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  1. Hi all, for the past week I had a problem with my MB6. I took it home from a complete maintenance at a workshop, including cambelt, water pump,... Suddenly when I was driving around a few days later I've spotted that the temperature slightly rises up, nothing too exciting. But next day when the car was running idle the temperature rises again and the fan didn't even engage. Thought there is something wrong I parked it and the next morning I was looking under the bonnet just to see that there is no coolant fluid, completely dry. Bought new, filled it to full and did some test drives. Turns, city center, some full gases. Checked the water immediately after that, the car was still idling, temp ok, the fan went on and off, coolant full. After that I drove the car about 3kms home and the next morning 3kms back to garage. When I was about to drive home today I checked the water just to see its dry again.... Any ideas? Haven't spotted any leaks so far, exhaust smoke as normal. Engine in perfect condition. Thank you all. PS: Lately I had a problem with VTEC not engaging if that could be all one problem.
  2. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    So for an update after a long time. The last one I have posted was an MB2 remade into VTI-S which information I had to take from the VIN number that the seller sent me (not willingly ). After that I have found another one (Poland too) but in the end it was the same story as above, although this time I was at least informed about it. Next there was a good looking one in Germany, and by that time my friend was on business trip in the country. So I asked him to contact the seller and arrange a meeting. Well according to his words the car was crashed many times and repaired from scrap in its owners barn... Now for the happier part. Another one appeared this Sunday in Slovakia. A day after I´ve had all the info and photos and now I am getting everything ready for this Saturday as I am going to look at it myself. Possibly make a deal and take her home with me. So fingers crossed.
  3. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    Indeed it does so far so lets hope it stays that way. And that I will be able to finally receive an answer from seller other than "yes it is still for sale" and then silence.
  4. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    For an update I am currently in contact with a seller from Poland. Today I will meet a friend of mine for proper translation and hopefully plan a visit. Cant wait for it http://otomoto.pl/oferta/honda-civic-honda-civic-1-8-vti-b18c4-black-pirats-ID6ymGxr.html The car seems clean and the price is good so we will see when I get more photos and info.
  5. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    Thank you I have that printed allready
  6. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    Ah, I've found an good looking MB in Germany so I thought there would be someone from there to tell me more about it or at least get some info as I cant really speak German. Never mind I will let it posted and meanwhile I'm going to find a friend who speaks German.
  7. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    Ok thank you but it highly depends on how previous owners treated the car I suppose, right? Anyways is there someone from Germany? Would appreciate it.
  8. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    Just a quick question. How much mileage is the "not buying that s**t" much? And what are the common problems appearing in higher mile count? Thanks
  9. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    We can get only high mileage and rusty ones I'm looking every day I just tried to ask here at the source. And of course there were plenty of nice MB6s for sale back then when I wasn't really into buying one. Maybe bad karma or something... But thank you all for support
  10. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    Thank you, is it really that rare? Im getting a bit frustrated by now. Thank you too for the post, I will check what does it cost to import a car form UK but I wouldn't mind something a bit closer. And also I think there is some law problem with registering a right handed vehicle since new year... stupid politics here, will look things up though.
  11. MagorG

    Looking to buy an MB6

    Hello fellow MB lovers. I have been proudly owning an MB3 as my first car, though it was cheap and in bad condition it was making me happy, always. So from now on, as I am older (and richer ) I want to move a bit higher and purchase an MB6. I´ve been looking for one since December but I couldn't manage find a nice one, seems like they are getting pretty rare these days. So after trying in local Honda club, and communicating with some internet seller, who are not even interested to respond me, I come here to lay my last and desperate request. So If there is anyone selling this precious gem or you just know about a good one somewhere let me please know. Noting that I am from Czech Republic so I would be looking for a seller in my reach. Also sorry for some spelling and other mistakes hopefully its all understandable though. Looking forward to replies.