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    <p>I'm a proud family man with a wife and now THREE wonderful children.. my wife and I both drive civic MB's and our love of Honda's don't stop there. I also own a Honda cbr600</p>

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  1. powerofdreams

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    There's actually alot of really nice mb2 on here mate. 2 to mention would b trinity d which is a very extreme mb2( if u can even class it as that anymore. Have a look you'll c what I mean.) And mikefotos mb2 which again is amazing.
  2. powerofdreams

    my new mb2 hatch

    Quality mate. Nice looking motor. How rad is this one going
  3. powerofdreams

    My Silver MB2 Thread

    Nice mate. Look for to seeing how this progresses. U should have a look at @ammarbm old mb2 tread. Was silver too and looked amazing
  4. powerofdreams

    stevie's Mb2 'shadow' ❤

    Alrite @AJCivic cheers. I've fitted vti-s front and rear splitters and side skirts. Ford focus front fog lights (Still need to wire up) Fan blades Half leather interior Carbon fibre look interior trim Mg as rear spoiler Strut brace Red HT leads Spy eyed ( not sure if thats proper name. Been that long)the front and rear lights. Clear side repeaters Vti-s gear knob Red H sticker for steering wheel and alloy wheel centres Fitted mesh grill to bumper Fitted mesh to front grill Debadged rear. Carbon fibre covered rear badge. Lower bumper rubber strip. ( not yet fitted) De-wipered rear Painted rocker cover, battery brace, strut brace and radiator brackets red Armrest centre console Better sure that's everything lol
  5. powerofdreams

    Car of the month May 2018

    Wow I didnt even know we had started voting.
  6. powerofdreams

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    Slow and steady is better than how mines is going at moment. Needs a bit tlc
  7. powerofdreams

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    Wow another quality m u got there @ammarbm Loving the look of it.
  8. powerofdreams

    Honda Maz's Pirates Black VTI Aerodeck

    Looking good. Look forward to seeing what it looks like with wheels on
  9. powerofdreams

    Car of the month May 2018

    What's happening with may cotm. Running out of days lol @Dave
  10. powerofdreams

    stevie's Mb2 'shadow' ❤

    Just a update of my poor civic. Needing some tlc . Aircon has packed in. Needs a exhaust. Needs a service. Has a misfire. Probably just a plug. Needs a couple of upper suspension arms. Needs bumper repaired. And problem is funding. Seriously need yo sort money out and get car sorted out b4 it gets run into the ground
  11. powerofdreams

    Ben's ma8

    Wow can't wait to c the finished motor mate. As previously said. Certainly gonna b different.
  12. powerofdreams

    vti-s 1997 for sale

    God damit only 1800 outta my price range
  13. powerofdreams

    Car of the month May 2018

    Gonna enter old faithful. Now owned for 7 years