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  1. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Standard cap, when hot the hoses feel fairly stiff,
  2. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    should the top and bottom hose feel pressured when warm ???
  3. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Took it for a drive and all good now, thanks for the advice, will insure it for the weekend and take it on a good run, see if everything as it should
  4. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Hey, put the radiator and hoses all on. An having problems! cant seem to get hot air from heaters, temperature is on half, any help be appreciated
  5. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

  6. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Thanks for all reply’s, just got it back together again, all fine ! Running good and all dry,
  7. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Can anyone tell me if this head gasket is the same as my b18c4, as rebuilt the engine, ran it for 5mins and oil p**sed out the the rear of the engine by the head gasket!!!!!!!
  8. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Thank you, just waiting to get my head back and can start building
  9. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    On the hunt for complete timing belt covers front and rear,
  10. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Any suggestions on where to buy parts, rings gasket shells etc
  11. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Well got this far earlier, gona start with the shopping list of parts I’m needing ,
  12. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    Got the engine out last night, going to begin the strip down and get the engine on the engine stand
  13. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    To be fair there both rust free, 1.5 is 80,000 miles and 1.8 50,000, both never been welded, do I have to change the front hubs to allow for the 1.8 shafts, and the Rear roll bar and axle brace bolt straight on the 1.5 ?, also is the clocks straight forwaRd swap thanks
  14. Jimbo714

    Advice needed

    So started getting few bits for the 1.8 engine rebuild, but in two minds to put the engine in my 1.5 or keep in original shell. My 1.5 is real tidy on the bodywork and the 1.8 has some scraps and dents. How difficult is the swap going to be, thought’s please
  15. Jimbo714

    New mb6

    Just had a quick look over and the radiator is bone dry and expansion bottle has a silver thick residual, so most definitely head gasket I would say, but possibly a bit more internal damage???