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  1. Gusdolding

    MA9 airbox?

    During lockdown I’ve had the time to do a few little odd jobs on the car. Did the valve clearances, made very little difference as they really weren’t far off at all already, snapped two bolts on the rocker cover though like a bell end have the replacements from Honda just waiting on a bolt removal kit to be delivered. Ive taken the alloys off as the tyres are terrible (had to brake sharply in the wet and it was locking up way too easily) The steels have Pirelli’s with plenty of tread so I just sprayed em black to freshen them up a bit, quite pleased with how they look on the car actually. And I have solved the dreaded drooping headliner by reupholstering with an old curtain that was lying around. Am obviously not going for speed with this car as is pointless with the engine it’s got although if I find some MG suspension cheap enough I may change that at some point.
  2. Gusdolding


    Has anyone got a towbar kit for sale (hatch)
  3. Gusdolding

    MA9 airbox?

    No fun having moisture inside this time of year!
  4. Gusdolding

    MA9 airbox?

    I thanks, I’ll have a look later
  5. Gusdolding

    MA9 airbox?

    Here it is after a bit of a clean as MOT in a few days (wheels really brightened up!) have noticed this pictured puddle in the spare wheel well, have dried it out but could not see any obvious point of entry, is this a common problem on M’s? Has anyone had to deal with it before?
  6. Gusdolding

    MA9 airbox?

    here it is with new wheels (car could do with a bit of a clean)
  7. Gusdolding

    MA9 airbox?

    Ps any idea what that thing on the front wing is? they were on there when I bought it
  8. Gusdolding

    MA9 airbox?

    Heres some photos from when I got it, started to refurb the steel wheels with anti rust paint but in doing so noticed the spare was noticeably smaller (the painted one pictured) Got an airbox for 15 quid in the end including the bottom section. Will post more recent photos when I get the chance as Ive since put some 90s Honda alloys on it which look much better
  9. Gusdolding

    MA9 airbox?

    Hi, I have recently bought a 1996 N reg MA9 which I really like, has been lightly modded but I'd like it as stock as possible seeing as it is the eco model (already very impressed with the MPG for something so old, has done over 200 miles on 20quid of fuel) It has some kind of cheap aftermarket induction kit installed. Does anyone know where I can source a stock airbox for cheap? Or if anyone knows any other models that use the same airbox, can't find on internet (seems pointless having an induction kit on the economy vtec-e d15z3 engine and the MOT is soon and don't want it to fail on emissions)