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  1. well, I'm a registered member since feb '10 I just never posted a project topic before because there wasn't a project, just a constant mending. Now I am considering the proposal of the avid seller in order to save her from the scrapper.
  2. After some years of lurking, it's time to show my beast 1997 Serene Silver MA8 "Silk" edition The stock D14A2 in all its glory All almost stock, just KONI STR.T coilovers and Vogtland springs. With this setup cornering has changed dramatically, very very funny to drive even though the old fashioned tires (Yokohama a.drive 175/65R14). Standard headlights were updated with a xenon kit, also a big improvement. Rear lights and side mirrors from a VTI-S (thanks Yasar) and exhaust trim from a 25th anniversary EK. Rear wing was broken and the current one looks like the MB one. Inside just an LG stereo and new front and rear speakers. And an USB charger, obviously. 300000km without any major problem, some standard maintenance and some fix like heater resistor and side windows mechanism, engine starter and a couple of seals. And now, bad news. Some years ago, an Honda mechanic told me that this car would have been perfect for almost 300000km. Now, I dont know if there's a bomb on the speedo but in the exact instat i hit the fateful number everything started to go wrong. I was on the highway, at the toll the coalant temperature went in the red zone. Some says water pump problem, some says HGF. From that time the only way to cool down is to rev up... Same day, returning home at safe speed. Hailstorm. Broken windshield Two days after: dead starter. Fixed started, changed driveshaft axles and other bits (two weeks ago) All looks good, car runs fine but someting start bothering me and after few days I notice a lot of new noises and a dramatic mileage drop from 40-48 to 30 Yesterday, 180km trip, everything seems ok, some hill climb, some overheating when blocked in traffic. but mileage dropped again to 20mpg And after almost 18 years of love, that's enough. I went to a Škoda dealer and I bought one like this She's coming home this saturday Dealer offered me 80£ for the MA. I answered with a middle finger. It's a shame because the front was fixed 3 months ago after a little crash and looks mint and probably it is possibile to fix all the issues without spend a fortune but italian burocracy just kill the maket for a car this old. Maybe i'll take some parts before scrap so stay tuned if you need something
  3. Great news! I was coming home in the middle of a hailstorm on the highway and the next morning I noticed a nice crack in the windshield .. and also one of the two headlights showed no signs of life. A new windshield is not an option because it costs at least twice the value of the car. So I need to know if those for MA / MB / MC / Rover are interchangeable. Unfortunately, in Italy it is easier to find a ferrari 360 rather than an MA at the scrap yard. As a bonus question I really have to replace all the door outer moldings which are more than perished so any advice or link are more than welcome because I do not even know exactly what to look for If I can fix these things cheaply maybe I can focus on the minor details like ... ummm .. clutch and brakes thank you in advance guys
  4. you just found an unicorn, I want one toooo p.s. what's the part number??
  5. malefix

    Top speed!!

    115, highway, downhill, tailwind and f**king late
  6. good!!! torrent machine ready
  7. - 300000km party - maybe new alloys and tyres
  8. I know that feeling bro , but this is even worse than mine in summer tyres
  9. well, my MA8 is simply terrifying on snow/ice compared with anything else with four wheels, there is no grip at all with front tyres and sometimes I have to use handbrake in order to do corners in downhill. I haven't tried with current tyres (Yokohama A-Drive) and suspension setup but I'm not too confident
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