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    New to driving and chosen a Mb2 as my first car, looking to swap the engine just need info to help me out

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    Kieran crisp
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  1. Kcrisp

    F20B6 swap into my MB2

    Which would be easier,a d16y8 or a d16z6 or z1?
  2. Kcrisp

    F20B6 swap into my MB2

    Thank you for your help, I don't have that kind of budget so I think now I will be assembling parts to work towards a D16 with a single turbo, I currently have a D14 so is there anything that I really need in order to install a 16 or is it a simple plug and play before adding the turbo?
  3. Kcrisp

    F20B6 swap into my MB2

    I'm looking at swapping out my 1.4 for potentially a F20B6 motor, I'm new to this and was wondering how possible this is and where I could get engine mounts from and would my trans bolt to it or would I need to swap a different one into it? Really need help as I have a motor planned and money ready I just need to make sure this isn't a mistake Thanks