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  1. I've just ordered a similar one for my FK3 Dave, so I'll let you know how it goes. I have a secret love for the CRV, they look so good when looked after.
  2. Dark Ice designs are a good shout. Great reviews on the MG pages about them. Maybe Robert Horner on facebook might be interested, he's a Honda specialist, doing everything from welding arches to engine swaps? Has a fantastic rep in the Honda community.
  3. Spoiler is a DIY job. Only one like it, and its my fave bit of the car
  4. Maybe if I keep it long enough, but it's only meant to be an in between car before an FN2, so I don't really want to be spending loads
  5. Luckily I don't drive it as crazy as I did the MB3, so hopefully it'll last! The insurance is ace, it's cheaper than the MB3, but I'm just waiting to see how the fuel consumption goes!
  6. Pictures are scarce as my detailing bag was nicked out my Civic when it got broken into, and I haven't had a chance to give it a proper cleaning yet. Pics sha'll be plenty when she's polished and glazed
  7. Well, here she is. My replacement for the MB3. 2.0SE model, so all the toys. Never thought I'd use the cruise control but it's such a novelty that I can't stop using it Much smoother ride than the MB3 too, and its nice to get over speedbumps again. Plus the leather buckets are like a giant hug. No complaints yet, other than a squeal coming from under the bonnet when setting off cold, sounds like a belt. But its only when setting off, so hopefully not urgent.
  8. Will start a new build thread on the Coupé I will ask Dave. The only reason really is that unwind be as active on here. Plus I can't put C5 decals on the Coupé
  9. The guy who bought it is using the engine for his M. So it'll be dying, but living on in another. Bit peeved that my Gold membership auto renewed a couple of days ago... I forgot it was an auto payment... Reckon Dave would give me a refund I plan to remain on the forum. As eventually will be back in an M, just not for a while
  10. It's gone... I miss it already... :'(
  11. I have a room in which I'm panicking...
  12. Price has been reduced to £500 on facebook.
  13. Thinking of returning it to stock(ish) so I can reduce the overall price, or if it doesn't sell, run it til the end of the MOT and bin it Just lost love for it now, I'd still buy an MB6 if one came up now though.
  14. Haha, only just logged on to see this!
  15. I know... Since day 1, I have not been able to turn her
  16. haha, I would like a go in an MC2 one day. May track one instead of an MB6 if one ever came up right price
  17. Awesome, if his other lead falls through, let me know. I can meet him at a train station if he decides he wants it too.
  18. I'll be keeping an eye out, as would eventually like an MB6 to trackday
  19. She hates it. She wants the FN2. She's not allowed to drive it.
  20. She's now for sale... Trying to negotiate for an FN2 currently, and all going well, will be picking up Valentine's Day (sorry Mrs, no money for a meal and flowers... But look at my new car!) I will be heartbroken if it goes, as its been a journey (albeit a stressful one) , and its so much fun to drive...
  21. I based my car around yours mate! I was basically building a green version of yours! I do have to keep restraining myself from buying wheels, as I keep seeing sets I want going up for sale. If I decide to keep it, I think it'll end up getting resprayed, as its got so many swirls and scratches it's unreal
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