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  1. Hi everyone Ive been looking into getting a bit more power out of my civic and wodered what people have done and what they recomend. Ive seen a couple of videos of turbo'd d14s which is kinda cool but unsure on the reliablity? i have a d14 in the car atm but want to go with something thats a bit different, but im open to all suggestions thanks
  2. Blackwolf

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Looks good mate just watch the one of the latest car throttle videos and your car makes a couple of appearances
  3. Blackwolf

    The new daily

    hi guys time for a new chapter. I'll start of by saying that my old ma8 will be going to scrappers soon found some rather nasty rust and dew to rather annoying unforseen circumstances happing with my other non honda project. I dont have the time or space to work on it so i will build another in a year or so time. Now for the good news as i was gettng rid of my ma i wanted another civic as a daily as my origanl car that was going to use went up in a cloud of gear box oil and rust so i now have a mb as a daily Im going to be doing some things to her like coilovers wheels etc. Its rather clean to as it has next to no rust and has the nicer black interior. The only issues are the drivers side window doesnt work (mechanism come apart), boot doesnt shut or lock properly (previous ownwer had a fight wth something lol) can pull the latch back into place. Heres a pic of her for you guys will upload more tomorrow
  4. Blackwolf

    Ben's ma8

    Hi everyone got a slight issue and need advice. The ma8 front bumper ive been working on is too far gone to put back onto the car i tried to make it work but its not ment to be. What i need help with is do try and find another ma front bumper (which i think are rare as hell as cant find one anywhere) or do i get the bumper lights wings and bonnet off a mb? Will have more pictures to come soon Thanks for any advise
  5. Blackwolf

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Oooo very nice mate coming along nicely
  6. Blackwolf

    Ben's ma8

    Well today has been quite productive the car is all in primer apart from P/S/F door as tried repairing but too far gone so will need a repalcement (if anyone knows of anyone who has one is breaking a car could you let me know please) wings will be done at a later stage and the bonnet needs a bit more work. Front bumper is coming along nicely looks a bit differnt which is what i like. Extra browney point to anyone who can guess where i got the idea from for the grill?
  7. Blackwolf

    Ben's ma8

    Cheers guys it will definitely stand out a bit. And Dave I don't mid prepping car but my gf likes it more and she does a good job so I let her get one with that big wile I'm doing something else. I can't wait to see it in paint let alone on the road haha. There will be another update later today (Wednesday) of what been going on the last 2 days. So sick around
  8. Blackwolf

    Ben's ma8

    Evening evryone got the first update with pics. ive stated filling and shpaing the front and rear bumper removed the sunroof and sanded the roof down. Couple of repairs on passenger door. The rest of the car is sanded down ready for primer and paint. The bonnet has already got its first coat of paint on it. i have the whole of next week off so hopefully it all should be in primer or maybe even paint Let us what you think
  9. Blackwolf

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    Damn this is coming along just fine what do you use and where do you get the material for the door cards?
  10. Blackwolf

    Ben's ma8

    Thanks guys means a lot going to his funeral tomorrow and then after that straight on the car I've got a total of 2 weeks off in May to boost the car along a bit
  11. Blackwolf

    Ben's ma8

    Hi everyone been a while since I've uploaded anything on this. Be on and off the last 6 months just had so much else going on. I have now a reason to put everything else aside to build this car as a close friend who was very interested in the car and who was one of the few people that supported me with it tragically passed away a few weeks back and now I'm going to build the car in his memory. There is a lot come with this project and will need a hand with a few things and it most definitely will be one of a kind and I look forward with sharing it with you all so watch this space!
  12. Blackwolf

    16inch rims and 5 stud conversion

    No problem would love to see it the flesh sometime. And sweet thanks mate will get updates on my ma8 very soon
  13. Blackwolf

    16inch rims and 5 stud conversion

    They look just right mate not to big but not to small either and ok sweet so just a complet dc2 hub that's it? And your deck does look awesome mate
  14. Blackwolf

    MC2 Project - Chassis prep

    hows this coming along?
  15. Hi everyone. is anyone running 16s on there civic if so could you please post a picture? what is the fitment like also? lastly has anyone done a 5 stud conversion on a civic if so whats needed and from what car? Thanks Ben