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  1. Blackwolf

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    This thing is so awesome so much work gone into it. hows the progress been on it since
  2. Blackwolf

    The new daily

    Here are some pics of the civic. Getting new wheels tomorrow to go on it. Had a meeting with the mot ramp last week and now my exhaust is a bit f**ked hopefully should sort it over the weekend
  3. Blackwolf

    The new daily

    Thanks guys. Got the bucket seats fitted that I picked up for a seal of £150 especially as one is carbon/Kevlar and the other is fibreglass! Will be getting a rollcage at some point to relocate the harness mounting points. Only thing I’ve gotta do now get a high flow/sports cat and fit it for mot then it can get MOT’d. Pictures to follow soon
  4. Blackwolf

    The new daily

    Afternoon guys and girls. Update time! Thought it might be an idea to update this post as I've decide to end up keeping my mb after the MOT ran out at the start of April. It very nearly got stripped for parts then sent to scrapyard In the sky via the banger track! but Im glad to say its back and will be going for its MOT in the next week or so just got to get some bits done so it actually passes. Things like a high flow/sports cat as its decat atm, new seats (picking up today ), new horn as the one it has atm sounds like it has a cold lol . The car looks rather different since I last posted but if anyone here went to honda Mimms at santa pod would have seen it. The plans for the mb over the next few months are going to be awesome and any help will be much apricated Here is a couple of pics of what it looks like will get some more later. Hope you guys like it
  5. Blackwolf

    Snakey's VTI Deck! --DECK REBORN!!--

    looks good mate im thinking of fitting projectors to my mb im guessing you need a friendly mot for it to pass?
  6. Blackwolf

    Polycarbonate windows

    Ah sweet mate cheers what did you do about the door handles and the locking pin?
  7. Blackwolf

    Polycarbonate windows

    Ah yeah I see looks good mate how did you also do the door cards?
  8. Hi guys kinda of a odd first question. for the people who have split there head lights to either paint the inside black or to do projector conversion, could someone tell me the dimensions of the internal head light bucket mainly width and hight. also look to put a spoiler on my mb as the ducktail didn't work out what goes well on them? Thanks Ben
  9. Blackwolf

    Polycarbonate windows

    Cheers guys. you say the windows are bolted in? how are they and what to?
  10. Blackwolf

    Polycarbonate windows

    Hi guys I know this has probably been asked before l somewhere but where would I get the polycarbonate or such like for my mb would like the drivers and passengers windows to have the sliders in them thanks
  11. Blackwolf

    Key immobiliser

    Right ok the only issue is I don't have the red key. is there any way of bypassing the immobiliser or can I buy a immobiliser off ebay with the keys to go with it and use that?
  12. Blackwolf

    Key immobiliser

    Hi everyone long time no see. Back again after a few life issues but that story is for another day. I went to start my civic the other day, having been parked up for a few months and it wouldn't start not even turn over. wasn't the battery and saw the green key flashing on the dash. found out the immobiliser chip in the key had been lost so I odered a blank chip to be programmed. is there any other way of getting round the issue or can I program the myself with a sequence like on some cars? any help much appreciated
  13. Blackwolf

    Drivers side window mech

    Hi everyone the drivers from window mech doesn't work on my car as it is broken. Would a window mech ok of ek etc fit and work or not? also if anyone has a window mech that I could buy that would much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Blackwolf

    Engine swap d14 - b20

    Hi guys im looking to swap out the slow and sluggish d14 thats in my civic atm and go with the not so commonly used b20. Couple of questions are whats everything i need to do the swap? how easy is it to do the swap? could you do it in a weekend? and lastly what are you lots opinions on this swap? Thanks
  15. Blackwolf

    The new daily

    Got the new wheels on. They are Stuttgart ST5's will put some overfenders on it soon as the wheels stick out a little bit and will re paint matt black. Sorry not the best picture will get more tomoz.