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    <p>I'm a proud family man with a wife and now THREE wonderful children.. my wife and I both drive civic MB's and our love of Honda's don't stop there. I also own a Honda cbr600</p>

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  1. Mae's diamond *mb1*

    Wow nice touch. Look forward to seeing more pics
  2. Car of the month January 2018

    Let's see how this goes. Was stuck between 2 but had to go for the complete car. The deck is defo gonna b a winner when it's finished
  3. Car of the month January 2018

    A sorry display considering how many newbies have joined and also the fact the deck shotgun has been reloaded. Where has everyone gone. @UnicyclingTom U should pull one out ur sleeve or maybe the traitor @dogg1210 u not got a deck to enter
  4. Car of the month January 2018

    Going to enter @BenR89 mb6
  5. Car of the month January 2018

    I wasn't going to enter the mb2 with the deck shotgun being reloaded .
  6. Happy fresh year.

    Haha how nice lol
  7. stevie's Mb2 'shadow' ❤

    No bother mate. I know. Haters will hate. Bet they would b raging if something happened to something they owned
  8. stevie's Mb2 'shadow' ❤

    Well that's me in the new house. Still got loads to sort out but there is light at end of tunnel. Been long time coming. unfortunately tho so f**king low life has booted my car. Luckily it's the bumper and with a lot of hot water or even heat gun should push out. Don't know if it's been at new house or while it's been sitting at the hospital.
  9. mb9 aerodeck not so 1980 look

    So what's ur plans for the headlights now
  10. Car of the year - 2017 - Ringo is the winner!

    Congratulations @hondasport. Worthy winner well done mate
  11. Car of the year - 2017 - Ringo is the winner!

    Bloody hell 12 votes. That no bad these days.
  12. Car of the year - 2017 - Ringo is the winner!

    How long this running. That's my vote in. #hatchforCOTY lol