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  1. It well till at the end when i put into 3rd i realised something was wrong, it blew the compressor pipe off, enough boost lol
  2. Nice to see, a very large turbo'd 2.4 accord, fully forged but had ecu problems as only 1 american company had the tech to run it and it wasnt working lol Oh a turbo'd hayabusa
  3. Rare r32 vspec with factory option low mileage they rekon worth 25k!
  4. Update, the last week has been expensive and some hard craft, start with i went up on the train to coventry at 6am on last monday to MGT motorsport(so many nice things!). After chatting alot with the tuner i learned alot about what happens in the engine bay, what i didnt realisie is the FconS ecu was a piggyback basically lying to the maf voltage to make it put more fuel in. He said it was passworded by the last tuner so would have to be wiped clean and start again, after an hour i dicided to go for a slightly reduced G4 Link ecu for £1400 & temp air sensor which is a complete replacment ecu for the car which has much more control over what happens and each way thru the curve from idle to the limiter can be tweaked, its nuts what it can do. Anyway plugged it in and it would only fire 3 cyclinders, after a few hours we worked out the 3 sets of pins on the link board hadn't been soldered!! so that was all sorted and mapping becan on a 4 hub dyno the final results were 377hp at all 4 wheels, 327lbs at all 4 wheels, about 460hp at the flywheel on 1.3bar. I had boost creep from 1.1 to 1.3bar. I also bought a wideband o2 sensor kit to install later to help with feuling. Happy with the results but me and the tuner know it can do more but the manifold & wastegate setup ive choose not knowing is not gd enough and the piston rings cant really take anymore safely as well. As he was bringing the out the dyno the next day, it had blown the turbo to mani gasket, so drove like that home and the tunnel was very hot too. I found out the 4wd attesa ecu in the boot wasnt working now, so first i took the turbo replaced the gasket, put it back together, another leak! took the wastegate off no issues so i knew it had to be the manifold being the issue, it all came off and lucky there was noo cracks but the flange had warped the centre now higher, so using the belt sander at work moving it back and forth for an hour i got it flat phew! Put it all back together this morning and boom fixed! Took ages to located the right pins to loop a wire to give the 4wd ecu a TPS signal but ive done that too. That scream pipe is metal!! Sry abou the essay lol Inside the shop: Marks 1400bhp+ drag car
  5. Been driving it all week, its err intresting lol the rear wheels scrub here and there, quite unhappy with the springs, the rev counter can go nuts sometimes which is annoying as it beeps when it redlines at 9k His and hers
  6. Tops done, happy with the work but not with the colour but i can re do that later, also not happy with the £180 for the transport to MGT, he put it in for an MOT and it passed Off to MGT tomorrow and i go up monday to do the mapping, ill do some vids yay!
  7. Got the tracking done today, the camber was actually alright was expecting it to be all over the place! All the guys at the garage were asking about it lol Was a hoot to drive but still needs to be stiffer! Need some anti roll bar on there bad!
  8. Picking up the trailer tomorrow to take it to cambrigde for the strut top work, then on the following sat dropping it off in convetry for mapping on monday! Exciting and expensive times lol
  9. LOL i paid like 10 quid its spot on! As for heat i dont really care, the engine and mods are for the moment temporary till i can get my engine swap going, just put new outer tie rods on and went for a test drive, wow the bike can sounds epic lol nice low hum to a loud rasp at 7k and nearly crashed into some old man watching the rev counter lets say he was a bit surprized Hopefully if i have some time at some point i need to pop to the local garage to get the tracking done! Oh the smiths gauge didnt work, followed the diagrams and nothing, had to send it back for a refund. I rewired the new one back in & although it jumps about on idle, it goes solid when you rev it under load so thats fine for now lol
  10. Smiths 60/70's 10k rec counter! I think i got the wiring the sussed...
  11. Support bracket made and got my new mushroom filter on
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