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  1. DeLaSoul

    Polycarbonate windows

    For the MB, search for the Rover MG ZS window kits, there are plenty about. Plastic4Performance made the kit for my Aerodeck so can do the MB side windows, not sure they carry the rear screen (if you want that as well). You have to retain the rear door quarter lights to secure the rear windows.
  2. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Will let you know Thursday, should be all done by then! The one thing I've struggled to find is a house with a sensible garage, the older houses seem better. Estate agents never seem to take measurements of garages so I've ended up taking a tape measure to each one or pacing it out!
  3. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Wax goes on very easily, I was expecting it to be tougher to apply to be honest. It rained on the drive up and the water literally flew off! Forgot that I also have my truck back which was fun to tow on my trailer - went well though Luckily the Nissan was able to drop off the back with no issue until we could cut the locks off to load the Aerodeck Happy with the garage, loads more room and a door to the garden so I can get in and out without disturbing the neighbours is also a bonus! Started to lay it out last night (tools are at the old house). Excuse the rubbish on the shelf, cleaned out the truck at the same time as moving in! Loads of room down the side and in front of the car!
  4. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Small update, I've been away in NZ several times with work and now home and moving house. Started to make a new centre console mould tool. Old centre console was good, but with the harness done up tight I couldn't reach the switches so started again! Cardboard and paper model to test fit, then wooden former. Just got to take a fibre glass mould from it next. Next, preparation to move house with a wash and wax. Even the carbon came up nice! Friend brought the trailer up to move the car, but forgot the keys to the locks! Had to cut them off early in the morning which must have upset the neighbours! Car is moved now to it's new home, slightly bigger garage with more light! Little bit nicer than what I had!
  5. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Quick update, been away in New Zealand with work for a few weeks so no solid progress on the car but parts arrived while i was away so I got a few small jobs done on Sunday. Fuel System - finally bought all the fittings and hose to do the fuel system. Spent about 2 hours routing and plumbing it in but will need a bit more work. At least all the hoses are now cut to length. Fuel pickup, to filter (which will have a top cover), to the bulkhead. Return is attached and back to tank. Finally the vent is sent straight up to the cage, looped back and needs a bulkhead fitting putting in to vent to the outside of the car in a "dead air zone" Fuel lines from the rail to the fuel pressure regulator and then back along the bulkhead. Excuse the wiring, need to tidy up the routing
  6. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Managed a few small jobs in the bay - I want to be able to turn over the engine to get some oil pressure Firstly, exhaust manifold in so radiator out. Luckily Hond-R supplied the correct rear bracket for this manifold from a H22 Prelude engine. Bottom of the image below shows the bolts holding the rear part of the manifold in place. Struggling to decide how to mount the oil temp and pressure sensors. Here I've used an adapter for the oil line to mount 1/8" NPT sensors into AN10 fluid lines. This will work for pressure sensors but not temperature sensors. Thinking of mounting the temp sensor on the remote oil filter housing so it can see the oil temp when it goes to the oil cooler. Need to also run a breather hose back the catch can from the back of the block but need another AN10 fitting to mount the other end to the tank
  7. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    That's the normal filling point. Going slow for the last half litre wasn't too bad and easy to get the level. I've seen people fill up by taking out the Speedo sensor and drive before now. It's what ever is easier for you I guess
  8. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    That's awesome, can't wait to have kids of my own but not just yet. Few small updates in the last few days, like securing the dashboard a little better and started properly assembling the suspension. Dash out and plan to mount a center point to bolt it down Mount can be moved up and down to meet the daahboard View from the underside with the dashboard back in. Can also see the inlet to the windscreen ducting Dash in and a lot more secure Used some of the remaining S2 cam cover washers to bling up the dash bolts Next job was the back bumper and F7 LCA brace. The LCA brace took a lot of machining to make fit originally and I knew I still had a bit more work to do to make it fit the Aerodeck Mounted and secure, just needs a new cap head for the upper left roll bar mount as I've lost one . I will connect up the drop links later Back bumper cut out, marked out some options where I wanted to cut the bumper. Decided on the upper mark Hole saw the corners Angle grinder to cut the lines out Drum sander to finish the edges and test fit Cam cover off to fill the engine with oil and make sure everything is okay Also filled the gearbox with MF3. Fill plug is easy to get to with no intake in the way! So all the oils are now done for running in. Need to check and fill the oil cooler and Accusump but can do that later
  9. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    It's good when you can have a common interest. My misses is learning the basics like servicing and brakes when even the opportunity comes up, she's really good at it. I'm happy how the car has come out so far, so glad I dry built 95% of it before paint to make sure there were no big issues. Still got a few small bits to sort but so far it's gone back together really well. I'm not on instagram, I tend to upload everything to Google Photos to share with a few friends the updates on the build (warts and all!) Yeah, hope it'll all be done soon!
  10. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Thanks guys, the misses has been totally supportive of the build and everything I do so couldn't ask for more. Update over the weekend, totally remade all the wiring to the back of the car, adding the wiring for the Accusump system and splitting the loom into 3 separate sections to make it easier to work on at a later date. Before it was all 1 loom to the back, but I've decided that if anything changes I have to rebuild the whole lot so better to build it as 3 separate looms; lights, fuel tank and accusump. Old loom wasn't as clean as the later stuff I've been making for other cars so a good opportunity to tidy everything up to match the engine and ECU. Rain light on a custom made bracket and powder coated. Tailgate plug is hidden inside the roof but can be unhooked to remove the whole boot lid which it couldn't be before without taking the wiring out all the way to the dashboard! All on Deutsch Connectors Tailgate - all wiring here is heatshrunk and glue sealed instead of overbraid. High level brake light retains the original plug under the spoiler. Joining left and right hand side where the functions are the same, such as reversing lights, stop/tail lights and fog lights. Each one is heat shrink/solder joints, water proof and labelled in case I need to fault find later on. Earth lead is way over sized (22amp) but better to be safe than sorry. Also fitted 4 separate earths just in case. Fuel cell plug, again all wires are labelled at each end just in case Rear end all fixed on place Now need to take the dashboard out and start on the last part of the wiring loom before putting power to everything. Then it's fuel lines/filler neck and exhaust and onto mapping! Given the rate I work at, still 6 months away
  11. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Small update - took a break and got married as you do Back in the UK now so will get back to working on the car as soon as I can. Before I went I managed to fir the front drive shafts, magnetic sump plugs and start to set the ride height properly. Forgotten how much of a pain fitting the drive shafts was! Hopefully now there is no more reason to take the front end apart so I can torque up all the bolts and leave them alone.
  12. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Lol yes it does! Andy and Josh have the car at the moment and Andy built the engine for me. They had the V6 MX5 engine in the workshop while I was there, carbon intakes are gorgeous. A bright blue Civic does stand out even if it's in the background!
  13. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Needs a few other bits too but just getting it all back in the bay and making sure nothing is missing but yes it needs to be stripped, cleaned and painted
  14. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Thanks guys. Well the engine is now in thanks to some help from friends over the weekend Still got a few hoses, gear linkage and bits to connect but the hard part is done. Just glad it all went back in fairly easily!
  15. DeLaSoul

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Car's being polished and getting ready for the engine fitted. Rear quarter panels look like they need more work Where they've been rolled they are slightly rippled and I'm not happy with it. Not sure what to do now