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  1. What you guys think of my car so far before and after more or less lol. Anybody help me out with nice alloys to get price don't matter just need something right that will look good and does anybody have a backbox
  2. What you mean simple job? It's quite expensive tbh, I'm looking for B16 or b18 with gearbox, gunna be tearing up the streets also need to get a new exhaust system, although I have been looking at some EKs so idk at the moment if I will be keeping the MB
  3. I think I blew my head gasket temperature gauge goes up and down when I go to check the dipstick it's reading too much oil and looks watery af
  4. How often should I change the oil in my car? Like should I do it regularly ? What would you lot advice to keep my engine running sweet and last a lifetime lol
  5. Yo you lot got Instagram ? I'll show you's my car so far idk how to put photos up on this, if you's do what's your names
  6. And s**t thanks Tom, I think this mechanic I went to needs a slap he must've been chattin s**t to me eh need to go have a word he never fitted my front splitter properly
  7. Cheers man, but that's long eh and does anyone know where I can get bbs alloys from and if not that then cheap lowering springs about 25mm I've got 17s on rn car looks a bit too high lmao
  8. Basically it hangs out on the sides I don't know how to put pics on this bruv it doesn't work, and can anyone help me find a good back box
  9. Btw my back lip doesn't fit to my bumper? Has to be moulded on or some s**t, the rest of it fits and is spray and got put on yesterday and spoiler is drying going back on Monday to get it fitted
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