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    <p>I'm a proud family man with a wife and now THREE wonderful children.. my wife and I both drive civic MB's and our love of Honda's don't stop there. I also own a Honda cbr600</p>

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  1. stevie's Mb2 'shadow' ❤

    Just a update of my poor civic. Needing some tlc . Aircon has packed in. Needs a exhaust. Needs a service. Has a misfire. Probably just a plug. Needs a couple of upper suspension arms. Needs bumper repaired. And problem is funding. Seriously need yo sort money out and get car sorted out b4 it gets run into the ground
  2. Ben's ma8

    Wow can't wait to c the finished motor mate. As previously said. Certainly gonna b different.
  3. vti-s 1997 for sale

    God damit only 1800 outta my price range
  4. Car of the month May 2018

    Gonna enter old faithful. Now owned for 7 years
  5. Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    Love fanblades but I'm bias
  6. Innocent civic

    Yeah I'm sure I would have my hand on my own hammer. That and throwing boiling hit water out the window
  7. Innocent civic

    Low life scum trying to steal a motorbike and taking it out on a civic ma ( I think). Hope it's nobody from here https://www.facebook.com/groups/TourisTTrophy/permalink/1753987328014625/
  8. Website warning??

    Well done matey
  9. Car of the month March 2018

    Lucky to even get nominations now. I entered my car as after 2 days nobody had done anything.
  10. Car of the month March 2018

    Congratulations @snakey135