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  1. You guys rock! thanks so much, I try my best but I know my limitations, sadly mechanics & electrics fall far from the areas I excell in, now I know what to look for I've picked up a copy of the Haynes manual thanks, noted they are not what they used to be, but then nothings made like it used to be thats why we're all driving 90's Hondas init guys =) Need to get it fixed, been running it 3 years like this & never forgot, then did it again today so twice in a week, what are the odds, then had a break pipe sprink a leak tonight, I hate these days! will get the brake pipe sorted tomorrow & see if I can't get this light buzzer under wraps asap, then just one rear arch to get some welding done & she should be back to speed.
  2. Thanks for your help as ever Broon =) Yes the interior light comes on when the door is opened just not the buzzer, this sure take me a step closer to tracking the fault & I really appreciate the images you sent over for me. On a side note - been looking for a Haynes manual for years for these & never seen one, I had thought they never actually issued one for these, but I will now keep hunting, thanks so much
  3. Hi All So did the unthinkable today & came back to a dead car, the as I like to call it idiot switch is not working on my MB3 Deck, you know the sound that goes off when you open the door with the lights still on. I presume it's a relay somwhere as fuses are fine, but have now asked my honda guy & also the guy I get my honda parts from & also my local garage & none of them know & none have ever heard to one having this problem before, I'm not very mechanically minded myself TBH, I do what I can but I'm far from a natural, so was hoping someone here may know what I am looking for to rectify this issue ?? Turned a nice day in to a right mare it did, stranded at the a*s end of nowhere for a while, knew it was coming at some point though, procratination & all that, so time I get this sorted before I do the b****r again. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Yeah it's harrowing watching them go, not felt quite this connected to a vehicle since I let my TRZ250 go as a kid, been driving decks for over 10 years now, just very happy to know she's not being trashed for parts & there's a glimmer of hope she'll be put back 100% & keeps rolling for a few years, getting her back would obviously feel even better.
  5. Well she went last night, felt so wrong watching someone else driving her, more so knowing it's away for good But there is a glimmer of hope, guy who took it usualy takes & breaks, seems he was quite impressed with the old girl & has decided too drive her about for a bit, even going to look into the welding & see if it can be put right without breaking the bank, so I am rather chuffed to know she's not being torn apart, said he's quite taken with the colour & how solid she is in general & the best news is if she can be rebuilt for a fair price I may have the oppertunity to buy her back later, so there maybe a light at the end of the tunnel yet.
  6. Yep I figured engine & box were woth £850 to 1k so just put it up at 1k, nobody jumped on it & after making the decision I have to let her go I really just want her gone, as every time I look at her I want to put her right & just ain't got the funds to justify the work/cost Kink, just be nice to see her put right rather than torn apart, especially with it being such a rare colour & the bodywork being in generally good order.
  7. Yeah crazy what some will pay for what is essentially less Dave, I can drop you the number of the buyer if you want to ask him about the rear lip mate. If I could find someone to do the work needed to her without shelling both kidneys in the process I would love to keep her, sadly I'm not a man of huge means & have to be realistic no matter how much it hurts & sucks, I live on a peninsular so the salt in the air does not help the rust, had to have my bike totally rebuit after only a few years here due to it
  8. appreciate the advice guys, I figure the 600 is fair enough really as th exhaust is worth near 200 to me as it's a full stainles custom build, plus the stereo which is a few quid so a return of 800ish in reality as when/if I'm lucky enough to find another one down the line I have my parts to put straight on, if I can wangle to tow bar too I'm happy enough, though sad to see her go obviously
  9. Yeah it's Saj that buying it, bloody cheeky putting it up for sale before it's in hand though really, I appreciate you posted that up kink, I will go take a look on there now. EDIT: - yeah it's a very rare colour, not seen another 1.8 areodeck in this colour in the UK, I love her dearly, bloody breaking my heart letting her go, but the work needed is a little extensive for me to try myself & too costly to get done in the part of the country I'm in. Had a lot of fun with her so should not grumble, but after getting all the welding done last year I figured we'd share a few more years of fun together, I don't want other cars, many lust after this & that fancy modern one's but I'd be happy with an arerodeck till I die TBH
  10. Should be being collected on Saturday or Monday at the latest from what I know, I am getting £600 + I get to keep my custom exhaust & stereo, will try to wangle my tow bar too if I'm lucky, as I really want to have anoher in future, I have the little 1.5 aerodeck to tide me over but it's not like having the grunt under the bonnet is it. I am pretty mortified she has to go, but I spent what I had available just last summer getting the sills & rear arch boxes totally rebuit, wish I had clocked the corrosion to the rear trailing are point at the time, I just don't have the funds needed to put her back the way she needs to be sadly as the welding is a fair size job & my welder friend is a few hundered miles from me & not really set up for a job like this as the trailing arms need to come off to get at the connection points, then everything has to be exact when locating the connecting points (on the inside of the frame) & the guys where I am at & are set up for this kind of thing would be charging more than she's actually worth, as I am at the a*s end of nowhere & the welders here charge the earth I did put it up on the local FB groups to me (North Wales) but not for breaking, it's a crying shame as although she's not perfect, everything works & she still looks ok to me & pulls like a train
  11. SOLD & collected Many thanks, just a shame she'll be broken down for parts For sale my trusty old Civic 1.8VTI VTEC MB6 - 1k no offers for sale for 1 week only as I have a firm offer of £550 & I can keep my full stainless exhaust & the stereo Below are mulitple photos & a full honest list of the good & the bad points - any inspection is welcome I am located in Mynytho Pwllheli North Wales on the Lleyn peninsular Honda Civic Aerodeck 1.8VTI VTEC THE GOOD POINTS - MB6 Engin with limited slip diff 169BHP It's in Dakota Bronze & I think the only 1.8 Areodeck in that colour in the UK Engine & box good, pulls like a train through all gears & tops out at 140 Starts 1st time every time & has never let me down once in the 7 years I have owned it Both rear arches & both sills re-built 6 months ago to a high standard Half leather interior. Cam belt done at 155000 – currently at 172000 New alternator belt just fitted & alternator replaced Oil & filter changed every 4k & has always been run with liquid moly oil Both front light lenses just buffed out 6 months ago Spare has full tread Secondary earth strap fitted All 4 tyres have decent tread New rear discs & pads fitted last year Everything works as it should including all electrics & windows No peeling on any of the door cards Good quality rear shocks Ignition barrel replaced & has 2 new coded keys cut Paperwork all in order & V5 present MOT'd till August Sony stereo fitted Full stainless exhaust system custom built & new cat fitted end of 2018 New HT leads fitted last year Heavy duty tow-bar fitted with single socket electrics Front driver side wing has been recently resprayed professionally Has been de-badged Has almost a full tank of petrol THE BAD POINTS - Has the usual leak to spare wheel well Needs welding done to rear trailing arm points on both sides & a spot doing at the front just behind the wheels the front is minor & an easy fix, the rear will need the trailing arms stripping off for access to do the work. Needs new front discs & pads Air con not working & radiator removed. Has been used as a family car so is not mint inside, but acceptable Window bottom door trims are cracked & peeling like all of them The paint lacquer is delaminating & is bad on the bonnet Bonnet grill has a split at the bottom on the surround
  12. Hi folks, hope someone can help me out with a MB/MC front passenger side wing in silver in good nic please.
  13. Hi there, have you got the passenger wing still please??
  14. Thanks for all the kind words guys, you are a caring bunch on here which is a refreshing change =) Well plans scuppered for another day, the pipe from the power steering top up tank just sprung a leak yesterday, so the funds have been diverted to that 1st, also a bush at the back needs replacing, can't grumble the good old girl never lets me down mechanically & luckily I also have the 1.5 aerodeck as an emergency back up. I had been suggested I replace the dizzy, but had a sneaking suspicion it was not that, so the O2 sensor will get done 1st,if the problem persists it'll be the dizy thats next on the cards. Not got the engine management light coming on when I get the problem BTW. Bloody hell a heart attack just last week,I hope you are taking it easy Dave. I'd not want a new car myself TBH Gel, I would not change the VTI for anything even if I had money to throw at vehicles endlessly, if that were the case I'd get this on stripped to the bear bones & rebuilt from scratch, well maybe with the addition of a P30 & a little toying with the power lol, but I have a bike if I feel like going a little crazy, not that I do that often now I'm getting on a bit. Will get this bush & power steering pipe sorted & then the o2 sensor will be getting sorted. I'll report back when done to confirm if it's sorted the issue.
  15. Hello guys, I have to make a huge & sincere apology, I have not been back on to respond to the topic due to some serious health issues that had me thinking about other things than cars for several month, very very sorry about not getting back sooner, as I always reply to my posts on any forum, I hope you can forgive my tardiness. I really do appreciate the input & will be looking at getting a replacement O2 sensor sorted asap, as the standing water bit sounds like the same issue dr broon fingers crossed that'll sort the old girl out, just had all the underside welded & reinforced, so she should keep on going for a good few more years =)
  16. Hello all, I hope someone can help me. Have had this ongoing intermittent problem for over a year & it's getting worse / more frequent, I have had several mechanics have a look & no one has been able to lock down exactly what the issue is as it could be so many things,but hoping someone else on here may do. Usually it starts spluttering loosing power mid revs but has done in all rev ranges over time, now I get most times when I re fill the tank (but not always) which makes me think it's a fuel issue (injectors partially blocked etc) but have been told it could well be the distributor. It tends to go if you change gear & sometimes also clears when you give it some welly, but not always, tends to only last a few miles & then drives normal, but it's been becoming very frequent to the point of most times it's driven, so i really want to tackle the issue before it leaves me stranded. Things checked Lambda has been checked, not prefect put working within acceptable tolerances O2 sensor was checked & seemed to be working fine HT leads been out one by one at night on the engine to check for one arching New fuel filter fitted. Iridium spark plugs fitted I just don't want to spend a fortune on this that & the other in the elimination process if I can help it as I am on quite a low budget being no longer capable of work due to injuries from an RTA, but I love this car & want to keep it in good order mechanical. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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