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  1. Side repeaters

    Hi everyone does anyone know if the side repeaters on the front wings of the civic have to be there as i want to blank mine off. I know after a little bit of research the indicator light cluster has to wrap around the side and be visable which i think it is but would like someone elses opinion Thanks Ben
  2. Hi guys as title says in need of a d/s/f door handle asap also passenger side tail light thanks ben
  3. Boot latch problems

    Hi guys ive got boot latch issue with my MA8 if anyone can help? When i go to close the boot it dosent stay closed its like the 2 parts of the latch are to far away from each other. The boot rubber seal is in the right place and pushed down as much as it can the rubber adjusters on either side of the boot and as small as they can be but yet it stil doesnt latch. The only time it will latch on is when I slam it very hard which i dont want to keep doing. Also the boot release by the drivers footwell doesnt release it either only the key releases it once it has been slammed shut. Thanks for any help Ben
  4. Slight head scratching moment

    Yeah cheapo ones for now. I'll have a look and see what's what with them hopefully a easy fix
  5. Slight head scratching moment

    Ikr the rear top mounts are fine and they look pretty much the same so I'm puzzled as what to do
  6. Slight head scratching moment

    Hi does anyone have an idea why this has happened went to my workshop this morning to work on my Honda and found my front struts like this anyone have any idea on how or why this happened and how to fix it? thanks ben
  7. Roll cage

    HI guys Ive herd a few people on here have got cages made for their cars and wondered where about they got them from or made and how much did they cost and if anyone has any pictures? Thanks Ben
  8. Ma8 boss kit

    Hi guys does anyone know if an ek boss kit would fit a ma8? cheers Ben