right... The way up is on the a1 dual carriage way, then a fast flowing A road - about an hours drive - and had the wife and kids in the car. Bit scary really. 4 rainsport 5's are on there way.
  5. It's worn all the way round, but worse there. I think that it might have been low pressure for a while without me noticing (on the rear), and maybe made worse by needing the camber /alignment sorting out. Dunno.. Just pleased it didn't seem to blow when I was driving!
  6. So this happened today.. Somehow between driving for an hour up to muy mam's, and driving back again....
  7. dr_broon

    Ecu errors

    It's mainly the socket that looks dodgy - I don't think that it stood up well to the chip going in and out when I was trying to get the map to work years ago. I've got a zif socket in there now, but think that it needs a bit of a going over.
  8. dr_broon

    Ecu errors

    I suspect it's the soldering of the components for the chipping - it's not the prettiest job... Better than I could have done, but that's not saying much..
  9. dr_broon

    Ecu errors

    Light still on so probably ecu needs attention before going for mapping.
  10. dr_broon

    Ecu errors

    Going to try hooking it up again today - if there's no eml, then it's probably okay for mapping.. If not, then the ecu must need some more electronic loving.
  11. Would love to get a full spray done so that the looks reflect all of the work that's gone in to the chassis, but it'll have to wait. Will look at getting some smart repairs done to pick up the odd chips and scratches.
  12. dr_broon

    Ecu errors

    I should add that this was just to check the ecu is ready to be mapped properly - was always going to put the P9 straight back in.
  13. dr_broon

    Ecu errors

    So, now I've got a working car, I had a chance to try the p28 ecu after getting the soldering of the socket checked. Plugged it in, and what do you know... No engine warning light... Hurrah! So I think to myself, not only has the issue where the ecu just had a solid light and wouldn't start been fixed, the last time I burned the P72 base map to the chip I must have got to the end of disabling various sensors that don't exist.. Mint. Took it for a drive, carefully at first, and all seemed fine. Gave it a short burst of beans up to maybe about 6 or so, and
  14. The sun shining on it is making me take photos... I'd love to get it mopped, but I know it's been done a few times in the past, so not sure how many it can take. Even just itching to clay and wax it.
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