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  1. ive got an mb3 sat on my drive,been stripping it for parts but the console is still intact. ill have to have a look see what conditon its in but all yours if its good
  2. No prob. Good luck with it. shouldn't be too difficult to cut some patches out for the underside, it's a bit thicker than the side panels if I remember correctly so easier to weld to. I've just upgraded to a deck but haven't had the plastic trim off to inspect the sills yet...saving that potential fun for when the weathers more reliable
  3. There's some on facebook going free at the moment. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1123212781473996/
  4. Scuse the messy welds, I was still learning when I started that job and it only needed to be functional for me not pretty. Hope the photos are helpful. the repair panel comes up to the door kick plate so will need chopping down depending on the level of rot. The bottom is originally spot welded to the sill, I ended up using a combination of spot welds and rivets as it's all covered up with the plastic covers. Would advise maybe getting the rear quarter panel too and addressing any issues whilst your heads in there. Had to fab up a patch for the back of the sill but it's ju
  5. Yeh I got one last year. Think it took a few days to a week to arrive. Decent looking steel, hard to explain what part it covers but it's basically the outward facing part of the sill, not the underside. I only used about 200mm of the length for one side, looks to be reversible so you could use one panel for both sides depending on how much has rotted out. I'll try and find the photos of mine before and after
  6. sorry dave havent been on here lately so missed your reply. no holes for the skirt trims so need marking out the distance between them before chopping the old out (i forgot to!) but apart from that worked a treat. also good to note if only a small section of sill is needed only one panel will do both sides in the usual spots, i had plenty left after doing the drivers side, sadly i never got round to doing the other side as found more issues lurking elsewhere and picked up an aerodeck recently.
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