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Found 43 results

  1. Vtisgilman

    Battery relocation

    Has anyone relocated their battery into the boot? If so how did you do it and what parts did you use? Thanks.
  2. shaun

    mg zs steering wheel

    when getting the steering wheel grab the airbag/horn ring with all wires and the 4 screws for ring pink wire and white wire are not needed. green wire is horn . red/yellow wire and red wire are for airbag before staring disconnect battery t30 star key to take airbag off unplug airbag and horn and earth wire make shore steering wheel straight 19 mm socket to undo center nut and take column cover off 3 philips screws then there 3 philp screws holding on airbag/horn ring on honda horn wire is red join to mg green wire airbag honda yellow wire to mg red wire and honda green wire to mg red/yellow wire do not solder with airbag plugged in as the heat can set it off put mg airbag ring on column screw 4 philips in. plug wire in. put column cover back on. put steering wheel on. plug airbag and horn in all in and working and srs airbag light is off but dont no if it will work in a crash and i'm not gonna crash it to test that part this is a guide so you will bee doing this at your own risk
  3. Hello all, im looking for the keyless door lock control unit in my car. I lost the infrared remote control (1 button) for a '97 MB6 and want to swap the whole system from a MC2 as a donor car, but i just cant find the control unit. As far as i know, I need the remote control, the receiver module and the corresponding control unit. The dealer manual I have, says its behind the climate control panel, but its not there. Could it be that the immobilizer is also the keyless control unit? Im suspecting that because it has those markings with frequencies and approvals for the different countries. I took every thing apart, the consoles, looked in both footwells, but couldnt find it. I would be happy if someone could help me find this thing. thanks alot, Ibo
  4. Aerokek

    Switchback LED's in corners

    Hi, I'm looking for some switchback LED bulbs to light up the headlight corners of my MB9, does anyone know a good kit? Preferably a kit with resistors and everything in it, just plug and play. I believe the turnsignal bulbs are T10's, Does anyone have a specific bulb or kit that they recommend?
  5. Blackwolf

    Key immobiliser

    Hi everyone long time no see. Back again after a few life issues but that story is for another day. I went to start my civic the other day, having been parked up for a few months and it wouldn't start not even turn over. wasn't the battery and saw the green key flashing on the dash. found out the immobiliser chip in the key had been lost so I odered a blank chip to be programmed. is there any other way of getting round the issue or can I program the myself with a sequence like on some cars? any help much appreciated
  6. linkwolf5

    LED's bulb rear tail

    Hi everyone! I want to change all rear lights (blinker,reverse,brake, fog) to LED bulbs and also do the jdm style lights. What LEDs would fit best? if you have any night pics with LEDs post here! And for jdm tail light conversion, i would have to get other fog light loom or i just need the bulb holder? Thank you! (sorry for my English )
  7. So has anybody ever fitted DRL's to a Civic M? I know they're not the most stylish or needed thing but I think on one hand it would modernise the car a bit and saves your sidelights come winter. Some basic ones seem easy to fit as well. Only questionable thing for me would be where to fit them? I've seen people put ring ones around the fog lights, seen people mount the cheap & common LED strip ones on the front lower bumper grille, but there isn't a lot of space for them really. Would be great to hear if anybody has installed them or your opinions on them!
  8. Hi, Despite thorough research i can't seem to find a definitive answer to this: which OBD is B18C4, and do i need a conversion harness to install a obd1 P28 ecu? I've only found very mixed answers. Some say that it's obd2a, some say it's obd2b. And that it's got a obd1 loom. So i'm a bit confused here. Anyone? Or can i check this somehow in the car, i've never fiddled with ecus before.
  9. m0l0t0v

    Dome/interior light not working

    So my interior light stopped working quite awhile back. I've checked the fuse. Changed it with a spare anyways but still no. It randomly stopped working one day. I've seen things mention about it being because of a new headunit but it happened while I still had the old headunit. Bulbs are also fine. Rear boot works fine from memory. Everything else works fine. What could it be?
  10. AJCivic

    Remote Locking Fob/Key

    Looking for some help please people, like many others the terrible Infra Red remote locking fob has stopped working for my car. I got the remote from the ex-ex owner of my car (been in the family since new) and it was totally disconnected having not been used for years. not lighting up even with new batteries, absolutely dead and I've since lost it anyway. If the opportunity was there to buy a brand new remote/fob, how easy is it to get this coded to your car's code? I imagine it will be a Honda dealership jobby, but what is it likely to set me back? Bearing in mind I will have a brand new never used remote? Thanks! (I know an aftermarket central locking system would no doubt be cheaper but there's also all the wiring involved and paying somebody to do it!)
  11. TiagoMFCoelho

    Fog lights for Civic MB3

    Hey Is available an universal fog lights i can buy for my car?
  12. Hey I'm not too bright when it comes to electrics so excuse my ignorance. I bought an LED interior light, but dumb me bought a 12v light instead of a 7.5v and naturally, the 7.5v fuse didn't like that very much and blew, so I'm thinking, would there be a problem if I replaced the 7.5v fuse with a 12v? Also, the clock bulb went out, I've tried reaching it through the stereo slot but my hands are too big, is there any other way to get to it that doesn't involve taking apart the center console? Thanks
  13. daveholja

    Both Rear ABS Sensors Failed?

    Hi guys, Had my ABS light come up on my 1997 MB3 the other day. Having followed the guide to read fault codes, I get code 16 (RL) and 17 (RR). Is it normal for both rears to go at the same time? To me, it seems coincidental that both rear sensors would go simultaneously - so before I go spending £££ on new sensors, does anyone have any recommendations for what could cause both rears to show as faulty (eg linked wiring / controller) and if so how I could check it? Thanks for any help
  14. Brand new Vti Fog lights for sale
  15. Silvio

    Tune Up Kit Honda Civic

    Hi there! I need to put some new stuff on my Civic 1.4i S 1998 (NKG Spark Leads, Distributor Cap, ignition Rotor etc...). I found a set on eBay but i dont know if the Distributor Cap is the right one, on the specification of the product they say that fit for the below Civic Models : 1998 Honda Civic DX Sedan 4-Door 1.6L 1590CC 97Cu. In. l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated 1998 Honda Civic EX Sedan 4-Door 1.6L 1590CC 97Cu. In. l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated 1998 Honda Civic LX Sedan 4-Door 1.6L 1590CC 97Cu. In. l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated Please i need help on this because i am having a lot of problems with my Civic preformance, it has been a while with this and i think that this migt be the problem. S.
  16. Shawn2ace

    D14 MA8 OBDII loom

    I've been told that my MA8 edu is OBD2 but I haven't been able to find the OBD2 connector. Has anyone found it or do we just not have one?
  17. ricky92

    Civic Aededeck mb8 speakers

    hi all !! im an italian user, 24 age. i have a civic aerodeck 1.4 1998 with only 2 front original speakers. i want to upgrade them and add rear speakers on the top of luggage. i dont know what sizes, i think are ok 16.5 cm in front and 4" (10cm) in rear. are ok? and secondly, i dont know how i can remove the doors panel to change front speakers. anyone have some photos or a explanation for this? thank you very much!
  18. JamieDouglas

    LED Angle eyes

    Hi everyone whats your options on angle eye/halo lights?, here what i made this evening from spare parts
  19. I have recently installed a Toad alarm to my Mb6, I found a lot of conflicting info on the central locking activation for an aftermarket unit. It is difficult to interpret and manipulate the locking signals due to switches in the locks themselves providing feedback signals. To clear this up and keep all the door locks working as they should, also retaining the use of the original fob, the simplest way is to find the central locking module located behind the heating controls (centre console), open up the unit and attach the negative trigger system directly to the pins on the dual relay as shown. these pins will activate the door lock/un-lock when grounded. Hope this helps.
  20. Hello everyone, I have started to inquire for the installation of cruise control on our MB6 inspired by Integra GSR USDM ,for now I already home the control unit the actuator and buttons for steering. As a guide for now I'm studying that this EG. http://www.civic-eg.com/causeforalarm/cruise_control/index.php I want to know someone in the forum has ever tried to set the cruise control on MB6?
  21. My daughter's 1.4 Civic MB is now without any dash lights when the sidelights / side and mains are turned on. She said they went a bit dim at first and now don't come on at all. I have checked the fuse (the 4th one along 7.5A) and it is OK. The next culprit would have been the dimmer control but the car doesn't seem to have one. Any idea what the problem could be? Everything else is working including all side/main/fog/brake lights.
  22. hondasport

    d15z8 dizzy

    d15z8 has two dizzy's, hitachi and lucas. Any difference in cap and rotor? I can't find the lucas cap, always hitachi.
  23. Hondamad1988

    Interior switches draining battery

    Hi All, The lights stay on the heated rear window button and the interior air circulation button, and you can also turn the blower fan on with the ignition/ engine turned off? This old battery first died from what I think was this issue last winter after stopping at a freinds for a few hours. That battery lasted ok from then till few weeks ago when is died twice in a day , replaced battery for new and all seemed fine, untill today. Hadnt been driven for a day or so, the lady got it jump started from a neighbour, went swimming then came back out to find it had died again. Looks like she made sure everything was turned off after get home as ive tested it this evening and started fine at 18.30 then again at 23.00pm no problem. Ive tightened the negative battery terminal as it was a tad loose, and checked any relevent fuses but cant see again that would cause this problem. Went the old battery died a few weeks ago I noticed the lights had been on, I jump started it, took it for a drive and went I stopped I could turn off the ignition and the lights where no longer on and all switched off fine. This evening however, ive been out once, and am also tresting it now and every time I turn off ignition I can can still operate the blower and the two lights mentioned above. Could this be an ignition switch problem? Or is there some cut of switch somewhere? I hate electrical faults....
  24. Hello guys. Please dont be angry if i mistake subforum. 7 days ago my deck VTi suddenly died. Had working well for a long time. 7 days ago, i took of distributor and cables, and swap them for a test on MB6. MB hardly starded because of jammed injector, but even with my injector, had problems with starting. But its starded. After that, i just unmount everything and mount back to my engine, and problem. Pretty same symptoms like on MB6. Car or dont start at all, or start, but had chocking on 2k rpm when i press gas pedal. If i run over those revs, engine or choke again, or accept gas up to limiter. It idle perfectly. And then, no ignition at all. Yestertay i ordered new ignitor, and same symptoms, but this time it starts easier, but again hard. Sometimes it start up after 1-2 seconds, sometimes it cranks for a long time, and it sometimes start, sometimes engine got loud crank noise with loud suction noise in air filter, and no ignition or like ignition in reverse. Also tried to put on other used cap, and no benefits. Car runs on petrol and LPG, and before this it worked perfectly on both fuels. Now it acts the same on both fuels, so i doubt that the fueling is the problem. Ignition coil is replaced 5 months ago. Every cable drops spark on engine block with scredriver spark test. Spark plug is dry. Cap and rotor looks pretty goor. Distributer interior is dry, and rust free. Change of engine timing also doesnt make any difference. In the dark there is no visible spakring either on distributor or somewhere on the cables. Do anyone know what might be, i am desperate.
  25. Finch

    P28 with immobilizers?

    I'm wondering if the people with P28s had any issues with their ECUs/cars with immo systems? I am swapping ECUs to either chipped, Hondata or standalone and know the MB has an Immo system and know some people swap in a "immo bypass chip" on certain ECUs. Has anyone had to have a bypass chip? Or any other issues? I'm raring to get started doing the build but want to get everything ready all at once!