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  1. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    You'd be surprised how much sellers can't distinguish between the code 95-02, and 88-95. I've had the exact thing happen to me in the form of wheel bearings, hubs, arms and windshield. Luckily nothing from the engine yet and I've been lucky enough to be able to return back some of them.
  2. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    Being the b*****d child of a Rover and honda hybrid, it does seem to throw most brands off quite a bit. You wouldn't believe how many parts I've bought and were meant to fit but didn't actually fit.
  3. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    That's just bad service. So basically the clutch was completely different. It would seem that there are some brands that are advertising their clutch kits for all engines in the series even if it'll only fit a few of them. Thanks, I'll be avoiding ADL clutches from now on.
  4. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    Yes it would seem there's quite a few Kits just for the D-series engines. The exedy catalog seemed rather promising and straight to the point, and using the information they give me, I'm doing my searches. What differences did you encounter?
  5. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    So after much more research I've found that the 1.4 engines require a larger flywheel I think (212mm) compared to 1.5 or 1.6 engine. It would seem like that specific clutch flywheel in a kit is also rarer, making my options smaller. Might have to settle for the exedy kit, or some shady ebay kit after all.
  6. Shawn2ace

    mb6 handbrake light staying on

    I had that issue. It was something worse. One of my brake cables had gotten cut (front right disk brake) (not sure if intentional or not), and I noticed brake oil was very low during my morning checkups, I filled up the oil and the handbrake light went back to normal, then slowly it started coming back on, flickering slowly until it just stayed on permanently regardless of handbrake position. After realising the problem with my brake cables, had the cable replaced, and handbrake light went back to normal until this day. That was a few months ago. I did try to adjust the handbrake cable back then and that did nothing. But this isn't a for sure answer guys, this is just from my experience.
  7. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    I found them, RPC sounds quite good, thanks. I think I might get the stage 1 after all. I haven't boosted the engine yet, but I have some engine mods planned.
  8. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    My current clutch is already rather hard but my problem is I've gotten used to it, I really don't want to switch back to those soft clutches. I'm not looking for track tier clutches really, just something street tier maybe? If not I'll consider OEM after all
  9. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    Well that for sure works too. Anything else?
  10. Shawn2ace

    Clutch recommendations And reviews

    Engine I'm running is a D14A2 btw
  11. Hi guys, So my gears started becoming harder to change lately, and there's been some strange whining noises in between certain gears. My mechanic has advised me that the Release bearing in the clutch might be the cause. So instead of changing the bearing, I'm thinking of getting a whole new clutch kit while I'm at it, and after some ebay and forum browsing I've seen alot of Brands such as the famous Exedy and other brands that I don't recognize such as CG Motorsports, Black diamond, and so on. I'm maybe considering getting a Competition stage 2 clutch since I'm always burning through my current (high revs) (also probably the cause of my current situation). So any of you guys have experience with clutches that can advise me on a good one to get?
  12. Shawn2ace

    MA8 to MB6 Front Conversion

    Ok so it's basically a replacement bonnet, Headlights, and Bumper. I read somewhere that the construct holding up the bumper might need to be changed too? Couldn't find the thread. You got a link?
  13. Shawn2ace

    MA8 to MB6 Front Conversion

    You think? I was considering getting my hood changed as it's currently 25% quickfill. And I like that wider body front bumper on the mb6.
  14. Shawn2ace


    Looking for clutch for my D14A2 engine. Have anything?
  15. Shawn2ace


    Can I have you ship there internationally or inside the uk?