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  1. Wich universal unit you mean ? The door guns ? Thanks
  2. Good Morning everyone, Since last week im having a problem with my MB6. The stock remote key locker is not locking/unlocking the drivers door. Everything works, the alarm works but I need to unlock or lock the drivers door with the key or by hand. I think the problem is on the drivers door actuator. Any1 had this problem ? Thanks
  3. Good morning everyone, Here a pic of my mb6 testing the top speed on the portuguese autobhan, hope you like, thanks
  4. Just a lil update thanks everyone
  5. The man who mapped the car he is really good mapping Hondas, and he said its his first time that he see's a b18c4 making this power he also said the engine is very healthy. I have 205BHP at the flywheel on the wheels I have 171. I think Performance AUtoworks is referring to 200WHP. The other time I saw also a b18c4 from a french guy, that he installed header, full catback with a backbox and made 189HP thats impressive 19HP from exhaust only.
  6. Here is a video from 2nd to 4th filmed on my car. The other mb6 had b18c4 block, full integra type R head with internals, 4,5kg lightned flywheel, and y21 gear box Hope you like. http://sendvid.com/e1ml7smj
  7. Dont believe the dyno was out dogg1210, who remapped my car was a company called RPMMOTORSPORT here in Portugal and he is very known for mapping hondas. I also after remap my car I tried with a friend of mine with b18c4 with only exchaust and remapped and he cant handle mine. Also tried with a mb6 with b18c6 and y21 gear box and lightnened flywheel from 2nd to 4th gear, it was close but I managed to win also. So I dont think the dyno was out, I will try to upload the video with the mb6 with b18c6 vs me soon. Thanks
  8. Hi Jayhoath83, Yeah, thats an awsome power, I dont know how my car made that power with only breathings mods, even the tuner said its his first that he see's a b18c4 doing that power with stock internals and only breathing mods. Its 205 bhp at the flywheel and 171whp. Thanks
  9. Hi, You cam use the pistons from the Civic Vti b16a2 or from integra type R also. Thanks
  10. Good Morning guys, I let you 2 videos here that a friend of mine made when we went to remap the car. First video was the last 2 runs on 4th Gear https://sendvid.com/3zbdl1wq The last one was adjusting the Launch Control http://sendvid.com/6v3kuzch hope you like. Thanks
  11. Thank you guys.. BTW, Few months ago I Remapped my Car on a Dyno, but I tought I had the pictures here, I will let you the dyno graph here and when I have time, I will try to upload the videos to show you how the cars are remapped here in portugal. My engine is fully stock only has S2 Intake & Throttle body and a full Catback System homemade with a SMSP Replica Header. It makes 205 HP and 200NM. Thanks
  12. Good Morning Everyone, Here are few pics of my MB6 of a new upgrade that I bought as my birthday Gift. Hope you like.
  13. NEWS: I took out my glove box and I saw there leak is comming by a hole where the A pillar joins the chassis and it goes down all the way to behind the ecu, so thats not a windshield leak, I took out my cowl also but i didnt see anything strange.. Any more methods ? Thanks
  14. Hi noodels, everything is fine behing the battery, i think the water is running inside the A pillar, but the problem is I cant find any hold near the windshied or the roof trim, any more ideas ? Thanks
  15. Good evening, Since I got my mb6 i have a strange water leak. In the begining I though it was a leak on the windshield, so i took the car to carglass and they replaced my windscreen, 2days after I went to a car wash and I noticed the leak was still there. I took the ECU out, and the sponge behing it and I notice the water leak comes in the end of the A pillar, there is a small hole and the water if im not wrong, runs from inside the A pillar to that hole and than it start leaking all way down to my ECU. Anyone has a fix for it ? PS: I have no Sunroof, the windscreen seems ok.. im about to remove the cowl after i remove all the clips on the engine bay i still cant pull it out. Thanks
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