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  1. dr_broon

    Mb6 Mid wing

    Something wrong with the pic mate - not due what file type that is m
  2. dr_broon

    Mb6 Mid wing

    Do you mean on the rear screen? Not sure I've seen one fitted either. You'd have to check measurements etc, but can't see why you couldn't. If anyone has looked into it, @Craigblight86 would be the man - any clues Craig?
  3. That's a lovely looking deck mate... Mean looking.
  4. Just to show this, was just looking for some new bungs for my spare wheel well as a couple of mine have gone a bit gummy... https://www.parts-honda.uk/honda-cars/assignment_spare_parts/82871671000 £4.52 ex VAT from honda https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-BNP4028 60p ex VAT for rover.. Quite a difference if you're buying the 10 that honda has as the default number for replacing them all!
  5. Yeah, plastic.. I'll have a spy, but it fell from right where the caliper was. Weird.
  6. Really nice colour is that. Got it sorted.
  7. Been a while since any updates, but not much to report really.. Mostly had a summer of enjoying the deck (apart from a few weeks touring Scotland in the accord). Yesterday I noticed that one of my rear calipers had started sticking a bit, so had a bit of an investigate. The piston looks immaculate and wound in and out easily, slider pins also look fine.. Regreased them as they seemed a bit gritty, but look spot on. Handbrake doesn't seem to be sticky, and moves the piston in and out okay. The pads had welded themselves to the caliper a bit, and one of them needed some filling in the edges to remove some rust build up and let them move freely in the shim thing, but other than that, couldn't see anything wrong. Still is binding a bit, not as bad, but not properly free... Anyone got any ideas? When I had her jacked up I had a spy underneath, and apart from being a bit dirty, still looks nice underneath. Also, this fell down when I was persuading the caliper off.. No idea where it came from, can't see one on the other side, and can't see where it would go or what it would do? It looks like it slides in a slot, and a bolt or something goes through it at right angles
  8. Hi, I'd have thought they'd go straight on? @Dave did you have these on Ruby?
  9. I'm guessing that's your own work again? Looks nice mate
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