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  1. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Aerodeck is all done from the outside, but I guess the Nissan would be different
  2. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    they look like powder coated aluminium, and easy remove so aren't difficult to clean up and renew.....unless you snap a stud off! Engine builder sent me these images of the engine build so far Can't wait to drop this into the bay!
  3. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Carbon fibre panel, just needs to be bonded in I've been meaning to try them too, had them sitting there for a while and finally gave in. The larger ones aren't so good though, well the ones I got anyway.
  4. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Some small jobs on the weekend, trying to complete the ECU wiring and tackled the snapped roof bar stud Went back and started from the middle, and twisted the bundle of wires in layers. The ends nearest the plug all had a small curl put in the wires for strain relief once the heatshrink went on Had to extend a few wires for the Lambda so a good excuse to try these new heat shrink solder joints I found online, worked pretty well and look good Pinned the AEM puck wires in a separate shielded cable as per the other side of the loom Want to run the loom up the bulkhead, across and out to the roll cage where the ECU will sit so did a test run first to make sure it fitted. I've since heated and shaped the loom to fit nice and tight to the top of the fire wall to clear the extinguisher pipe Okay, the dreaded snapped roof stud. Had to protect the paint first with several layers of tape just in case before I drilled the stud out and through into the cabin Careful pilot hole..... and it comes through clear of the cage and in a easy place to work from the inside, phew! Time to drill it to size and paint the area to protect it EZ-out on the stud in the t-nut Back on with the end of the roof rail Just the nut to paint and seal later on Will continue the wiring in the week.
  5. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    I work in America, China, Australia and New Zealand, but I'm not going to Scotland!
  6. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    One day I think I'm going to end up there helping you do it so it's all done!
  7. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Just had another look, there's plenty of room under each wing on either method
  8. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    It clears, no issues on either side.
  9. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    More small jobs over the weekend - Function 7 LCA Brace - ARB There are a pair of additional support brackets that need to be fitted, unfortunately once again these were not designed for the Aerodeck!, time to modify.... These go inside the subframe for the brace and ARB brackets to attach to. The ARB brackets also had to be modified as the holes don't quite line up so just had to drill them out slightly Forgot to take pictures underneath so I'll do that this weekend. Car is on all 4 wheels and mobile again though! Sunday was wiring, so fitted all the chassis loom to the front of the car down the inside of each wing. Had to support the trunking in the wing so went for some riveted wire guides Protected the cable as it came through the chassis so it doesn't rub Other side, slightly different run as I had a little less cable to work with So just the headlight and fan plugs to wire up and the engine bay is done. Started the loom from the milspec to the ECU but ran out of wire Also fitted the next part of the oil system ahead of the engine install Fitted the oil temp and pressure sensors to the remote oil filter mounting
  10. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    I've got a Competition Clutch flywheel and stage 4 clutch, all matched and balanced
  11. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    I can sort of see that, I've got a lightened flywheel too but I thought that may make it worse as you'd have to have a higher tick over to keep it running (less rotating mass?)
  12. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    We'll have to see how mine runs, I'm not expecting it to be a nice quiet car on tick over
  13. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    No the S2 aren't as aggressive. We drew up a chart a while back and listed out all the cams at the time. A friend of mine did the maths based on intake runner length, valve size, bore*stroke blah blah blah (went way over my head) and what we wanted was the Buddy Club Stage 3 from the table but couldn't get them We looked at making a set which wasn't that expensive but completely untested so I wasn't prepared to go that route. We then went for the S2 Ultra series stage 3 but they had issues with wearing so had to go for the way more expensive Toda Spec C. I'm not even sure at this stage what this engine will idle like but it looks like it'll be lumpy as Ben was focusing on the top end when he did the math and knew the car wasn't meant for the road.
  14. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    If it's a common mod and you're running stock valves then to be honest you shouldn't have to. I'm running lumpy high lift cams and high comp pistons so there's a lot that could go wrong without careful setup. Andy dialled in the cams as per the Toda instruction sheet and took half a millimeter out of the piston pocket for safety
  15. MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    If it's not raising the compression ratio too high then I would imagine you'll be okay mate. Mine had clearance, just less then 60 thou so if I did miss a gear then I could be in a world of pain! Sunday - get the hubs done! Press the spindle into the hub bearing, remember to support the inner race of the bearing from behind! Then I pressed in the extended ball joints - removed the decal around the edge of the ball joint as it was just getting caught on the edge of the hole in the hub And reinstall on the car Brake disc and caliper carrier in place with all the shims in the right order to get the caliper and pads in the correct position relative the disc. I held the disc in place with a bolt temporarily and the wheel went on with no clearance issues. One corner left to do and it's back on its own wheels