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  1. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Let's just hope it stays in place! I checked the sealant when I left for work and it's almost set so 24hrs should be about right. As silly as it sounds, it's starting to look like a Honda again with the stickers back on. I may scan and make the rear badges as stickers to see what they are like
  2. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Doesn't look like the last picture of the decal loaded so I'll try again Had to do a little bit of work on the roof to get it ready to fit. I had several coats of UV resistant lacquer put on it but it had a few defects. Decided to smooth them out before fitting, easier place to get water while sanding was in the bath Secure from the outside first... Then from the inside to check its alignment Had to mask the roof off to make sure I didn't get the sealant everywhere but the alignment still wasn't right Simple ways are often the best While the inside was secured an easy way too. You'll notice the aluminium blocks on the inside of the roof. These have been bonded and bolted to the carbon and drilled and tapped on the underside. I'll make and bolt 3 braces inside that will hopefully stop the roof from being pulled out by air pressure at speed. Then taped up the inside gap to stop the sealant dropping through Hopefully it will all be bonded in the next few days but this stuff was going off before i was finished! Not going to remove the clips and tape until Thursday just in case though, and then see if it's stiffened the roof. If not, I've got a plan to sort that later....
  3. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Were you watching me.... Of course I was, even had the harness on! Pedals felt weird but then I remembered I need my racing shoes as my steel toe caps are too wide. Carbon roof next and then it's onto sealing in the last of the windows and the chassis is mobile again without covers so I can trailer it down for the engine install
  4. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Brake lines were the task for the today, needed to keep busy All the pipework needs clipping into place but it's all routed apart from the pedal box. Had to put the decals back on the rear doors next as I've been itching to do it for a while. Fire and fuel lines next... Again, needs to be clipped in. The fuel lines seem way too long, looks like I'll need to re-route or shorten them.
  5. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Good Friday, good day on the car more like! Passenger door card now in and the door lock taken into account. Traced it out for the drivers side I know not everything under the dash is done but I wanted to fit everything so I could work out where to mount the door pulls and get a feel for what it's like to sit in the seat once more Dash isn't quite lined up so need to adjust the brackets it's sitting on next time I take it out. Switch panel is perfect though, won't hit it accidentally, can easily reach it with the harness on and yes I spent a while in the drivers seat! Love how comfortable it is and I can still get in and out easily. It does feel weird with the door card in place as before you could rest on the roll cage and your arm would go into the door but I should have both hands on the wheel anyway. Also couldn't help test fitting the windscreen You can see the heating elements on the inside but not when you are looking through the glass. I've never totally unwrapped it before but the wires to the heating elements are at the bottom so should be easy to hide under the dash Got around to test fitting the centre console too. All the main switches are in easy reach, but I think I now know what is going to the left had side of the digital dash - any switch I need quickly as there is a lot going on with all the circuit breakers! Plus it's not easy to see some of them Last job was to start on the door pulls. Whole reason of fitting the seat in the first place - see where I could reach the pull strap and then work out how to mount it. Did the passenger side first once I'd figured it out It's mounted to a 2mm aluminium plate that's fixed back to the door structrure rather than the door card. Less chance of some ham-fisted idiot pulling off the door card later on!
  6. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Yes, both front windows have vents and I have a small fan blower behind the dashboard True, it won't be on the road but I want to be cool/warm. If it becomes too much then I'll look to put small vents in the rear windows to pull air out of the cabin
  7. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    A little bit more work on the car to get the door cards on, not difficult just time consuming to get it right.
  8. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Should be okay then, and as you say the IACV can be turned off in the mapping
  9. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    IACV and MAP won't work together on ITB's I don't think, it's one or the other. I have wired both options but if it's meant for track the IACV isn't needed
  10. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Mark from BYC should be back in the UK about now so he can sort one out for you. Don't think he's updated the website but he has all the patterns for the spoiler, skirts and front splitter mounts. Solid guy, very helpful Wiring will look better once all the mounts for it are in and it's all tucked up under the intake properly. I wanted something to tidy the engine bay and I've gone cap head around the rest of the bay. I shouldn't need one for a track car, but I've heard it's easier to map with one that doing alpha n. It's either that or IACV, and I have the wiring for each in the loom.
  11. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Few updates over the weekend - Race Technologies came back to me about the Speedo reading being out on the DASH2 - seems I discovered a bug in the last firmware and the display was showing m/s not MPH?!?! New software installed on the laptop, just need to connect to the DASH2 and update the program. Glad we can sort it! Engine - went down and did a few jobs on the engine like fit the cam cover baffles, properly fit the cam cover, modify the timing belt cover to clear the 4 Piston oil pump and Fluidamper bottom pulley etc. etc. I'd lost all the timing belt bolts so Hond-R to the rescue on Saturday morning as they had a spare set. Bloody typical that I then find them all as soon as I went to work on the engine! Little details like fitting the S2 washer kit and some MPC washers to the V-TEC solenoid and intake with all Stainless fittings just set it off for me too Wiring needs to be pinned up at the back but it all fits. Need to do this before it gets put back in the car but really need the gearbox and T brace refitted first so will have to be done while the engine is on the hoist I also have to fit the vaccum collector block for the MAP sensor. To be totally honest I don't need it, I can run the ECU on alpha n but it won't hurt to put it on for the sake of tuning. Just makes the back of the engine harder to work on. I've made the bracket, just need to fit it. Sunday - nice weather so pushed the chassis outside to fit all the little bits to the doors. I bought a set of the little clips that hold the outer door seals in place so I could make sure it they all went back in correctly. Quick blast and rub down with silicone spray, fill in the missing gaps with the little clips and refit all 4 seals Also bolted in the passneger side windows to the the doors and took the covers off the rear quarter panel and boot lid windows. Had to refit the side skirts and align them properly after I took them off to do the wiring in the front wings. Front bumper is also now secure, and I've modifed it to take the larger fog lamps. Just can't find the other lamp, must have put it safe when I was cleaning the garage....... Yes I know I need to re-paint the grill!
  12. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    NOOOO, where the battery tray was or if you've ditched the ABS look over there
  13. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    That's what I was looking to do but it's a lot of work to build the mount that's secure enough. Not impossible but that's why I put mine where I did as it was easier, secure and not easy to damage. Take a knock to the bumper and lose power steering? No thank you!
  14. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Interesting, so where are you going to mount the EHPS pump?
  15. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Cheers, I will try and get some pics this weekend. Still got the MAP sensor to fit somewhere under the manifold once I mount the vacuum bar and that's all the wiring on the engine done. At the moment the wires are left long just in case.