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  1. browniemb3

    Hand brake repair

    Hi can a hand brake leaver on the rear caliper be repaired when it is stuck or is it best to get a new caliper
  2. browniemb3

    Mb3 rear caliper bracket wanted

    Hi has anyone got a set of rear caliper bracket and pins for the 260mm disc near the derby area thanks
  3. browniemb3

    Mb3 tuning ideas

    Hi I'm looking for some advice on tuning my mb3 up a little exhaust /air fitter already done . I was tinking of gonig down thr line of a lighted fly wheel I'm really looking to try and increase low end torque first then not sure where to go from there.
  4. browniemb3

    Coolant over pressuring and leaking out rad cap

    Hi I got few bubble out when I bled the system and the level has been dropping due to the lost of coolant from the rad cap scene found a small nick just under rad cap on the plastic sanded that down and now seeing how it runs if it leaks again
  5. Hi ive recently done a water change and flushed etc but since then the rad cap keeps leaking coolant when the engine has been ran for a while could anyone shead some light on why it's doing it thanks
  6. browniemb3

    Vti kit wanted

    Thanks dave I didn't know there was a difference either will do I suppose lol
  7. browniemb3

    Vti kit wanted

    Hi I'm looking for a vti kit
  8. browniemb3

    gearbox ratio

    Thanks @Krzys I'll have q read and speak to him
  9. browniemb3

    gearbox ratio

    Hi could anyone tell me or direct me to ehter a site or forum page with the specification of the gearboxs ratio's for the d series engine as im looking to change my gearbox to get better acceleration without heavily effectine my eco on my mb3
  10. browniemb3

    70mm throttle body

    I'll look in to the sport cat i was told a 200 cell would be mot passable would i need to remap when i put 4-2-1 on to keep the eco I'll check ur build out thanks
  11. browniemb3

    70mm throttle body

    Ok thanks dave I'll leave intake lol what is the gear ratio like on the gearbox u mentioned as im looking for a 4-2-1 manifold and sport cat as i don't want to change every time for mot put not to mess up the eco need the mileage for work
  12. browniemb3

    70mm throttle body

    Hi dave ive done my air intake and i was taking to someone who said to try a 70mm throttle for better throttle response and maybe little more torque would it work
  13. browniemb3

    70mm throttle body

    Ok thanks
  14. browniemb3

    70mm throttle body

    Thanks grant daft q which bit would i need to measure lol
  15. browniemb3

    70mm throttle body

    Hi ive seen a mb1 with the 16 non vtec engine at my local scrappers and want to no is that the engine with the 70mm throttle body that would fit my mb3