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  1. Stu-VT

    Civic mb4 front and rear arb?

    My mb4 is in storage a long way from home but before i start buying mg180 rear arb anf mb6 front arb does the car actually have provision for them is its hasnt got arb as standard? Cheers
  2. Just getting the 4 shocks and springs from a 2004 mg zs 120. Is there anything else I need? Cheers Stu
  3. Stu-VT

    EF springs/shocks on MB4?

    I have a 1998 MB4 and in my garage some old lowered springs and shocks from a EF civic. Before I dig them out, does anyone know if they work on the MB? Cheers, Stu
  4. Stu-VT

    MB4 to B16 swap

    Its been a while since I've been in the greasy bits of a honda. I've lost my company car so have taken over the wife's mint MB4 1.6SE. She gets the new family car. As its a single cam vtec am I correct in thinking a B16 swap would be able to run on the existing loom with the vtec signal being the same? Engine mounts and driveshafts? Although reco-prop are down the road from me, i'd be looking at at weekend swap. Cheers Stu