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  1. d4nc00per

    MB2 Won't Start

    The answer here was a very simple and embarrassing facepalm moment. The inertia switch had tripped and so it was preventing the car from starting. After I reset this, the car started first time!
  2. d4nc00per

    MB2 Won't Start

    Thanks for your reply. I've checked all the fuses and everything seems as it should. If somehow I've fried the ECU is there a way to test or diagnose it? Can I easily replace it with the same part number or does it need programming to my specific car?
  3. d4nc00per

    MB2 Won't Start

    I have a 1998 1.4 MB2 which won't start after I've removed my subwoofer. Everything was fine before I removed it, but since I've taken it out, the EML is on and the engine will turn over but not start. I've tried bridging the diagnostic port, but the light does not flash, which means that the ECU is broken (I think?). I've no idea how I could have blown the ECU by taking the sub out, but thats what it looks like. Does anyone have ideas or else it's probably scrap? Thanks
  4. d4nc00per

    D14 MA8 OBDII loom

    I don't know if you've checked already, but some models pre-2000 had two diagnostic ports below the dashboard on the passenger side, just above the kick plate. They should be blue in a plastic cover, one is a 5 pin ABS port and the other is a 2 pin ECU port. This is if you're car is not equipped with an OBD port.