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  1. Lights detangod, greyed out and freshly clear coated after some sanding ready to go back on. I'm at the early stages of deciding on what to do with the engine. Originally I wanted to k or even just b swap it but I'm starting to think turbo-ing the d15 in there might be a decent budget plan.more research needed.
  2. Ahh I may have to do some investigating then. There's a bit of a smell in the wheel arch on the filler side, I thought I'd ruled out a leak as I couldn't see anything but could be up top..the ever growing to do list!
  3. Oh really? Where do they usually rust out? I've been underneath both of mine and not noticed any corrosion on the fuel tank unless it's on top up against the chassis
  4. I get the brush on stuff usually, i tried a can of the same stuff in aerosol form but it didnt seem to go as far, the tinned stuff goes on really nicely on rough metal, i like the finish, reminds me of the old red oxide when it actually worked! Heres the rust treatment paint https://www.buzzweld.co.uk/rust-encapsulator.html and the gloss black is https://www.buzzweld.co.uk/classic-chassis-black-gloss-oem-mid-gloss-sheen-series.html Neither are the cheapest products out there but they definitely are made to work! I've been following the guy who runs the company for a while on social media and he really seems to care about his products, loads of testing and new versions coming out.
  5. Managed to get some more of chassis treatment done. Both front arches now rust treated and given two thick coats of gloss chassis paint, once the front suspension components are back together i plan on treating the rear arches, In the process of dechroming the headlights as well, photos to come when they're all done
  6. its a blessing and a curse(for my partner!), originally i kept the donor for bits on my daily. it was days away from going to the scrap yard then i bought this one so its destined to stay. I know if i send it i'll need a random part that is a pain to source the very next day.
  7. yes to all the rust related advice! as this is my third civic i knew most of those spots for rust, the windscreen scuttle i haven't checked yet, looking like it might have to wait till january now with the bad weather and christmas coming up. thanks for that i'll check them out, in no big hurry to get things done on it as i dont have much in the bank for it at the moment!
  8. Hi everyone. I've been lurking here for a couple of years now, had a tired MB3 as my introduction to the 5th gen civics, even for a s**tbox i loved it. So here I am 2 years later with an mc1 aerodeck daily drive and i've just recently bagged a MB9 Aerodeck which i'm going to clean up and possibly engine swap down the line. Heres the old beast the day i got it home. (and yes thats the old mb3 to the left, now a generous organ donor!) I paid £300 in the end. I viewed it late one evening so couldnt get a good look underneath but after poking around the next morning i could only find one tiny spot of rust under the drivers footwell. All the sills and wheel arches are somehow spotless! Really cuffed wit that so on with the first job... The drivers door had been bent round knackering it, plus the hinges and wing panel, i've got my old mb3 as a donor car so swapping them out was a must before the winter weather leaks into the interior. Aligning the door to fit smoothly was a pain and its not quite perfect yet but it at least shuts and seals out the rain better than before. I have a cleaned up dent free wing to go on too. --- I wasn't sure where to go from here, with the weather changing I thought getting the suspension and brakes stripped made most sense as i can clean up and refurb them indoors! After a good clean and sand I gave everything a few coats of 'Buzzweld Rust Encapsulator' I've been using it for a few years on the underside of my vehicles, it's great stuff and seems to keep the rot at bay, highly recommend them for paint. Waiting on black topcoat to arrive. --- Eventually suspension will go back on with new wheel bearings, ball joints, upper control arms and new hardware. The bushes all look ok to leave for now. With regards to coilovers, is anyone running the cheapo £300 ebay specials? Are they awful? I've got 2nd hand MG shocks on my daily, made such a difference to the ride I might just look out for another set for this build. --- That's it for now, more to come after payday!
  9. No prob. Good luck with it. shouldn't be too difficult to cut some patches out for the underside, it's a bit thicker than the side panels if I remember correctly so easier to weld to. I've just upgraded to a deck but haven't had the plastic trim off to inspect the sills yet...saving that potential fun for when the weathers more reliable
  10. Scuse the messy welds, I was still learning when I started that job and it only needed to be functional for me not pretty. Hope the photos are helpful. the repair panel comes up to the door kick plate so will need chopping down depending on the level of rot. The bottom is originally spot welded to the sill, I ended up using a combination of spot welds and rivets as it's all covered up with the plastic covers. Would advise maybe getting the rear quarter panel too and addressing any issues whilst your heads in there. Had to fab up a patch for the back of the sill but it's just a flat panel
  11. Yeh I got one last year. Think it took a few days to a week to arrive. Decent looking steel, hard to explain what part it covers but it's basically the outward facing part of the sill, not the underside. I only used about 200mm of the length for one side, looks to be reversible so you could use one panel for both sides depending on how much has rotted out. I'll try and find the photos of mine before and after
  12. sorry dave havent been on here lately so missed your reply. no holes for the skirt trims so need marking out the distance between them before chopping the old out (i forgot to!) but apart from that worked a treat. also good to note if only a small section of sill is needed only one panel will do both sides in the usual spots, i had plenty left after doing the drivers side, sadly i never got round to doing the other side as found more issues lurking elsewhere and picked up an aerodeck recently.
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